Ultimate Aries Romance Horoscope (With Compatibility)

Updated November 10, 2021
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The romance horoscope for Aries reveals a passionate, powerful lover. Aries women and men have an instinct for finding love and infusing their relationships with romance.

Aries the Warrior

For an Aries warrior, part of the fun of romance is the chase. You don't want to be easy prey for this hunter. An Aries can be aggressive, demanding, and accustomed to getting what they want. The more an Aries must fight to win their prize, the more they'll cherish you once they've won your love.

Competitive in Love

An Aries is competitive when it comes to love. If another person vies for the affections of an Aries's romantic interest, they rise to the challenge. In fact, the ram takes pleasure in fighting for love and besting his opponent. Few competitors can come up against the Aries warrior and claim a victory. Anyone worth having is worth fighting for, and competing for their love interests boosts the status of their lover to a cherished prize they've battled for and won.

Sexually Oriented

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Aries is the first Fire sign of the zodiac. This means they're initiators who are sexually oriented and enjoy being led on a merry chase. These go-get-um individuals enjoy igniting the flame of love, then building the heat with sexual banter and flirting. Playful jousting and exchanging barbs are foreplay for Aries.

The Bold Lover

An Aries is first attracted and charmed by good looks and isn't shy about taking bold steps to get what they want. If you've caught Aries's eye, you should be prepared for a determined lover that's all in. However, good looks only go so far with an Aries; they want the entire package. If you're going to keep Aries's attention, be playful and flirty, and don't be shy about letting your athleticism and intellect shine through.

The Seducer

An Aries knows how to seduce. Being romanced by an Aries is like being served a delicious seven-course meal. Every bite leaves you wanting more. The language of love rolls off their tongue without effort. Yes, Aries is an experienced seducer who instinctively knows how to make you feel like the most desirable person in the world.

Aries Romance Horoscope

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Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign. An Aries lover can consume you like an inferno and leave you gasping for air. The build-up is only a tiny glimpse of the pleasure an Aries gives to their lover. It's almost impossible to resist the fiery heat of an Aries charmer. When Aries is in love with someone, they become softer and more loving. It may seem strange in the face of all their feistiness, but Aries is a romantic. In fact, they love being in love, and if the conditions are right, they're not averse to partnering up with someone for a lifetime.

Keeping an Aries Interest

An Aries is a creative person with an agile, even brilliant, mind. They can be impatient at times due to their fiery nature, and they can also be possessive. They'll be flattered if you get jealous and perhaps even a bit possessive. Aries are the playboys and playgirls of the zodiac, and if they become bored, they'll seek out someone else to fulfill their need for fun and excitement. An Aries falls in love spontaneously but can also fall out of love just as quickly and move on. To keep an Aries' interest, a partner needs to keep them guessing, surprise them with the unexpected, give them lots of attention, and most of all, keep the romance alive.

Give an Aries Their Freedom

Although Aries is the original alpha, they do have a vulnerable side. As their lover, you'll quickly find their Achilles' heel--an Aries needs to lead and be the best. But that doesn't mean an Aries expects their romantic partner to be subservient, only that their partner respect the Aries's need to do what they want to do when they want to do it. If a romantic partner controls or holds them back, an Aries lover will likely break camp and march over the horizon to find a new conquest.

Avoid the Aries Wrath

The most important thing you want to avoid is the wrath of your Aries lover. Although Aries is quick to forget and forgive, there's one thing Aries can never forgive, and that's any kind of betrayal. This is a firestorm you don't want to stoke. Your honesty and loyalty are a must for Aries.

What Aries Expects From a Lover

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An Aries expects their lover to be independent and very direct. They expect words of affection and mental and physical stimulation. They expect their partner to be active, ambitious, and to give them a lot of attention. Perhaps most of all, Aries expects to be the hero or heroine of your love story. If you can do all this, Aries will show a tenderness they reserve only for their lover.

Compatible Signs for Aries

Fire and air signs are the best matches in a romance horoscope for Aries.

Aries and the Fire Signs

If an Aries hooks up with another fire sign, the relationship needs to be carefully tended, or it can be explosive.

  • Aries and Aries: Let the wars begin! Love can be a battlefield when an Aries hooks up with another Aries. There's likely to be power struggles as each attempt to best one another and take the lead.
  • Aries and Leo: A Leo likes to be on center stage, and Aries has to be number one. When Aries and Leo hook up, competition is the name of the game. Still, if they compete as a team and not against one another, this can be a fun, exhilarating, and romantic love affair.
  • Aries and Sagittarius: Both Aries and Sagittarius share a love for adventure and excitement. It's safe to say when they hook up, their lives will never be boring. They're bored and fascinated by the same things. Both have healthy libidos and are uninhibited, so their sex life will certainly never be dull. They will play off one another and will make better friends than romantic lovers.

Aries and the Air Signs

The very best lovers for Aries are the air signs. When fire signs and air signs come together, there's a melding of the mental and physical that bodes well for a long-term, fulfilling love affair.

  • Aries and Gemini: Fun friends with benefits are the best way to describe Aries and Gemini lovers. They'll be going to parties, having fun with friends, and enjoying fascinating conversations. What one doesn't think of, the other will.
  • Aries and Libra: It's an attraction of opposites when Aries and Libra get together. When Aries, ruled by warrior Mars and Libra, ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, hook up, the physical passion of romance is coupled with the beauty of romance. When Aries and Libra get together, Libra willingly lets Aries take control, and Aries is fascinated by Libra's easy-going and social nature.
  • Aries and Aquarius: An Aquarian can be a challenge for an Aries because Aquarius is so independent and difficult to seduce, which makes them twice and alluring to an Aries. However, when they do get together, they create an unconventional coupling. They're both extraordinarily independent and appreciate that trait in each other. Theirs can be a sexually hot, mentally stimulating, and long-lasting relationship if each allows the other to retain their independence and freedom.

Aries Are Loners

The sad reality is that most Aries are loners. They are independent, direct, and self-sufficient individuals who hardly need anyone and seldom let anyone know if they do. While it's okay to be independent and not reliant on others, relationships require an "other." So, when it comes to love and romance, Aries may sweep you off your feet but take a while to let you into their heart, but once they do, they're supremely devoted.

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Ultimate Aries Romance Horoscope (With Compatibility)