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Aries Romance Horoscope Profile

Sally Painter
Aries romance can sweep you off your feet!
Aries romance can sweep you off your feet!

The romance horoscope for Aries reveals a passionate powerful lover. Aries has an instinct for finding love and infusing his relationship with romance.

Aries the Warrior

Aries can be aggressive, demanding and accustomed to getting what he wants. For Aries, part of the fun of romance is the chase. You don't want to be too easy a prey for this hunter. The more Aries must work to win his prize, the more he'll cherish you once he's won your love.

The Risk Taker

Aries isn't shy about taking bold steps to get what he wants. If you've caught his eye, you should be prepared for a determined lover. Once you've caught Aries's attention, he'll seek more than just a pretty face. He wants the entire package, so don't be shy about letting your intellect shine through.

Sexual Banter

Aries is a very sexually-oriented fire sign. He loves to be led on a merry chase as long as he reaps the spoils of war. He's first charmed by beauty, but then he's seduced by a playful flirting mind. He's had many conquests and recalls each one. He enjoys building the anticipation with sexual banter and flirting. Exchanging barbs is foreplay to this sign.

Competitive Love Sports

If there's another person plying for your affections, Aries will rise to the challenge. In fact, the ram will derive great enjoyment in besting his opponent and have no doubt that he will. Few men can come up against Aries and claim a victory. This competition will exalt you from the status of a mere passing interest to that of a cherished prize won.

Romance Horoscope: Aries in Love

Although Aries is the original alpha, he does have a vulnerable side that outsiders never see. As his lover, you'll quickly find his Achilles' heel - his need to be the best. You'll need to guard this discovery and never ever use it against him unless you wish to see him break camp and march over the horizon to find a new conquest.

The Seducer

Aries knows how to seduce. Prepare for heart-palpitations. Being romanced by an Aries is like being served a delicious seven-course meal. Every bite will leave you wanting more. The language of love rolls off his tongue without effort. Since he's such an adept seducer, you'll wonder how many other women before you have heard the same words, yet as soon as you think it, you'll no longer care. Aries knows how to make you feel as though you are the most beautiful person in the world. He quickly finds your buttons and knows which ones are the good ones to stroke and caress.

This fire sign can consume like an inferno and leave you breathless. You'll fall like a schoolgirl waiting for your first kiss. The build-up is only a small glimpse of the pleasure Aries gives to his lover. Don't even try to resist this charmer because you can't.

What Aries Expects From His Lover

You now know what to expect from Aries as a lover, but you aren't sure what he expects from you. Aside from mental stimulation, he wants to share his inner thoughts and even sometimes his secrets. He won't do this readily and must trust you completely before he opens up. He wants to be told the same things any lover wants to hear. He enjoys being touched and shows a tenderness he reserves only for his lover.

Avoid the Aries Wrath

The most important thing you want to avoid is the wrath of your Aries lover. There's one thing Aries can never forgive and that's any kind of betrayal. This is a firestorm you don't want to stoke. Your loyalty is a must.

Inside an Aries Mind

Aries doesn't think like other signs. He's the first sign in the zodiac and must always be number one. He feels it's necessary to defend that rank and never lets his guard down. He's a creative person and has a very agile, even brilliant, mind. He can be impatient at times due to his fiery nature. Aries can be possessive. Depending on the aspects of his chart, this can be an enduring trait or a worrisome one. He'll be flattered if you get jealous over him and even expect you to be possessive in return. If he becomes bored, he'll seek out someone else to sustain his need for excitement, so you'll want to put effort into your relationship to keep him guessing and surprised by the unexpected.

Compatible Signs For Aries

Other fire signs may make good mates depending on other aspects in individual charts. The best lovers for Aries are air signs since fire needs air in order to exist. This relationship can often be taxing to an air sign if you don't have any fire elements in your chart. If your moon sign is in a fire sign, you'll be a great match for Aries's passion.

Aries and Aries

  • There could be a power struggle between the two of you, and you'd always have battles.

Aries and Leo

  • Leo likes to be center stage and Aries has to be number one. This would be a competitive relationship if Leo can't temper the need to be to be in control.

Aries and Sagittarius

  • Both of you have great minds, love adventure and enjoy sex. This could be a great match.

Aries and Gemini

  • Both signs enjoy good conversation. Sex will be highly charged and creative.

Aries and Libra

  • Libra will be happy to let Aries take control. Aries will be seduced by Libra's easy-going and social nature.

Aries and Aquarius

  • Aquarius will be a challenge for Aries because Aquarius is so independent. As long as Aries allows Aquarius to retain all freedoms, a romance will blossom.

Summing Up Aries and Romance

Fire and air signs are the best matches in a romance horoscope for Aries.

Aries Romance Horoscope Profile