Numerology Chart Steps and Meanings

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Numerology charts mean math!
Numerology charts mean math!

A numerology chart can be fairly complex, but understanding the steps you need to take to get the numbers and the meanings of the numbers themselves is essential for fully appreciating this form of divination. Learn how to construct a chart and use it effectively.

First, the Facts About Numerology Charts

Before getting started on a numerology chart, you'll need to have a paper and pen handy; you'll need it do all that math! Here are some quick facts worth knowing about numerology before you get started:

  • Use the full name on your birth certificate and the name you currently use (the present signature).
  • Use the table in our Name Numerology article to ascertain the correct numbers that correspond to the letters in your name.
  • Go slowly. The last thing you want to do is make a careless error in numerology. This is because once you get too far into the chart, it may be difficult to find out exactly where you first went wrong, and then you'll have to begin all over again. That said, it's time to get started!

Constructing the Numerology Chart

Some of the phrases located below may be ones you've seen before. That's okay. Consider it a refresher course, and don't worry, it'll get complicated soon enough!

  • Step One: The first step is to calculate the heart's desire. This is done by adding the vowels in the name. First add the vowels of each name separately and reduce. To "reduce" means to add together the individual digits of your first answer. Next, add all the names together. The final step is to reduce yet again. Follow this procedure to calculate the heart's desire for the present signature.
  • Step Two: Now it's time to assign each consonant its number. Follow the same mathematical procedure as above. Add the consonants of each name separately, reduce, and then add them all together and reduce again. Now you have the personality number.
  • Step Three: It's time to calculate the destiny number. Do so by adding all of the numbers in each name and reducing. After this, add together all three names (or as many as you are using). Reduce if necessary, but don't reduce a master number (11, 22, 33, and 44). Also, remember to continue to treat the birth certificate name and the present signature as separate entities.

Planes of Expression

If you've been adding correctly, you should now have three sets of numbers: the heart's desire, the personality number and the density number. Now you're ready to calculate the planes of expression.

These numbers are important because they can provide a detailed study about the manner in which an individual thinks, acts and behaves. The planes can also help reveal inner conflicts, and they also play a significant role in love relationships.

Here's how to calculate these numbers:

  • For the mental plane: Add 1's plus 8's
  • For the physical plane: Add 4's plus 5's.
  • For the emotional plane: Add the 2's plus 3's plus 6's.
  • For the spiritual/intuitive plane: Add the 7's and 9's.

Note: These numbers (the 1's, 8's, 4's etc.) come from the name itself. For example, if you are using the name Tom Jones, you'll find that:

  • T=2
  • O=6
  • M=4
  • J=1
  • O=6
  • N=5
  • E=5
  • S=1

When locating the mental plane, add 1+1 (Tom Jones has no 8's in his name). Here, the mental plane equals 2. We interpret this to say that Tom Jones has a "partnership" mentality; he does better when he feels supported by a loved one. Remember, numbers mean the same no matter where you find them.

Time for the Birthday!

Calculating the birth path number comes from correctly adding one's birth date. This number is important because it represents your major lesson in life and is the one area you constantly work on. To calculate this number use the following steps:

  • Each month is used in its numerical form, so January is 1, February is 2, March is 3, etc.
  • Reduce the month of birth, the day of birth and the year. For example, someone born June 1, 1977 should have the following numbers: 6, 1, and 6.
  • Now add all three of these numbers together. Using the example above, our result would be 4 (6+1+6=13, 1+3=4).

Inside the parenthesis, we see that we first arrived at a two digit number, so we added them together in order to reduce. After that, we were left with 4. In other words, the individual with this birth date has a 4 birth path number. Why is this important? Read on…

The Attainment

Attainment, in a numerology chart, represents the spiritual consciousness under which many lives and rebirths have come into form. In layman's terms, the number represents everything you ever were (in a past life) and what you are striving for in this life. Numerologists look at the attainment number as the "design" of the soul's journey.

First, here's a little background. Our full name at birth explains who we are and embodies the talents and abilities we have developed through our past lives. The birthday, on the other hand, charts the road maps of our journey. In the later part of our lives, these fuse, and the attainment number is formed. This number signals the direction of our life's expansion and "clarifies" the plan for our evolution.

So how do we get that number? Simply add the destiny number (using the full birth name) and the birth path number and voila! You now have the road map to your soul's expansion.

Once you have all your personal numbers calculated, you can learn more about their meanings in the LTK article Numerology Number Meanings. However, if you don't relish all the math, you might choose to get a free sample report from where they do the work for you. Either way, have fun interpreting your own numerology chart.

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Numerology Chart Steps and Meanings