Romance, Love and Libra

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A Libra is in love with the idea of loving someone and being loved. Romance is their raison d'être! They love the traditional accouterments of romance: long-stemmed roses, Rumi poems, picnics in the park. In fact, some consider Libra to be one of the most romantic of the twelve horoscope signs.

Romance and Love Go Together for a Libra

Libra, the Cardinal Air sign, is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It's ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and by Saturn, the planet of commitment. Libra is also associated with the seventh house, the house of significant others and marriage. A Libra's life is centered on relationships; they love the height of romance, believe in true love, and look for permanency in a relationship.

Romancing a Libra

Love is an objective experience for a Libra, who admires beauty and harmony in all forms; music, art, people, and romance. To a Libra intellect, values, appearance, and manners all matter. Libras are unique in that they are not just looking for love and romance they are also looking for a person who will play off them and co-create an easy rapport.

Be a Traditional Romantic

A Libra, both male and female, wants a show of romance; flowers, gifts, compliments, words of love, elegant dates, fine dining, fine wines. They want to dazzle and be dazzled. In short, they want a storybook love affair with all the trimmings

Give a Libra Compliments

Compliment a Libra about how handsome or beautiful they are. Compliment them on their choice of restaurants, films, the clothes they're wearing, and everything you believe is best about them. Make Libra feel special and Libra will be interested in you.

Talk With a Libra

As an air sign, Libra is all about communication and conversation is a part of their courtship ritual. Libra finds conversation romantic and intellectual stimulation a big turn-on. So. If you know something they don't know or have an opinion about something tell them but keep in mind the while a Libra enjoys a pleasant debate and finds the back and forth stimulating, they hate to fight.

Romantic Sex

The combination of romance, love, and Libra eventually leads to sex. Libras are gifted sexual partners who are passionate, wild, and have a need to please. A Libra won't normally indulge in one-night stands, and they want all the special touches of romantic sex, but because a Libra is an air sign, sex for them is not so much emotional and physical as it is mental. Sexy conversations and words of love are like an aphrodisiac for a Libra.

Do Libras Cheat?

Do Libras cheat? This is a sort of loaded question because every Libra is different, related to the rest of their birth chart and generalizing too far on something so important based just on a Sun sign can be misleading. However, considering the Libra Sun sign only, when a Libra is in love, they are absorbed by love, both the idea of love and their partner. They want and enjoy being committed to another person and cheating is not in their solar nature. Libras are friendly, charming, flirty, like to look, and can be serial monogamists, but they're not generally cheaters.

Loving a Libra

If you're interested in romancing a Libra, the tips above can help. If you're lucky enough to have the love of a Libra, it is important to nurture that love to keep it alive. A little romantic stimulation can go a long way. Always be sure to keep the romance alive in a relationship with a Libra and you'll have a charming, intellectual, loving, and equal partner who'll stand beside you for life.

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Romance, Love and Libra