Numerology Compatibility Chart With Calculation and Interpretation Tips

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What do numbers reveal?
What do numbers reveal?

By taking into account the life path numbers of two separate individuals, numerology compatibility aims to discern the longevity and success of a shared pairing. Find out just how compatible you are with another person.

Calculate the Life Path Number

Numerology itself is defined as the study of numbers, their relevance to society and to an individual's existence as a whole. At first, early mathematicians embraced the concept of the sacred meaning of numbers, but in recent times this concept has fallen out of favor with the scientific community.

However, the esoteric community still embraces the concept of scared numbers. When it comes to numerology compatibility, it becomes a question of meshing one's personality number with that of another. To do this, it's essential to calculate each individual's life path number.

To calculate the life path number, take a look at the following chart. Note that A, J, S are all "one"; B, K, T are all "two" etc.

Calculate Life Path Number
Number Corresponding Letters
1 A, J, S
2 B, K, T
3 C, L, U
4 D, M, V
5 E, N, W
6 F, O, X
7 G, P, Y
8 H, Q, Z
9 I, R

Now it's time to do the math. For example, if the name is John Daley Smith, then the math looks like this:

John: 1+6+8+5= 20
Daley: 4+1+3+7= 15
Smith: 1+4+9+2+8= 24

The next step is to add 20+15+24. This equals 59. Nearly all numbers in numerology are "broken down" to a single-digit number, so add 5+9 to equal 14, and then 1+4 to equal 5. This is the life path number for this particular name. Note that the only numbers in numerology that are not broken down are the master numbers of 11, 22, and in some circles, 33.

The Characteristics of Each Number

Now that the life path number has been established, it's time to take a look at the general characteristics associated with each number in order to compare how a given pair of individuals might get along.

  • One: Ones are ambitious, independent and self-sufficient. They tend to be leaders that relish the opportunity to be "in charge".
  • Two: Twos are supportive, diplomatic and analytical individuals that do best when paired up with another.
  • Three: Enthusiastic, fun loving and optimistic is the best way to characterize a three.
  • Four: Fours tend to be practical, traditional and serious. They respond best when a strong foundation is present.
  • Five: Fives are adventurous, mercurial and enjoy the sensual or tactile experiences in life.
  • Six: The six individual tends to be responsible, cautious and domestic in personality.
  • Seven: Sevens are spiritual, enjoy a good mystery and can be a bit eccentric from time to time.
  • Eight: Eights are money-oriented, decisive and authoritative. On the downside, they can sometimes come across as a bit stern.
  • Nine: The multi-talented nine takes a global world view of life and is quite compassionate when dealing with others.
  • Eleven: Eleven is considered a master number, so it is thought to be "enlightened". Even so, while it does resonate with the lower vibration of the two, it can still be a bit intense and high strung.
  • Twenty-two: Twenty-two is another master number that provides the individual with a goal-oriented point of view. These folks tend to be globally inspired planners that incorporate the steadiness of the four vibration and couple it with a world view.

Who Gets Along: Numerology Compatibility

To use the chart below, first calculate the names' life path number. From there, note that the chart contains some empty spaces (specifically, in the Neutral column). This means that these individuals have strong responses to people (they either love or hate), and have no "neutrality".

Compatibility Chart for Numbers
Number Natural Fit Compatible/Get Along Well Neutral Challenging or in Need of Compromise
1 1, 5, 7 3, 9 8 2, 4, 6
2 2, 4, 8 3, 6 9 1, 5, 7
3 3, 6, 9 1, 2, 5 * 4, 7, 8
4 2, 4, 8 6, 7 * 1, 3, 5, 9
5 1, 5, 7 3, 9 8 2, 4, 6
6 3, 6, 9 2, 4, 8 * 1, 5, 7
7 1, 5, 7 4 9 2, 3, 6, 8
8 2, 4, 8 6 1, 5 3, 7, 9
9 3, 6, 9 1, 5 2, 7 4, 8

For Example...

To clarify this chart a bit further, let's take one as an example. Ones are a natural fit with fellow ones, fives and sevens. Why is this so?

To begin, ones are leaders that are independent and because of this, they are naturally compatible with adventurous-loving fives. They also enjoy the company of sevens because sevens tend to be bit eccentric, equally happy leading the crowd or doing their own thing alone.

Numbers that present more of a challenge to the one are two, four and six. Studying the characteristics of these numbers reveals why this is so. Twos like to partner up. Fours are practical and serious. Six tends to be domestic. All of these "partnering" characteristics can ruffle the feathers of the solo-flying one. Thus, compromise, when it comes to these specific numbers, becomes necessary.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line with numerology compatibility is that no partnership is doomed. Instead, knowing the characteristics of each life path number allows the individual to know which partnerships may go smoothly and which may require a bit more work. From there, a person is able to turn a more knowledgeable eye on key partnerships and bring a wider view to relationships in general>.

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Numerology Compatibility Chart With Calculation and Interpretation Tips