Natal Chart for Huber Astrology Method and Meanings

Astrological wheels and degrees
The houses are important in Huber astrology.

The natal chart for Huber astrology is quite similar in structure to "regular" astrological charts, but the meaning and approach of Huber astrology can be quite different.

What Is Huber Astrology?

Huber astrology is astrological psychology, and the natal chart for Huber astrology bears this difference out. Huber astrology does not dispute that astrology is predictive and can be used for mundane (every day) affairs, but it strives to place the individual in the driver's seat of his life.

Huber astrology practitioners contend that astrology is too reactionary and that it does not provide the tools an individual needs to gain control over his life. To remedy this, Huber brings a holistic approach to the esoteric subject.

The Natal Chart for Huber Astrology

Huber astrology was created by Bruno and Louise Huber over forty years ago in Germany, and the natal chart for Huber astrology is laid out in the following manner:

  • The aspect figures: The aspect figures that are considered are all multiplies of thirty degrees and show the motivation of the individual.
  • The planets and the nodes: These are considered the tools at your disposal.
  • The twelve signs of the zodiac: The signs of the zodiac show your genetic inheritance and the different archetypes that are in play.
  • The houses: The houses of the chart speak to the different fields of life experiences and show external conditioning and learned behavior.

This method can be further broken down into three distinct charts:

  • The birth chart: The birth chart shows your inheritance; this is what you came into the world with.
  • House chart: If the natal birth chart shows the inherited motivations of the individual, the house chart shows how the external world has altered that motivation. The key to understanding this interpretation lies in the nature/nurture debate. These houses show how you are nurtured and how that has impacted your natural inclinations (your inheritance) and vice versa.
  • The node chart: If you've ever wondered why you tend to act in a certain way, this chart serves to show the root cause of that problem and your unconscious behaviors.

In Depth Marriage of the Astrological and Psychological

As you can tell, the Huber approach to astrology is very different from just an analysis of the birth chart to predict the future. Underscoring that difference is the Huber Family model approach. This model seeks to find the different levels of attachment between the child and parents, and in doing so, marries psychology (attachment theory) and astrology. The astrology of the model looks to the connections between the moon, Saturn and the sun.

The moon reflects the child, the sun reflects the father and Saturn reflects the mother. Depending on the aspects of each, the astrologer would then discover whether the relationship (and thereby attachment) is either:

  • Secure
  • Avoidant
  • Ambivalent

The Goal of the Huber Model

This entire Huber system is designed so that clients can gain a richer understanding of how their environment (the nurture aspect) has impacted their natural, inherited traits.

The overall goal of this model is to help you understand how you can take better control of your life and make future decisions that are conscious. The Huber model makes the assumption that most people simply respond to stimuli, whether it's the interactions between peopl or with the environment, and that they respond in a kind of pre-programmed and conditioned way.

Huber astrology's main purpose is to end those "old tapes" playing in your mind so that you can begin to make conscious decisions and choices. The end result of which, hopefully, is a more fulfilled, happy, and self -directed life.

Is the model for everyone? Probably not. However, most astrology enthusiasts do agree that it's a fascinating take on astrology and one that does warrant further investigation.

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Natal Chart for Huber Astrology Method and Meanings