Pisces Men Traits

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Mysterious, and often difficult to fathom, Pisces men are attractive to many and close to few. The twelfth sign of the zodiac is the sign of the fish, and it's ruled by the planet Neptune. Understanding some of the basic characteristics of Pisces males can be beneficial in relating to them.

The Look of Pisces Men

The Piscean's youthful attitude is reflected in his physical appearance. Pisces men often look younger than their years due to a jovial and optimistic attitude about life. Smiling keeps wrinkles at bay and augments natural good health.

Not all Pisces men are made from the same mold, but a man with a preponderance of planets in Pisces tends to:

  • Have a stocky build
  • Be slightly shorter than average
  • Have a flowing and graceful way of moving
  • Have heavy-lidded eyes that give him a sleepy appearance
  • Be fair haired, although not exclusively
  • Have silky, fine and usually wavy hair

Pisces Male Personality

Men born under the sign of Pisces do not seek wealth or power. They are on a quest for truth and making the world better for others. Although the Pisces does not seek leadership, he can be found leading a movement for a cause that he is passionate about. Pisces men are very passionate and involved with issues they care about, even if they appear cool on the outside.

A Charmer

The charming and relaxed manner of the Piscean man makes him attractive to many people. He is:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Naturally curious
  • Easy to talk to
  • A great listener

People will often look to this man as a shoulder to lean on. The Pisces male can often feel overwhelmed by the problems of others because he is so sensitive; it is his natural instinct to help.

Craves Solitude

When Pisces is feeling overwhelmed, he will seek solitude so he can:

  • Rest and recuperate
  • Sort his thoughts
  • Express his creativity

If he is not allowed time and space to be alone, Pisces can become paranoid. Sometimes he will not be forthcoming about where he has gone to be alone. Allow him to spend time away, and he will come back quickly. If you chase him, he is likely to stay hidden or leave altogether.

Sensitive Soul

Pisces' sensitivity can cause him to lose touch with reality. These men can often struggle with drug and alcohol addictions as well due to their sensitive natures and tendency toward excess. The Pisces man does not stop to consider his own mortality, and he frequently does not take very good care of himself.

Loves Esoteric Subjects

Pisces are very interested in mysticism and the spiritual unknown. Their spiritual life allows them to create the type of world they wish for, rather than the mundane world in which they must exist. This tendency can play out in several key ways:

  • The Pisces man will hide from unkind or unflattering truths, particularly when those truths have to do with his romantic partner.
  • Wanting to live in a perfect, self-created dream world can lead to the Pisces man staying in a romantic relationship that is not beneficial to his overall mental or spiritual health.
  • This spiritual bent can occasionally bolster his tendency towards escapism.

On a more positive note, this inherent love of mysticism and the spiritual world can also lead to a deep love yoga, meditation and any spiritual practice that can help Pisces feel more connected to the universe as a whole.

Additionally, this characteristic also helps Pisces' creativity, and often leads to a highly artistic skill set.

The Pisces Man in Love

Pisces with his lover; Copyright Daniel Raustadt at Dreamstime.com

The Pisces man is passionate and romantic by nature. This makes love with him very satisfying. He will happily cater to your wants, and your happiness is of the utmost importance to him.

Pisces men often have unrealistic romantic standards for relationships, and they can be very disillusioned when they discover that their mate has flaws and shortcomings. If they are compatible with their mate on a spiritual and intellectual level, they recover from having their illusions shattered. If the relationship is based solely on attraction, it will most likely end when it cannot withstand the harsh light of reality.

Sex and Romance

Pisces men:

  • Like sensual and passionate lovemaking
  • Tend to enjoy role play
  • Are often willing to engage in edgier sexual activities

Sex with a Pisces man is usually a spiritual adventure as well as a sensual delight, and this sign pairs best with partners that are comfortable with their bodies. Pisces is not a shy sign, and while he will not dismiss someone as a romantic partner if she happens to be shy, if that sexual shyness remains, it can cause problems in the future.

Careers for Pisces Men

Pisces are usually great actors and entertainers. Even if they are not, they enjoy working in other aspects of film, radio, television and other entertainment industry jobs.

Their love of adventure and solving other people's problems can also lead to success in career fields that involve:

  • Travel
  • Service
  • Public relations

The Piscean charm and ease also makes these men naturals for careers in advertising.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Know

Pisces men are mysterious and often difficult to understand, but you are lucky if you have one in your life. His idealism and altruism will give you an angle on the world you might not have seen otherwise.

Pisces' joy of life is contagious, and with love and support these men can be steered away from the all-consuming sadness that they sometimes experience. They are worth the time and patience it takes to nurture a meaningful relationship with them.

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Pisces Men Traits