Where to Find Printable Tarot Decks

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Printable tarot decks are available online, as software programs, or you may wish to create and print your own personalized tarot cards. Some people do not wish to purchase mass produced cards for spiritual or aesthetic reasons, while others may not have access to retailers that offer tarot cards for sale. Printable tarot decks are a good way to address these needs.

Finding Printable Tarot Decks Online

The Internet offers many different tarot card decks for download and printing. Some of these decks are based on the Rider-Waite tarot, and others are completely original works of art.

Traditional Tarot Decks

If you are just learning about tarot, or have a preference for the popular Rider-Waite decks, you can go to the free tarot reading course on the Learning the Tarot website. The section of the site that offers individual card descriptions features large images of the cards that you may wish to print and study.

Wejees includes six printable decks in its instructional tarot course. There are also five downloadable e-books that are a part of this online educational program.

Once you select the deck that you like best, click on the highlighted link. This will open up a new page where you'll be able to see the deck in its entirety. From there, clicking on each of the cards will bring up a large image that you can print. One of the best things that you might appreciate about this site is the fact that the meaning of each of the cards is also available on the left hand corner of the page.

Unique Tarot Decks

Little Dead Girl offers her own printable tarot cards for free on her website. This deck is unique and utilizes a large variety of imagery.

A fun tarot deck available for printing can be found at Hollywood Tarot. This deck is for personal use, and you will see many familiar faces to help you with your reading.

You can also find several tarot decks at Freeware Esoterica. Here, you'll have the option of choosing between a small or large set of cards, and each deck is accompanied by a brief historical background. Additionally, note that the site is very explicit about its terms of use because disclaimers are posted to show that you can only use the cards for personal, not commercial, use.

For those who loved the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, artist Nina Darguzis has created all of the cards of the major arcane as a tribute to this popular television show.

Creating Your Own Tarot Cards

You may wish to bypass downloadable images online and create your own tarot deck. This is a great idea if you already understand tarot card meanings and would like to bond closely with your cards.

Using images that evoke strong emotions within you may be the best approach to creating a personalized deck of tarot cards. You may wish to use your own digital images, draw your own artwork, or use the work of an artist whose images move you deeply. Another popular approach is to use several different images and create a collage.

Once the images for the cards have been created, they should be printed in the same manner as those that have been downloaded.

Printing Your Own Tarot Cards

There are a couple of ways to print your own tarot cards. You may wish to use unlined 3x5 index cards and glue the pictures you have printed onto them. It is recommended that you place something heavy such as a book on the cards to prevent curling of the cards as they dry. Laminating these cards will make them smooth and sturdy.

Printing the images onto cardstock paper and cutting them out is also an option. Once the cards are printed, spray them with a clear craft sealer or laminate them.

If you prefer to purchase a deck instead of creating one from scratch, Printer's Studio offers printable tarot decks which you can personalize with your own images and text. The decks are coated for a smooth finish.

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Where to Find Printable Tarot Decks