Physical Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn's Physical Characteristics

Capricorns come in all shapes, colors, and sizes depending on their ancestry. Additionally, the prominence of other astrological signs in a birth chart, particularly the rising sign and the moon sign can diminish the intensity of the Sun sign's influence on the physical appearance.

Even so, there are quite a few uncanny similarities amongst those who share Capricorn as a Sun sign.

Capricorn's Soulful Eyes

Perhaps the most distinguishing physical feature that is common to all Capricorns is the gaze of their soulful, sultry, serious, and mysterious eyes that seem to look into you and past you and but no clue as to what they might be feeling or thinking.

Capricorn Face

Most Capricorns have a full face with a high forehead, noticeable eyebrows and teeth, smooth, clear skin, a thin upper lip, and distinctive cheekbones. They are timeless, and their face holds up with age. Why? Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, structure and endurance.

Capricorn Hair

Typically, Capricorn's have fine, glossy and simply styled hair. They don't have time for hair that's high maintenance, so, Capricorns, of both genders, tend to find a no muss no fuss hairstyle or haircut they like and stick with it.

Capricorn Hands

Capricorns tend to have strong hands, short, stiff fingers with a dominant middle finger, flat square palms, and square fingertips. Due to their strength and assuredness, Capricorns also have a firm, impressive handshake.

Capricorn Body

Capricorns are most often solidly built, physically strong, and blessed with very tough bodies that can endure almost anything. This general sense of sturdiness remains throughout their lives.

Female Capricorn

There's a courageous and pure quality to a Capricorn woman, who has a calm, in control, and charismatic disposition. She often has a curvy body, a striking bone structure, and is very photogenic. She radiates strength, has a low, sweet, compelling voice and an earthy ultra-feminine appearance.

Male Capricorn

Most Capricorn men have a chiseled face, a viral, robust body, are typically well dressed and have a certain elegance about them. They project a strong sense of self that sometimes comes off as regal and majestic.

Capricorn's Taste in Clothing

A Capricorn's taste in clothing is almost always simple, sophisticated, and comfortable. They typically wear tried-and-true basics in neutral colors. For a night out on the town, Capricorns prefer understated elegance and as professionals, they wear clothing that reflects their strength and ability. Normally, a Capricorn woman will add a feminine twist.

Capricorn Mannerisms

Capricorns are calm, controlled, have a reserved, quiet, soft-spoken manner, and tend to project confidence, but they also shy away from being the center of attention. Capricorns tend to stand to the side and observe. They often have serious looks on their faces, their arms folded or their legs crossed, which make them seem aloof or unapproachable. However, when you engage a Capricorn, they're quick to light up their face with a smile.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses

Capricorns typically have a healthy, strong constitution. They are noted for their longevity; however, they are subject to depression and are prone to have health issues with bones and joints, particularly their knees. Their teeth and stomach can also be areas of vulnerability.

Capricorns Get Better With Age

Capricorns, without fail, get better with age! They not only become more attractive, they tend to "get" that life is not just about work and responsibilities, it's also about relaxing and having fun. The end result is an individual with unique traits who has genuinely "lived."

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Physical Characteristics of Capricorn