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Pisces Characteristics

Jacqueline Dautaj
Glyph symbol for Pisces

The Pisces personality is more complex than many people may think. As the last sign of the twelve signs of the zodiac, Pisces is highly evolved and reveals her characteristics, traits, and talents over time.

General Pisces Characteristics

Most people born under the sign of Pisces carry some basic personality traits. Common characteristics, both good and bad, manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

Positive Pisces Traits

There's a persistent rumor among astrologers that you can always spot Pisces' by their crossed legs, even if they're standing. Like many clichés this one has a grain of truth in it. Perhaps this is because Pisces' symbol, two fish tied by an invisible cord as they swim in opposite directions, is being expressed. This may also account for some of the duality seen within the Pisces personality.

  • Intuitive, spiritual and always there with a kind smile; these are the Pisces characteristics people know and love best.
  • Compassionate Pisces make great friends, and their strong musical and artistic talents can make them fantastic dinner companions.
  • Like their symbol of the two fish, Pisces is adept at "feeling" the undercurrents in the air, and then acting appropriately.

Negative Pisces Characteristics

It's those very same undercurrents that can be Pisces' undoing.

  • People of this sign can sometimes swim in deep, murky waters, a trait that they often internalize.
  • It's rare to see Pisces' complain; they usually hold their conflict in until it overtakes them.
  • While it's very true that Pisces' can count kindness as one of their greatest assets, their desire to escape becomes prevalent when the going gets rough.
  • This makes real communication difficult.

Specific Characteristics of Pisces

Digging deeper into the Pisces personality, you'll find layer upon layer of sometimes contrasting traits.

They Are Adaptable and Intuitive

The Pisces personality is made up of two governing factors. The first involves the element of water which hosts this zodiac sign. The second deals with the mutable quadruplicity of Pisces.

Water is a very adaptable and powerful substance, and Pisces is an exemplary model of water's nature because people of this sign are adaptive and moveable. Their psychology is driven by intuition and emotion more than heady logic. Although some people may consider this a negative trait and believe it an entirely irrational way to live, this is actually not the case. There are many intelligent Pisces' walking the earth. However, a chart-dominant Pisces has a very strong intuitive sense which gives him an advantage in the area of emotional intelligence.

They're Introspective

The typical Pisces is extremely introspective. When this power is used in a positive way, Pisces can become a passionate and artistic individual whose sympathy and intuition combine to create a strong and effective humanitarian. Unfortunately, these aspects are often overshadowed by the negative angle which directs Pisces' introspection into the field of depression. Match this depression with Pisces' mutable nature, and you can create a highly downtrodden and unstable individual; the classic manic depressive.

Pisces meditating near the ocean

Introspection that is not used for discernment and gaining wisdom can lead to all sorts of self-obsessive qualities. In an unstable individual, these behaviors can produce addictions and a wealth of neuroses. A chart dominant Pisces often possesses some form of artistic ability which is driven by insight.

Pisces Is Spiritual and Psychic

Pisces is often a very spiritual sign, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean allegiance to an organized religion, although it can take that form. However, it's more likely the case that Pisceans just "feel" that there is an order to the universe and have a deep connection to their fellow man.

They Have a Sense of Dreaminess

Pisces see the world through rose-tinted glasses. This perspective casts a dreamy gauziness on their words and actions that can be quite attractive to others. For staunch realists, however, this characteristic can be highly frustrating.

They're Generous and Giving

Pisces share their altruistic nature with Sagittarius; both signs are willing to literally give you the shirt off their backs if you ask for it. However, Pisceans need to be careful that they don't become a martyr in their quest to help others.

Pisces Is an Artistic Soul

Harsh environmental factors can lead a Pisces into a downward spiral, particularly when these factors are introduced from birth and onward. Still, a Pisces that is reared in a loving and stable environment can harness this energy and produce art that is both weighty in content and objective in its vision.

The Dark Side of Pisces

A less evolved Pisces' reticent mannerisms can sometimes be off-putting to other signs. It's difficult for many Pisces' to emerge from the depths of their dream world to convey what they're thinking or feeling.

Pisces Can Be Antisocial

If Pisces' haven't spent much time developing their communication skills, they can be seen as anti-social and remain misunderstood most of their lives. Unless they apply strong disciplines in their lives, they'll end up swimming in circles or losing interest and moving on to the next thing that catches their attention. This trait can make them very unreliable. In truth, it's just Pisces' way of trying to avoid been caught and forced to live a lifestyle of someone else's choosing.

Pisces' Astrological Influences

Pisces is a fascinating sign on its own, but there are other astrological influences that further affect Pisces individuals.


Position of Jupiter

Jupiter always indicates where the most luck can be found during a current cycle. The planet's job is to show all the possibilities available, and it accomplishes this by expanding the house it's in. For example, when Jupiter is housed in the eleventh house of hopes, wishes and dreams, Pisces can expect a dearly held and cherished dream to come true. Regardless of the house, Jupiter is known for leaving its biggest gift at the end of a cycle, so plan accordingly.

Position of Saturn

Saturn, the planet of karma, teaches where people need to learn their greatest lessons, so it makes good astrological sense that it follows Jupiter through the birth chart. While Jupiter expands everyone's horizons, Saturn asks them to pull back. Saturnine structures are built to last, so no matter how difficult it may seem, know that by the time Saturn is done with a particular section of your chart (usually about two years), whatever remains and whatever new plans you've put into place have a solid foundation. Take comfort in knowing that Saturn also leaves a gift, proving there's a silver lining to every cloud.

Neptune's Influence

Neptune is considered the God of the Sea. Most of Earth and even the human body are covered or governed by water. Water, like any other element, is filled with power. Further, water can be calm and placid, or stormy and destructive. Pisces often embodies both these characteristics. Neptune also rules all forms of escapism; sleeping pills, narcotics and alcohol all fall under this planet's domain. If Pisces can steer clear of the pull of escapism while embracing their inner truths, they'll be quite successful in life.

Ruling House

The twelfth house of the zodiac is the reposit of humanity's deepest fears and governs the primordial waters it swims in before the first breath of life. It is also the house of secrets. This is Pisces's house, and similar to Scorpio's eighth house of sex and death, it's a powerful one. As such, Pisces is imbued with the depth of this house and all of its properties, and this can be seen in the sign's personality.

Best Romantic Matches for Pisces

When it comes to matters of the heart, Pisces gets along best with:

  • Water Signs: These includes fellow Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpios. These are good matches because they'll be able to match Pisces' emotional intensity and appreciate the sign's dreamy outlook on life.
  • Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are all compatible signs. Earth signs tend to be emotionally stable and live highly structured lives, something Pisces may secretly desire.

Although Pisces' characteristics allow them to get along with almost all of the signs of the zodiac, at least on a friendship level, it really is best not to link up romantically with the fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) or the air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini). These signs are a bit too flirtatious and socially available to make Pisces truly comfortable.

Evolution of the Twelfth Sign

As the last sign in the zodiac, it's no wonder that Pisces has such individual depth. This sign has lived through each of the other eleven signs and has gained infinite wisdom and insight into not just the human side of life, but the spiritual side as well. The typical Pisces is an an extraordinary creature whose ideas and philosophies are wise beyond her years. Yet on the surface, like water in a lake, you'd never suspect how deep those waters run. Take time to explore those depths.

Pisces Characteristics