Dog Horoscopes: Your Pup's Personality, According to the Stars

Updated August 16, 2021
Dog horoscope

Every dog, like every person, has a unique personality. A dog's horoscope can help you understand what the new pup you're eyeing will be like, what makes your current "best friend' tick, just how compatible the two of you could be, and where problems might arise.

A Dog's Horoscope

A dog's horoscope is just like a human's, except you're not likely to have the exact time of birth. If the pup comes from a breeder, its birth date will be on its registration papers. If your dog comes from a home litter, the owner will know the date of birth. But since the most popular of all dogs are strays who suddenly arrive on your doorstep or are adopted at a shelter, you'll have to play detective to find out the date your pet was born. Although some conscientious breeders might document a pup's time of birth, chances are that you will never know your dog's time of birth, which means there will be no rising sign or astrological houses. Still, you can get an unknown birth time horoscope calculated for free at Simply fill in the date and year and check the box that says "unknown time."

A Pup's Zodiac Sun Sign

Of course, every dog breed has certain breed personality characteristics, but these can be modified by a dog's horoscope. Like its human counterpart, a dog has many planets, sign placements, and astrological aspects that affect its personality, but they are all positioned around and receive energy and light from the dog's bright and shining Sun. The first and best major clue to your pup's personality is its Sun sign.

Aries Sun Pups

If you are looking for a dog with a soft, cuddly personality, then an Aries pup is not going to fit your needs. However, if you are looking for an independent companion, then you've found the perfect dog, but you'll need to establish who the boss is! Aries dogs need to be obedience trained early on. Aries pups are bold, self-confident, independent, energetic, impulsive, and headstrong. They want to be the leader of the pack and would rather run free than be tethered.

  • Positive traits: Aries dogs have fun personalities, enjoy freedom in the great outdoors, and need lots of space to roam.
  • Negative traits: Aries dogs can be loners who are competitive with other dogs and fiercely possessive of their owners.

Taurus Sun Pups

If you want a cuddly dog, then a Taurus pup is an ideal companion. A Taurus dog prefers a peaceful environment and is a solid presence in the household. Generally, Taurus dogs are easygoing, have calm dispositions, and love to be smothered with human love and affection. There's nothing a Taurus dog likes better than a long nap on a cozy soft bed, a bowl of fresh, meaty food, and a nice, long brushing from its loving owner. However, when roused, they can be real fighters and make very good protectors. A Taurus dog is a wonderful companion for a child due to its docile and kind nature.

  • Positive traits: A Taurus pup is affectionate, patient, and quiet.
  • Negative traits: A Taurus dog prefers to stay at home. They are basically lazy dogs, who can be stubborn, strong-willed, and ornery.

Gemini Sun Pups

Australian shepherd catching plastic disc in midair

Gemini pups are inquisitive, intelligent and mischievous, and tend to remain puppies throughout their lives. They have unbounded energy and insatiable curiosity. A Gemini dog is forever yapping and sniffing around for new adventures, which means you'll need to provide company and stimulation for them or suffer the consequences of their boredom. They learn quickly and need to be trained at an early age to avoid chaos. If you have a Gemini pup, talk to them and introduce them to new tricks and experiences.

  • Positive traits: Gemini dogs are fast, agile, alert, intelligent, and playful, with an eager-to-please attitude.
  • Negative traits: Gemini dogs hate routines and can be restless, impatient, and vocal.

Cancer Sun Pups

If you are looking for a family pet and lifelong companion, you'll find those qualities in a Cancer pup. These are soft-natured dogs that need to be part of the family. When you bring a Cancer pup into your household, you need to be gentle, loving, and ease them into their new surroundings. These sensitive pups need to feel safe, secure, and a lot of tender loving care and gentle encouragement. They are timid dogs who don't like to be left alone and make ideal companions for older dogs.

  • Good Traits: Cancer dogs have a sweet disposition, are loyal, gentle, and devoted to their masters. They make great emotional support pets.
  • Negative Traits: Cancer dogs can also be grumpy, clingy, moody, and in need of constant affection.

Leo Sun Pups

If you looking for pup that's playful, fun, buoyant, loves kids, and is very, very attention-seeking, then a Leo pup is your best choice. A Leo dog is friendly and, once trained, is well able to meet and greet your friends and associates. They are leaders and due to this trait, it's important that they be taught manners at a young age. Leo dogs don't like to be left alone or ignored, but they are loving, loyal, entertaining, and fun pets that are sure to bring love and laughter into your home.

  • Good traits: A Leo dog is fearless, energetic, gregarious, demonstrative, entertaining, and fiercely loyal to and protective of its owners.
  • Negative traits: A Leo dog can also be demanding and a bit lazy, with a diva-like disposition.

Virgo Sun Pups

Virgo Pups are usually shy, charming, and finicky pets. Like their human Virgo counterparts, they like order and routine, so you'll need to keep their mealtimes and their walks punctual. They fly through obedience training and will settle into your home in a quiet, efficient manner. If you are looking for an obedient dog that won't destroy your home, a Virgo pup is ideal. Virgo pups do require cleanliness, order, and routine and therefore you, as a sensitive owner, should do your best to provide them with a clean and orderly home.

  • Positive traits: A Virgo dog is a low-maintenance dog who is a quick learner, takes direction well, and is one of the cleanest of all dogs.
  • Negative traits: A Virgo dog can be bossy and critical. They're also picky eaters and a bit selfish with their toys.

Libra Sun Pups

Libra pups are generally people-pleasers who prefer peace and quiet over action and adventure. They love being around other animals, going on trips, being talked to, and getting primped and groomed. They hate to be alone, so unless you set firm limits, they'll expect to go everywhere with you. Libra dogs need a full-time companion, so if you can't have them at your side all the time, you might want to get a second dog to keep them company. If you live in a large household, then a Libra pup gladly melds into the surroundings and contentedly soaks up the social atmosphere.

  • Positive traits: Libra pups are peaceful, lovable, easygoing, people-oriented, and smart. They are usually exceptionally good-looking, with a kind face, and charming presence.
  • Negative traits: Libra pups can become overly attached and don't like to be alone. If they feel lonely or left out, they can become whiny, moody, and very, very vocal about their unhappiness.

Scorpio Sun Pups

Crop young boy sleeping with dog in bed.

Scorpio Pups make steadfast and loyal companions and seek solace in their attachment to home and family. They are likely to become overly attached to one member of a family and follow them from room to room and sleep in or at the foot of their bed. Due to their strong protective instincts, Scorpio dogs make excellent guard dogs. But aggression should be discouraged and corrected early on. A Scorpio pup is a bit of a paradox in that they are extremely independent and, at the same time, extremely possessive and loyal to their owners.

  • Positive traits: Scorpio dogs have magnetic personalities. They are independent, but also devoted to and protective of their owners.
  • Negative traits: A Scorpio dog can be anti-social, they don't easily forgive, and when troubled, they're likely to hide in places where they can't easily be found.

Sagittarius Sun Pups

Sagittarius pups are happy-go-lucky dogs, so if looking for a fun dog, this is the one for you. Boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to follow you anywhere are prominent traits of this excitable pup. They liberally show affectionate and love being playfully roughhoused. Sagittarius dogs are adventurous and prefer the fresh air of the great outdoors to being couped up inside. It's important that the owner exert authority early on in the puppies' life because they lack any innate sense of discipline. Once you have set some clear boundaries, Sagittarius pups are amiable and delightful animal companions.

  • Positive traits: Sagittarius dogs are free-spirited, playful, amusing, curious, and friendly. They have vivacious personalities and enjoy road trips.
  • Negative traits: Sagittarius dogs are easily bored, impulsive, and tend to wander off on their own.

Capricorn Sun Pups

A Capricorn pup was born under one of the most reclusive and least social signs of the Zodiac. They usually have a quiet demeanor, enjoy their own company, and prefer indoor activities. They are best as one owner companions, perhaps a single person or an older person who has a quiet lifestyle and very few social activities. If you lead a quiet life and are looking for a companion dog, you won't find a more loyal or quietly devoted companion. A Capricorn puppy doesn't need much training because they seem to innately know how to behave and tend to respond positively to one owner whom they respect.

  • Positive traits: Capricorn dogs are undemanding, self-reliant, stable, predictable, protective, and serene. A Capricorn dog is a regular old faithful.
  • Negative traits: Capricorn dogs can move slowly, but they are not lazy and can be bored when they are not busy. They can also be territorial, snappish, and snarlish when they're in the wrong company.

Aquarius Sun Pups

Aquarian pups are quirky, lively, and one of a kind. Right from the moment you set eyes on these pups, you can see at they are standouts. Like their human counterparts, Aquarian pups are determined to be an individual from a young age. Of course, this can be both infuriating and endearing. You could find yourself alternately laughing and growling at an Aquarius Pup's erratic antics. They are generally good-natured dogs with above-average intelligence who need a stimulating, social environment. While an Aquarian dog may not be the most obedient or cuddliest of dogs, but they are extremely entertaining.

  • Positive traits: Aquarius dogs love new things and people and are outgoing and highly intelligent.
  • Negative traits: Aquarius dogs have a lot of nervous energy, need stimulation, and are not always obedient.

Pisces Sun Pups

Pisces pups are sweeties. They are placid dogs and demand little from their owners. A Pisces dog is the ideal pet if you want a peaceful and loving companion. A Pisces pup is ideal for young children, and they will be loved by the entire family. They are sensitive to moods and can be a real comfort when someone they love is in the need of some TLC. Praise and loving attention for good behavior go a long way in raising a Pisces pup's standards of behavior.

  • Positive traits: Pisces dogs have a loving disposition and are devoted, sweet-natured, and adaptable. They are also good with other pets.
  • Negative Traits: Touchy, unpredictable, and highly sensitive to its surroundings, a Pisces dog can act confused at times and follow its owner around the house. They might also hide themselves away for some private time, away from the hustle and bustle of the household.

Are You and Your Pet Compatible?

Woman with Pet Dog

You can determine how compatible you are with your dog the same way you determine how compatible you are with any friend. Astrological synastry between the two horoscopes can pinpoint your compatibilities and incompatibilities. Alternately, you can simply determine how compatible your Sun signs are.

  • Aries dogs are most compatible with Leo, Sagittarian, Gemini, and Aquarius owners and least compatible with Virgo or Scorpio owners.
  • Taurus dogs are most compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces owners and least compatible with Libra and Sagittarius owners.
  • Gemini dogs are most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries owners and least compatible with Scorpio and Capricorn.
  • Cancer dogs are most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo owners and least compatible with Sagittarius and Aquarius owners.
  • Leo dogs are most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini owners and least compatible with Capricorn and Pisces owners.
  • Virgo dogs are most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer owners and least compatible with Aries and Aquarius owners.
  • Libra dogs are most compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Leo owners and least compatible with Taurus and Pisces owners.
  • Scorpio dogs are most compatible with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn owners and least compatible with Gemini and Aries owners.
  • Sagittarius dogs are most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius owners and least compatible with Taurus and Cancer owners.
  • Capricorn dogs are most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio owners and least compatible with Gemini and Leo owners.
  • Aquarius dogs are most compatible with Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius owners and least compatible with Cancer and Virgo owners.
  • Pisces dogs are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn owners and least compatible with Leo and Libra owners.

Going Deeper

An astrologer can do an astrology reading for your dog and a synastry reading for compatibility, even if the birth time is unknown. But if you know your pup's exact time of birth, you can have a complete astrological chart reading, just like you'd do for yourself.

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