Physical Characteristics of a Scorpio

A Scorpio's Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of a Scorpio are fairly easy to spot since several factors make this sign quite distinctive.

Scorpios tend to come in two body types. If they have a small frame, their features will be quite small, even a bit dainty. If large, the features will be equally prominent.

To begin, the Scorpio nose is often a standout feature. On the females, it's usually quite straight, but does not have the "ski-jump" or upturn at the end. Instead, it will gently taper down to its finish.

Scorpio in Profile

When in profile, Scorpio's face truly stands out.

Again, the nose is distinctive, and both the males and females of this sign will have a prominent nose. When in profile, the nose quite literally seems to point almost as if drawing your attention to something. This can be thought as an ode to one of the sign's symbols, the eagle.

Female Scorpio Eyes

No matter the color of the eyes, Scorpio's are compelling and very distinctive.

The key is that the eyes should look like glass. This protects Scorpio's thoughts so that others are clueless as to what she is thinking.

Male Scorpio Eyes

The males of this sign share the glass-like finish of the eyes with the females.

When you look into Scorpio's eyes, it should feel as if you are peering into yourself - not the native.

Even so, these eyes will compel you to linger and stare a bit longer as you try in vain to discover the sign's secret thoughts.

Getting and Staying Active

This is a competitive sign that enjoys pushing him or herself to the extreme.

It may sound like an undesirable characteristic, but in fact, it's very healthy for Scorpio to do just that.

Scorpios have so much emotion that they need to push themselves to the brink in order to feel healthy. If they don't, psychological blockages can occur.

Favorite Colors: Black

Scorpios love the color black, and they will often dress in black from head to toe.

Black is often called the "no-color" color in the fashion world, and donning it helps bring out Scorpio's x-ray vision. People of this sign often prefer to dress in black because it helps them to appear invisible.

These natives also have a fondness for the color purple.

More Color Favorites: Red

Red is another favorite color of Scorpios, although it's not a color they will wear often.

Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio, so when Scorpios are ready to get active, they will often wear red.

Additionally, a Scorpio's smile, when he or she chooses to smile, is usually broad and quite welcoming.

Too Hot to Handle

Scorpio's are sexy and intense.

Even when they are not trying to be sexy, these natives have a magnetic pull that just oozes sexuality.

The other key factor is that they often appear dangerous in some way, and in fact, are quite attracted to danger in general.

Investigative and Inquisitive

You can always spot a Scorpio because he or she will either be staring at something, intensely researching a new topic, or writing or painting furiously.

Many of these natives work in law enforcement or the emergency management services because they are quite comfortable with the darker side of life.

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Physical Characteristics of a Scorpio