Numerology Love Levels and Compatibility

Romance, here and now!
Romance, here and now!

In numerology, love compatibility takes on many different forms, and understanding how these forms interact is important for making the most of your numerology chart and your life. From life path numbers to one's soul urge number, there are many areas where companions may meet or disagree.

Love and Numerology

Numerology studies the world through numbers, so its take on love is very different than astrological love comparisons; astrology leaves wiggle-room because the planets tend to have "conversations". Numbers, on the other hand, don't have these conversations. Instead, as numbers are apt to do, they either are or are not.

This helps explain why numerology compatibility, at least on the Web, boils down to a love calculator; two names and birth dates are compared and are either compatible or not. Luckily, there are several distinct areas of personality in numerology that help explain the complexity and very nature of those romantic relationships.

Numerology Love Level Numbers

A meeting of the minds, or souls, can take place on many different levels in numerology.

Life Path Numbers

The life path number is the sum of the birth date. As such, this number represents who an individual is, and the traits they carry throughout life. In essence, the life path describes the "nature of the journey" one takes.

Destiny Number

This number is derived from the full name given on your birth certificate, and it relates your life's purpose (this can sometimes feel like a burden). Consider this number an individual's spiritual purpose or mission, and read it as something that must be accomplished for growth of the soul and happiness.

Soul Urge

The soul urge is sometimes referred to as the "heart's desire" and it relates to inner cravings, likes and dislikes. It falls below the life path number and the destiny number on the numerological totem pole because this urge is something that is usually kept private.

The soul urge is calculated from the number of vowels in a name, and it's important to understand the influence this number plays on the nature of one's inner drive; satisfy this urge and inner peace and contentment will be the reward.

Understanding Numerology Love Compatibility

Going deeper still, keep in mind that each number vibrates with its own particular resonance and some of these numbers inherently vibrate with a form of love. Numbers that vibrate with an inherent nature of love include:

  • Two: Two appears to be the "seat" in numerology love compatibility. This is because the two is primarily concerned with relationships, love and everything that is "togetherness" in nature.
  • Five: Five is concerned with tactile sensations and the enjoyment of life; this includes good food, wine and yes, sex. We can say then that the five is the physical manifestation of love.
  • Six: Six shows us love when it is in harmony with family and deals with family accord. At its core, think one big happy family.
  • Nine: The nine is love for humanity; loving your spiritual brothers and sisters; love for community and the world at large.

These numbers are important because they show the different forms of love, and while all are equally important, they also show why a couple may experience discord; they may simply view love differently.

The Next Steps

To find compatibility with another, first have a reading done. A great free website is Number Quest. This site will calculate the life path number, soul urge, etc., for both individuals.

From there, take stock of the numbers. Keep in mind that each area can be viewed distinctly. For example, let's say that you and a partner have radically different life path numbers (one and two respectively), but your soul urge is the same. This means that while the pair of you may appear very different to the outside world (perhaps even incompatible); your soul vibrates along the same wave. You may each find that your soul is "at rest" when with one another.

If the numerology love compatibility looks negative at first, try not to let it discourage you. With so many different factors to consider, it should be easy to find some common ground to meet and build a successful relationship upon.

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Numerology Love Levels and Compatibility