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Planes of Expression and Numerology

Jacqueline Dautaj
Take a look at the chart for romantic options.
Take a look at the chart for romantic options.

Numerology is a fascinating art of divination in which you can use numbers and planes of expression to determine compatibility between two individuals. Understanding how these planes work is essential for getting the most out of your charts.

Calculating the Numbers

The most important factor to understand in numerology is how to calculate your personal numbers and how to calculate these numbers correctly. For these calculations, use the full birth name and the current name you use (the current name is called the present signature). Then follow these tips:

  • Add the numbers of a given name together.
  • Reduce that number by adding its individual digits together until you come to a single digit number.
  • Add all the names together (and reduce down) when it's called for.

Heart's Desire

To calculate the heart's desire or the soul urge, calculate the vowels in a name. Do this by using the chart in our Numerology Love Compatibility article. This chart can be used for all of these calculations. Calculate each name separately, reduce, and then add them all together and reduce, if need be, yet again.


The personality number sums up the way your name symbolizes your outer self and what it projects to the world at large. To arrive at this number, add the consonants of each name separately, and reduce, and then add them all together (reduce the end end product if necessary).

Destiny Number

Continue to treat the name given at birth and the present signature as independent units. Add all the numbers of each name and reduce. Now, add together all three names (or as many as necessary), reduce and take note of the number.

This destiny number symbolizes all your past lifetime accomplishments and the energy patterns you are currently working with. It also represents who you are, the strengths that sustain you and that which lends a feeling of empowerment to your overall being. In a nutshell, it is what you are here to do and accomplish.

Planes of Expression in Numerology

Still need help finding compatibility"? If so, begin with the Planes of Expression. These Planes include:

  • Mental Plane: The mental plane describes one's thinking patterns. Calculate by adding all of the 1's and 8's (only) in the name.
  • Physical Plane: This place "acts". Calculate by adding 4's and 5's in a given name.
  • Emotional Plane: The emotional plane reveals one's feelings. Arrive there by adding the 2's, 3's, and 6's.
  • Intuitive /Spiritual Plane: This is the spiritual nature or psychic part of the self. Determine this number by adding the 7's and 9's.

Note that you are taking into account the entire name, so if you have three names (or more) add all of them. Do not reduce these numbers!

Calculating the Planes of Expression, along with the heart's desire, destiny number, etc., gives us a great jumping off point for comparing two charts. Here are some factors to look for during a comparison reading:

Why Are We Together?

To find out what brought two souls together in the first place, check and compare every point in the chart and see if a particular number shows up. It doesn't matter which position the number shows up in or if there is only one number in common between the two.

For example, let's say that you calculate your chart and your partner's chart and you have a soul urge 9 and he has an expression number 9. This means that he naturally "expresses" 9 quality traits that resonate in your soul. This can result in a pretty powerful connection between the two of you.

The Planes

Take the Planes of Expression into consideration as well. Compatibility on any one of these levels can also help build a good, solid relationship. It can also work well if the same number is found as a total on any Plane, not only the same number on the same Plane level.

Final Word

Finally, the older a person is the more Planes of Expression can be used as a solid foundation for a relationship. Sometimes we find that, as we age, certain blocks are removed. Once this block is removed, two people who were at one point unable to be together all of a sudden can. If this is a relationship that has come back around again, check the Plane numbers to see where things currently stand.

Planes of Expression and Numerology