Physical Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn's Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of Capricorn are numerous, but they will only hold true if the individual has a strong presence of Capricorn in their birth chart.

The rising sign and the moon sign, particularly if they make strong aspects to the sun sign, will also color a person's appearance. For example, a Capricorn man with Aries rising will have some of the typical features of both signs; in this case, a broad face with either a ruddy appearance or a slight red cast to his hair. The same holds true for female Capricorns.

That said, here's a list of some of the more common physical characteristics you'll find with Capricorn.

Capricorn's Facial Features

Capricorns can often be spotted by their distinctive, "Saturnine" faces. Their face shape tends to be broad (almost like the "moon" face of Cancer).

However the difference is that they tend to have a strong brow ridge that compliments the entire face in a slightly prominent way.

Another Take on the Cap Face

Here's another look at the Capricorn face. See how the brows and eyes tend to dominate a rather wide face?

That's Capricorn's signature look!

Head of the Class

Whether it's school or the business boardroom, Capricorns make no secret of their desire to be head of the class.

While not particularly flamboyant, a Capricorn will take their time in learning material, but once they've got it, they tend to know the information inside out.


Capricorns often look serious, and this is especially true when they are not smiling.

In fact, when Capricorns are not smiling, their face, and often their jaw seems to be "set." However, the truth is that they are simply feeling contemplative - Capricorns do like to work their problems out silently.

Pretty and Polished

When its time to step out, whether to a party or to the office, Caps like to look polished and attractive.

Capricorns typically tend to look well put together and slightly "shiny" when they go out.

Health Conscious

Not all Capricorns are fit, but they do tend to be more health conscious than people give them credit for.

While it's true that Virgo tends to really take the helm when it comes to matters of health, Capricorn will try to make an effort to be healthy and to stick to a "healthy living" plan.

Family Oriented

Capricorns' love their family and can often be counted upon when there is a crisis.

While they may come across as slightly stoic, small children and babies often melt Capricorn's icy veneer.

That Smile!

When you see a Capricorn smile, it's truly a beautiful thing!

Caps tend to have broad smiles that light up their entire face.

In fact, when a Capricorn smiles, it literally transforms their look.

Get Better With Age

Capricorns, without fail, get better with age!

They not only become more attractive, they tend to "get" life and all of its responsibilities and caveats.

The end result is an individual who has truly "lived".

Additionally, Capricorns actually tend to live for a long time, so its very good when they finally decide to shift their mind to become healthy in their living.

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Physical Characteristics of Capricorn