Numerology Master Numbers

Master Numbers carry greater challenges and rewards.
Master Numbers carry greater challenges and rewards.

Numerology master numbers are considered the most powerful of all numbers. When these twin digits show up in an analysis, the numerologist respects the power behind a master number and won't add it down to a single digit like other double numbers. Which numbers are truly the master numbers? This is often a controversial topic among numerologists. Not all numerologists agree on which double digit numbers are the real master numbers, with four theories predominating.

Original Master Numbers

Ancient numerology recognizes only two sets of numerology master numbers.

Master Number 11

Often called the Christ vibration, this number brings great challenges and rewards to the individual. The energy is so highly charged that many people are unable to handle the amount of energy flowing through them. It's electric and truly wired to the divine.

  • This vibration carries a very ambitious and challenging prospect to the individual's spiritual growth.
  • The opportunity for great enlightenment is afforded the person, but the price can often be very high.
  • The person may achieve fame, but the other side of that achievement could equate to all kinds losses.
  • This number should motivate and propel the person to seek deeper spritual understanding of the world.

Master Number 22

This master number will assure the person is involved in worldly affairs and wields a strong influence through career and circumstance magically coming together. It's the challenges of this orchestration that will mold the soul into enlightenment.

Modern Master Numbers

Many contemporary numerologists aren't traditionalists and believe numerology must evolve as humankind evolves. These modernists believe other twin digits merit the title of master numbers. This is where the adding of new master numbers becomes complex and the lines separating the other three factions are drawn. Some numerologists believe that only one more double digit belongs as a master number.

Master Number 33

The master number 33 represents a teacher. This number represents a master teacher of the world who has transcended personal trials and tests to emerge victorious. This vibration calls upon the individual to think of humanity's welfare above self and guide others to enlightenment.

The argument for its inclusion is because the number 33 is the sum of 11 + 22. Numerologists who agree with this addition conclude the three master numbers create a Triangle of Enlightenment.

  • 11: The vision of spirit
  • 22: Acting on the vision
  • 33: Divine enlightenment - Result of vision and action

Other Twin-Digit Master Numbers 44, 55, 66

Another group believes if one twin digit can be allowed to join the ranks of master numbers then certainly a few more should be included:

  • 44: 2 times 22
  • 55: 11 enhanced 5 times
  • 66: A doubled 33 and a tripled 22

All Twin-Digit Numbers As Master Numbers

And yet another faction of numerologists believes all other twin digits must be included or none should be added.

  • 77: 11 enhanced 7 times.
  • 88: A quadrupled 22
  • 99: A tripled 33

These practitioners believe by making these additional twin digits into master numbers it increases the vibration of a person's life path or destiny number and thereby inspires the person to reach a higher level of soul growth. Many however, believe this is carrying master numbers to the extreme and invalidates the true rarity and value of a master number.

Why Numerology Master Numbers Are So Powerful

Each number has been assigned a certain vibration and meaning. When a numerology master number appears in a numerological chart, the intensity of the single digit message isn't automatically doubled. Master numbers have separate vibrations and meanings. It's believed that these double digits carry high-spiritual energy that will be transferred to the individual.

Master Numbers Represent Greater Challenges

Master numbers present greater challenges to the person. The burdens of such lofty challenges may appear to be more than the person can bear, but the person usually rises to face these obstacles and difficulties. By triumphing over the tests a master number presents, the person is able to face the karma that comes with the number. This acceptance and mastering over the obstacles clears the soul's karmic debts and creates a new path to the next level of enlightenment. This is why numerologists won't reduce a master number in an analysis. To do so would be considered a sacrilige and deliberate disservice to the individual by robbing them of the master number's challenges.

Which School of Thought To Follow

Many numerologists follow the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" ideology. They remain the traditionalists and following the mandates of the science set down by earth's ancient ancestors. As in all things, you must decide for yourself which school of thought you want to follow. Once you commit to a choice, you must practice it consistently. It's only by adopting a belief system that you can realize its potential. Experience is the only way you can test a theory. When completing a numerological analysis, test the numerology master numbers theories and see what proves to be consistent and true for you.

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Numerology Master Numbers