Romance, Love and Libra

The Dark Side of Libra...

Are you looking to learn a little bit more about romance, love and Libra? As the sign of balance in the zodiac, Libra is very focused on romance. In fact, some may consider Libra to be one of the most romantic of the twelve horoscope signs!

Learn About Romance, Love and Libra

For Libra, romance and love go hand in hand. Libra puts balance and harmony at the forefront of everything. As a result, Librans must balance the idea of romance with their own idea of love. Librans also spends a good amount of time looking to balance their own self with a partner who can complete them in a complimentary way. Librans is unique in this way; they are not just looking for someone to spend time with, but instead for someone with whom they can create balance.


Libra is one of the sun signs that likes to be courted. To Libra, that is the epitome of romance. It makes Libra feel special because it strokes the ego.

Speaking strictly in terms of the Sun sign, most Librans like to be wined and dined. This is not to say they value money to an extreme, but it is to say they enjoy the finer things in life. For a Libra, beauty is supreme. There is no price too large for something Libra wants, especially something that may enhance the aesthetic pleasure of life.

Libra can also find conversation romantic because intelligent stimulation is a turn on to this sign. Discussing something with another person and seeing both sides of the topic can make Librans feel like they have made a fair choice.


When Librans are in love, they are absorbed with love - both the idea of love and their partner. Libra enjoys being committed to another person and does not take kindly to cheating. To Libra, cheating is almost going against nature. After all, if Libra is with someone, the two become one. Cheating would destroy that union.

As an air sign, Libra is all about communication. If there is a problem, he or she will address it. Libra hates to fight and would much rather quickly shuffle any problems away. To a Libra, fighting causes nothing but stress and solves little.

Librans also like to be taught. They are often compatible with the partner who can show them something they may not already know. After all, Libra is about balance, and learning a new activity only helps to create a more balanced person.


The combination of romance, love and Libra eventually leads to sex. This sign normally doesn't indulge in one night stands. Instead, sex is a mental bond and connection with Libra's partner. For Libra, the actual act of sex is an act of love and intimacy. It is not one of purely physical desires. This sign does well with a partner who both understands this and feels the same way.

How To Love A Libra

Interested in a Libra, but not sure how to compliment him or her? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Compliment Libra about how beautiful he or she is. Tell your love interest that he or she is the best at something. Make Libra feel special and Libra will feel interested in you.
  • Talk to Libra. While Libra enjoys courtship, this does not mean you should send flowers and never think to call. This sign enjoys talking as a part of courtship.
  • Libra loves to be in love. In fact, people of this sign have a very romanticized version of love. Try not to destroy their ideals.

Final Thoughts: Libra and Love

Whether you are looking to court a Libra or already have been lucky enough to snag one, it is important to nurture that love to keep it alive. A little romantic stimulation can go a long way. Always be sure to keep your Libra on his or her toes, and your partner will stay with you for as long as the match fits.

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Romance, Love and Libra