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Love Sign Horoscopes Match Aspects

Jacqueline Dautaj
Is your's a life-long connection?
Is your's a life-long connection?

The matching love signs horoscope will understandably vary depending on the Venus, Mars and natal aspects.

The Matching Love Signs Horoscopes

The matching love signs horoscopes, including how well two people make a romantic connection, will vary depending on the individual Venus and Mars sign in each respective horoscope chart. Certain Venus and Mars signs are more compatible, when in aspect, than others. The role of Venus and Mars in a horoscope is as follows.

  • Venus: In an astrological chart, Venus rules the way in which we express love. In a man's chart, it also gives clues to the type of woman he finds attractive.
  • Mars: Mars rules the sexual energy of an individual and how that energy is expressed. The Mars sign in a woman's chart gives clues to the type of man she finds attractive.

Compatible Love Signs

The matching love signs horoscopes plays itself out very much in the same way the sun signs do; compatible energies and elements naturally complement one another.

Venus Love Matches

  • The air Venus signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra naturally get along best with fellow air Venus signs and fire Venus signs.
  • The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius all go well with the air signs and fellow fire signs.
  • The earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are compatible with fellow earth signs and the water signs.
  • The water signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are compatible with other water signs and the earth signs.

The Mars compatibility functions the same way Venus does; the elements flourish best when they meet other compatible qualities.

Composite Chart Aspects

One of the best ways to determine the way a relationship will play itself out is to cast a composite or relationship chart. These astrological charts serve to show the largest areas of compatibility, as well as where there are trouble spots. Before you take a look at the relationship chart, it helps to understand the aspects.

  • Conjunction: When planets and points form a conjunction, it is said that the energies are blended or united; they act as one.
  • Sextile: Sextiles and trines are similar because they are both talents that come easy. However, unlike a trine, a sextile has a little more "oomph". Moreover, while trines are so natural most people ignore them, sextiles are appreciated qualities (either in individual charts or in a composite chart).
  • Trines: Trines are very accepting and create an easy exchange between two individuals. There is a natural give and take.
  • Oppositions: Oppositions represent external struggles.
  • Squares: Squares represent internal struggles.

The Markers of Love

Some aspects are great indicators of long term love. Aspects to keep an eye out for are:

  • Sun trine or sextile sun: This is a very supportive and energizing aspect. The two of you appreciate each other's company and bring out the best in one another.
  • Sun trine Venus: With this aspect, the two of you may like/love the same things or express love in a similar manner.
  • Venus trine, sextile, or conjunct Saturn: This is a stabilizing influence that can speak to long term commitments and loyalty.
  • Mars sextile conjunct or trine Jupiter: Another great compatibility factor, Mars in aspect to Jupiter can help stoke enthusiasm for the relationship and add a general "zest" when the two of you are together.

Challenging Aspects

No relationship is always a bed of roses. Here are some of the more challenging aspects:

  • Moon square Saturn: This can sometimes speak against long term growth. If not that, there will likely be a dampening down of feelings or the expression of emotion.
  • Moon square Mars: This aspect can lead to anger and jealousy.
  • Mars conjunct Saturn: This is a rather serious and heavy aspect.
  • Mars oppose Neptune: Simply put, this aspect can indicate lies, or some kind of deception. One or both of you may have something to hide.

Putting It All Together

Looking at both individuals' charts and composite charts can yield a wealth of information about matching love signs. However, keep in mind that these are just a few of the positive aspects that can be found, so try not to be disappointed when a particularly challenging aspect is in play. With a little effort on both sides, a solution can usually be found.

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Love Sign Horoscopes Match Aspects