Libra Love Horoscope for Best Romantic Compatibility

Updated November 23, 2021
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Libras are known to be flirtatious and, more often than not, romance is an adventurous, fun game for them. Still, once they find their true love, there's no going back. The only problem they may have is in deciding if they're making the best choice. Libra's love horoscope looks at their best love potential and compatibility.

Libra, Love, and Romance

Libra is represented by the weighing scales and is all about balance, union, fairness, equality, aesthetic beauty, and interpersonal relationships. Libra is social and is concerned with creating pleasurable relationships with others. They have a natural inclination and idyllic expectations when it comes to love and romance. However, being the cardinal air sign, Libra is an intellectual as well. You could say Libra is in love with the idea of love and romance and actively seeks a partner in life.

Libra in Love

A Libra is eager to partner and please. It is governed by Venus and is the zodiac sign that rules marriage. Libra finds life more fulfilling in a committed partnership. Libras ultimately crave harmony and balance yet are attracted to a bit of "love and war" drama. Libra is about creating balance and can't always be trusted to be "nice." Still, they are romantic idealists gifted in the softer, more romantic aspects of love, yet they often have problems with the messy emotional entanglements that come with it.

What Libra Wants

What Libra wants more than anything else is to have a partner in life and is looking for their one true and perfect love. This can also mean that in their need for partnering, when Libra thinks they've found their "one and only," they'll jump headfirst into a romantic relationship.

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Libra and Sex

Libras are expressive lovers. They like romantic, passionate, and erotic experiences and can easily move between passive and dominant behavior. As an air sign, they use words, wit, and charm in seduction. They want sensitivity and softness, as well as clear communication from their sexual partner. Libra doesn't need commitment or emotional attachment to enjoy lovemaking, as long as the two are engaging in a mutual give-and-take of romantic foreplay and orgasm. Sex is like music to a Libra, and finding the right rhythm and lyrics can create the most beautiful sexual experience.

Libra's Best Romantic Compatibility

Compatibility of any kind is based on astrology's elements. Libra, the cardinal air sign, is most compatible with fire signs and air signs and least compatible with earth and water. It could be said that the way to a Libra's heart is through spontaneous adventures (fire signs) and intelligent conversations (air signs).

Libra and the Fire Signs

When Libra partners with a fire sign, there will be fun and exciting times that will keep their relationship vibrant and alive.

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Libra and Aries

Libra and Aries can have a love affair that's fiery and passionate. Libra is irresistibly drawn to Aries's "go get it way" of living. Aries is easily seduced by Libra's intelligence and charm. Their differences add spice and passion to their relationship. It's the "tension of the opposites" that produces the passion that sustains, deepens, and enlivens an Aries/Libra relationship.

Libra and Leo

When someone is courageous and a bit dramatic, they're likely to catch a Libra's eye. Libra and Leo are the love and romance connoisseurs of the zodiac. When Libra and Leo fall in love, each will be the center of the other's attention. There will be parties, fun nights out on the town, elegant, intimate dinners, and passionate sex. A Leo and Libra in love make a glamorous and exciting couple that's socially in demand.

Libra and Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius might be the perfect pair. A Sagittarian is an optimistic, cheerful, happy-go-lucky person who can brighten, expand, and add adventure to a Libra's life. A Libra is impartial, optimistic, glosses over differences, and brings balance, joy, pleasure, happiness, and direction into a Sagittarian's life. At their best, Libra and Sagittarius play off each other perfectly.

Libra and the Air Signs

When Libra partners with another air sign, they will have a fun and interesting social life and many interesting discussions. Air signs are emotionally reserved, intellectual, and view life objectively. Although this may not sound terribly romantic to some, to Libra, it's heavenly.

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Libra and Libra

Libra and Libra are alike in so many ways. But... same sign relationships can become dull and routine. A romantic relationship between two Libras can bring out the best or the worst, and Libra does have some negative traits.

Libra and Gemini

When Libra and Gemini hook up, it's a love affair based on a shared need for freedom and mental stimulation. If Libra comes up with an idea and then changes their mind, which they're prone to, Gemini happily goes along. As a couple, they are social, curious, and thrive on laughter and fascinating conversations.

Libra and Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius are awe-inspiring as a couple. Each requires a lot of freedom, and each has its own brand of charisma that attracts others to them. Of course, they will probably start out as like-minded friends and then move to friends with benefits, which can ignite a romance. But even in a marriage, they're not likely to be a traditional couple.

Going Deeper With Libra's Ruler

How the sun expresses itself is influenced by the sign of Venus, its ruling planet or dispositor. Because Venus never travels more than two signs away from the sun, a Libra will have Venus in one of five astrological signs.

Libra Sun With Venus in Leo

When a Libra has Venus in Leo, they are brimming with self-esteem have an inner glow. These are the most romantically passionate Libra lovers.

Libra Sun With Venus in Virgo

When a Libra has Venus in Virgo, they tend to be less talkative and more thoughtful, meditative, devoted, and self-sacrificing Libra lovers.

Libra Sun With Venus in Libra

When a Libra has Venus in Libra, they amplify the Libra Sun's traits. These are the most friendly, gracious, stylish, and charismatic Libra lovers.

Libra Sun With Venus in Scorpio

When Libra has Venus in Scorpio, they're more private, reserved, and less talkative. They tend to be the most intensely passionate, suspicious, and possessive Libra lovers.

Libra Sun With Venus in Sagittarius

When Libra has Venus in Sagittarius, they enjoy everything life offers and have a devil-may-care attitude that makes them fun to be around. These are the most exotic and free-spirited Libra lovers.

The Sun and Romantic Compatibility

At the simplest level, romantic compatibility involves comparing sun signs. Still, sun signs simply pave the way to understanding romantic horoscope compatibility. The planets Venus and Mars are most associated with romance and love (Venus) and sex (Mars). Their sign placements describe what love and sex mean to an individual. Together, they explain how the person attracts, what attracts them, and how they seek out truly intimate and life-enhancing relationships.

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Libra Love Horoscope for Best Romantic Compatibility