Numerology Number Meanings

What's your number?
What's your number?

In the art of numerology meanings behind numbers are revealed. Numbers are everywhere in life, from names to dates and times, and understanding the true meaning behind them can help you make the most of your interactions.

The Number Meanings in Numerology

Each number in numerology holds its own special significance and has certain characteristics associated with it. Here's a general overview:


While it's rare, it is possible to have a name arrive at the number zero. This number has specific significance because it is said to hold the capacity for "all" or everything. That is, it is boundless, the Alpha and the Omega. It is said that this number contains the "breath of God", representing the "cosmic egg". Here is this number's corresponding meanings:

  • Tarot: The Fool
  • Astrology: Uranus, Neptune
  • Shamanism: Snowy owl
  • Alchemy: Sky and air
  • Aura: White light
  • Colors: Transparent
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Body: The breathe; down the front of the body and up the back.


In numerology number meanings, one represents the beginning. It is gold-striving, independent and action oriented in nature. Ones are original, display plenty of courage, are self-reliant and are pioneers. One is represented in:

  • Tarot: The Magician
  • Astrology: Sun, Aries, Mars, Mercury and Uranus
  • Shamanism: Monkey, Unicorn
  • 'I Ching: #1 Ch'ien
  • Alchemy: Gold
  • Aura: All of the colors
  • Gemstone: Ruby, garnet and diamond
  • Months: January, October
  • Weekday: Sunday


The number two is all about duality, polarity and choice. It's about seeing "the other" and represents cooperation, service and harmony. Those with a two life path number are often diplomatic, patient and have a high degree of intuition. Two is represented in:

  • Tarot: High Priestess
  • Astrology: Moon, Taurus and Vulcan
  • Shamanism: Owl and dolphin
  • I Ching: K'un
  • Alchemy: Water
  • Aura: White and indigo
  • Gemstone: Moonstone, star ruby and turquoise
  • Months: February, November
  • Weekday: Monday


Three is a sacred number that represents the Trinity; the union of the divine plus human consciousness. This number is all about expression; both the written and the verbal. Full of creativity, enthusiasm and humor, threes are a joy to be around! Three is represented in:

  • Tarot: Empress
  • Astrology: Jupiter, Gemini and Venus
  • Shamanism: Dove
  • I Ching: Pi
  • Alchemy: The four elements.
  • Aura: Pink, blue and gold
  • Gemstone: Topaz, star sapphire and pearl
  • Months: March and December
  • Weekday: Wednesday


Fours tend to be practical, orderly, patient and logical. Most fours are very hard-working and loyal; they find their greatest joy in building something that will last. These earthy, even-tempered individuals are represented as:

  • Tarot: Emperor
  • Astrology: Saturn, Cancer, Earth
  • Shamanism: Eagle, whale
  • I Ching: Chin
  • Alchemy: Water, fire
  • Aura: Red and orange
  • Gemstone: Emerald, amethyst and sapphire
  • Month: April
  • Weekday: Thursday


Five, in the numerology number meaning, presents adventure, change and freedom. Fives are all about exploring the universe through their senses and they crave variety! Curious, full of imagination and child-like, five is represented in:

  • Tarot: The Hierophant
  • Astrology: Mercury, Venus, Taurus and Leo
  • Shamanism: Bull Elephant
  • I Ching: #15 Ch'ien
  • Alchemy: Earth/Man
  • Aura: Earth Tones
  • Gemstone: Turquoise, ruby
  • Months: May
  • Weekday: Tuesday


Six represents the very best in harmony, love and marriage. Along with family, responsibility and understanding, six can be something of a perfectionist, but it does offer an emphatic ear. Six is represented in:

  • Tarot: The Lovers
  • Astrology: Venus, Virgo and Gemini
  • Shamanism: Duck, snake and lion
  • I Ching: Sung
  • Alchemy: Air
  • Aura: Rainbow
  • Gemstone: Pearl, sapphire, topaz and yellow diamond
  • Month: June
  • Weekday: Friday


Seven is the philosopher, the sage and the wisdom seeker. Sevens can come across as reserved, stoic and introspective. This contemplative number is represented in:

  • Tarot: The Chariot
  • Astrology: Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury and Libra
  • Shamanism: Crab, Hhrse
  • I Ching: #52 Ken
  • Alchemy: Bronze, silver and gold
  • Gemstone: Amethyst, aquamarine and emerald
  • Month: July
  • Weekday: Saturday


Eight represents achievement, abundance and strength. These folks love power and authority, but they wear it well! An entrepreneurial spirit can also be found, and this is represented in:

  • Tarot: Strength/Justice
  • Astrology: Saturn, Leo, Pluto, Sun and Scorpio
  • Shamanism: Lion and butterfly
  • I Ching: #26 Ta ch'u
  • Aura: Reds
  • Gemstone: Diamond, fire opal
  • Month: August
  • Weekday: Thursday


Nine represents completion, an ending and humanity as a whole. Compassionate, romantic, self-less and generous, nines are very loving individuals. This artistic personality is represented in:

  • Tarot: Hermit
  • Astrology: Sun, Virgo, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Sagittarius
  • Shamanism: Squirrel, snake and reptiles
  • I Ching: #20 Kuan
  • Alchemy: Earth and gold
  • Aura: Fall colors
  • Gemstone: Opal, quartz and crystal
  • Month: September
  • Weekday: Monday, Friday

The Master Numbers

There is a big debate in numerology number meanings about whether or not the master numbers are special, or even if they should have the label "master" attached to them. Nonetheless, they are numbers all the same and should be represented. These numbers are:

  • Eleven: Elevens are looked upon as messengers. They are inspiring, inventive, mystic and energetic.
  • Twenty-two: Key words associated with this number are idealist, expansive, visionary and master builder.
  • Thirty-three: This number is said to be healing, protected and blessed.

Some Final Thoughts

No matter the number, it's easy to see that the number meanings show that all the numbers have much to offer. Keep in mind that no single number, not even "master numbers", is better than any other. Instead, all are needed to complete one another. In other words, in order to have "two", you must have "one". In this way, much can be learned from studying each number's meaning.

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