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Love Horoscope Tips and Examples

Jacqueline Dautaj
What's your love horoscope?
What's your love horoscope?

Who isn't interested in learning about their love horoscopes? We're interested too, and that's why we've gathered the big love scoops for all twelve signs of the zodiac for the upcoming year!

What to Expect in Love Horoscopes

There are different ways to figure out your upcoming love horoscopes. Among them is observing the position of Venus (for love), Jupiter and Pluto (for luck and in-dept transformations) and Mars (for attraction and the primary focus of energy). We will also look towards Saturn, which will gives us a sense of purpose and commitment.

Unfortunately, most horoscopes won't be able to give you a specific date or time for the happy occasion. At most, they'll be able to point you in a general time frame of when the conditions are favorable for love. Here's how it works:

  • If you'd like something with more concrete information, your best bet is to have your astrological chart done. There are many reputable online sites that will do this, and most are reasonable at a price of about $20.00. Whether you're a novice or an intermediate student of astrology, this chart can be worth its weight in gold.
  • These charts are able to peer into the skies at the exact time of your birth and see when love is most likely to happen for you. If you don't know your actual time of birth, your astrologer will use 12:00 a.m. with slightly less accuracy.
  • Your love horoscope will focus mainly on Mars, Venus, Jupiter, the moon, and Saturn. Each of these planets significantly influences when a love connection will occur, depending on your sign's position.
  • Once you meet that special someone, you'll want to do a compatibility reading. Not only will this reading tell you how well the two of you relate as a couple, but it will also reveal your more challenging aspects. A word to the wise; take note of the time of your first meeting because you'll need it for an accurate reading.
  • In the event that you do find an unfavorable aspect, for example, Mars square Neptune, try not to get too upset. Rare indeed is the meeting or relationship where everything goes perfectly! Additionally, keep in mind that there could be overriding aspects that limit or negate an unfavorable position. Trust us, more often than not, there's hope for everyone!

Love is in the Air: Your Compatibility Horoscopes

Just to get an idea of how a love horoscope works, here are some examples of typical forecasts from 2008. Keep in mind that you'll still want to check out your current horoscope so you're up to date.


Aries, you begin 2008 with a Mars retrograde in Cancer, so you may feel a bit out of sorts. The impact of this trend may show up in your love life, as an old flame may pop up when you least expect it! Focus on fire and air signs.


By 2008 Jupiter will be in your ninth house of long distance travel. You may meet someone while traveling or through publishing (Think book stores, writing workshops, etc.). Additionally, love may bloom through a long distance connection. Focus on earth and water signs.


Gemini, you're coming off one of the very best years possible to make a serious romantic commitment. If you still haven't met someone, take heart! There is still a little bit of time left this year to do so. Focus on air and fire signs.


We must say, you have a banner year coming up for romance! Not only will Jupiter be moving into your seventh house of committed partnerships, but you'll also be housing Mars in your first! Focus on earth and water signs.


Leo, it's been tough, but most of the rough patches are over! First, the Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction will take place in your house of romance, so any commitments you make will probably be of a transformative nature. You also have eclipses coming up in your sign, so heads up! Focus on air and fire signs.


For you Virgo, love may bloom suddenly. We say this because Uranus, planet of shock and awe, is housed in your partnership house, while Jupiter will be in your fifth. Get ready for a rock and roll romance! Focus on earth and water signs.


Libra, love can truly bloom for you at any moment! You'll have Jupiter in your fourth house, which among other things, rules "the end of the day". How you choose to spend the end of the day, is up to you! Focus on fire and earth signs.


Scorpio, Jupiter will be moving into your third house, so your best chance of romance will come just by walking around in your neighborhood! Focus on water, and earth signs.


Sagittarius listen very carefully! Jupiter is still in your first house. Besides granting you all sorts of goodies, this is also the classic placement of meeting one's soul mate. There's a few weeks still left in 2007, so please get out there and circulate. Focus on fire and air signs.


Capricorn, 2008 is going to be a life-changing year for you. Jupiter is moving into your first house, and as we told Sagittarius, this is the classic sign of meeting your soul mate. Focus on earth and water signs.


Oh boy Aquarius, it's going to be a big year! The eclipses are in your sign and Uranus has finally woken up and is moving at direct speed. Aquarius, the love bolt may finally strike you! Focus on air and fire signs.


Neptune's finally directly in Pisces, and this is great news for you! Neptune is said to be the "higher octave" of Venus, so the love interest you meet will have a deep, soulful energy to him or her. Focus on water and earth signs.

Love Horoscope Tips and Examples