Who Is Mystic Meg?

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Mystic Meg is a well-known British astrologer. For decades, people have consulted her horoscopes and predictions for guidance about the future.

About Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg was born Margaret Ann Lake on July 22, 1942 in Accrington, Lancashire. She seems to be the queen of astrology in England with her columns in the British tabloid The Sun and, until its end, the News of the World. She currently hosts Mystic Meg's Wheel of Destiny for Sun Bingo.

From 1994 to 2000 she hosted Mystic Meg Predicts, a prediction segment on the National Lottery. In addition, her face is on miscellaneous astrology-related products. Although she studied English at the University of Leeds, her career has been based on psychic ability and, of course, astrology.

Are Mystic Meg's Predictions Accurate?

Astrologist Mark Flaherty asserts in his article How Does Astrology Work? that Mystic Meg's predictions are "nothing more than a bit of light entertainment containing generalized astrological information which has little or no practical use." Nevertheless, many people are true believers and consult daily horoscopes as a guide in making life decisions. It's difficult to pin down Mystic Meg's success and failure rates. There are no known studies or statistics on how many of her predictions have come to pass.

An article in The Telegraph mentions research which reviewed 40 studies involving more than 700 astrologers. According to scientist and former astrologer Geoffrey Dean and psychologist Ivan Kelly, the studies revealed astrologers' predictions were no better than guesswork. The article says success rate stayed the same "even when astrologers were given all the information they asked for..." The article calls out Mystic Meg as an astrologer who can make up to 600,000 pounds a year or more.

The Center for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) gave Mystic Meg the "prize for the most embarrassing prediction of 1996." According to CSI's website, Mystic Meg predicted in the January 2, 1996 issue of The Globe that Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin would reunite for a television reunion. The reunion never stood a chance since Dean Martin died in December, 1995 about the time Mystic Meg's foretelling was published.

Soaring Popularity

From the start of her career, Mystic Meg has enjoyed a steady surge in popularity. According to her Facebook and Twitter pages, she is "Britain's favorite psychic astrologer," although it's unclear if that title is self-proclaimed. She's made several television appearances and written books about tarot cards, numerology, and astrology. She also co-authored a children's book. Despite controversy surrounding her methods and success rate, she remains a favorite among die-hard astrology believers and people who enjoy the entertainment value of consulting horoscopes and playing games of chance.

In April 2015, Mystic Meg teamed with the U.K.-based gambling company Coral to be the face of their national marketing campaign, "You're Guaranteed A Fortune." The campaign features Mystic Meg's image with her crystal ball in Coral's shops and on Coral TV. In addition, in conjunction with Coral News, Meg offers a system to choose the horse that has the best chance of winning in the Grand National.

Septic Peg

When comedian Brian Conley spoofed Mystic Meg and created "Septic Peg" on his show, it fueled Meg's popularity. She good-naturedly performed a sketch alongside Septic Peg that still gains attention today. In fact, Mystic Meg features the bit on her website.

Where to Find Mystic Meg's Horoscopes

Mystic Meg has an official website where you can read free daily horoscopes or determine if you've made a love match. For a fee, you can talk to a psychic live by phone or text. A profile of each psychic is featured on the website and includes a list of the tools and skills the psychic has and subjects they specialize in. Tools may include tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards and astrology; skill sets include clairvoyant, psychic, medium, and life coach abilities.

Mystic Meg also has an app, available only in the U.K., which features daily horoscopes and provides the ability to chat live with a psychic. Occasionally, she features horoscopes on her social media pages.

A Certain Prediction

If you're an astrology believer or a believer of all things paranormal, you'll enjoy Mystic Meg's predictions and find ways to apply them. Skeptics will undoubtedly continue to question her abilities. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, here's one prediction you can be certain of: Mystic Meg will continue to entertain people and impact lives for years to come.

Who Is Mystic Meg?