Pisces Beauty Profile

The Pisces Beauty Profile


The Pisces beauty profile is an interesting one because it truly tells the physical tale of the twelfth sign.

Pisces's symbol is of two fish that are tied together, but they swim in opposite directions. In some ways, this helps explain why the sign's feet and hands tend to be so distinctive. Pisces rules the feet, so it's not uncommon for the native to actually have very beautiful feet.

However, because individuals of this sign often stand with their feet crossed, they may be in need of a foot massage a bit more often than some of the other astrological signs.

Water Hands


As you may have guessed, this is a very instinctive sign, a fact that often shows up Pisces's water hands.

Water hands are typically long with tapered fingers and nails. Occasionally, Pisces will have a combination of a water and fire hand where the fingers are long and tapered, but the palm is substantial and fleshy.

This tells the tale of the sign's planetary rulers Jupiter (a fire element) and Neptune (a water element).

Dream a Little Dream


The planet Neptune likes to spin a gossamer veil around people and things, so it's not uncommon for Pisces women to have that faraway look in their eyes.

Far and Away


The males of this sign are quite similar to the females in this regard.

Pisces men often cast their eyes into the distance, almost as if they are searching for some utopian existence that has suddenly sprung to life.

Jeepers Creepers


If you fall for a Pisces, you might very well find yourself asking, "Where did you get those eyes?"

Piscean eyes are usually large and deep. In fact, all of the water signs have distinctive eyes. Scorpio's are piercing, and Cancer's look as if they've just awoken from a dream. Pisces' eyes are usually deep, almost as if you are gazing into a bottomless well.

Bette Davis Eyes


The females of this sign also have those famous Bette Davis eyes.

In fact, their eyes can be so compelling that you may not be able to look away!

Male Pisces Hair


Pisces men, more often than not, have soft curls. It almost looks as if they are wearing a wreath; because of this, many Pisces men often cut their hair very short or grow it very long.

Pisces Female Hair


Funnily enough, Pisces women often do the exact same thing as the men do; they either grow their hair quite long or keep it pixie short.

No matter what, Pisces gals almost always look touchably soft and very feminine.

Now that you know a little bit more about Pisces, find out what grabs this sign's romantic attention.

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Pisces Beauty Profile