Love Compatibility for Two Sun Signs

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If you're trying to determine the love compatibility for two sun signs, you may want to first consider the element of both signs.

Four Elements and Twelve Sun Signs

Western astrology is neatly divided into four element groups. That means you have three sun signs in each grouping.

  • Air: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Water: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

It's logical to assume that sun signs in the same group are going to be compatible, yet that doesn't necessarily mean they are the best zodiac combinations. The four groupings are divided into compatibility between two groups, and the companion group often offers a better match than a sun sign in your same element.

Air and Fire Sun Sign Combinations

Air (oxygen) feeds fire. Without air, fire cannot burn. The danger for air is that the fire will deplete it. The combination of these two elements in sun signs can result in a very passionate and exciting relationship. Fire can often be destructive, but an air sign can assist in giving fire new direction and new life. Fire can give air a new purpose and goal.

Earth and Water Sun Sign Combinations

Water nourishes the earth and gives it life. The earth contains water and gives it form such as a pond, lake, stream or river. The combination of these two elements in sun signs can be the completion of two halves. Water is a free flowing sun sign that often needs direction. An earth sun sign can often supply this to a water sun sign. In return, the water sun sign nourishes and loves the earth sign, and this encourages growth and an abundant life.

Love Compatibility for Two Sun Signs

If the combination of two sun signs is outside the natural order of element combinations as mentioned, there can be some unique problems that are very basic and elementally driven.

Fire and Earth Compatibility Issues

For example, a fire and earth sign are naturally prone to be destructive when based on their driving elements. A fire will scorch and destroy a forest (earth), while earth can be used to smother a fire. If you take these elements and place them in the context of a relationship, you can begin to see some of the challenges such a love relationship could create. That doesn't mean incompatible elements are destined to be star-crossed lovers.

Other factors must be considered such as rising signs, moon signs and the placement of planets and aspect within each person's chart. If your relationship is this type of element combination, you may wish to consult an astrologer to determine just how compatible you are, astrologically speaking. You can then be aware of potential areas of conflict and take steps to negate or avoid them.

Water and Fire Compatibility Challenges

By the same token of opposite elements, a most unlikely match would be water and fire sun signs. These elements also have some destructive and challenging chemical reactions. Water can douse a fire, while fire can make water steam and boil. If you translate these elements into human qualities you can quickly surmise that this combination has some negative potential when it comes to compatibility.

Fire signs are naturally outgoing and aggressive, while a water sign may dampen the fire's adventurous spirit. Water may be content to simply be still and reflective, while fire grows impatient and tries to nudge water into action. This will send ripples over water and cause irritation to the point of boiling over. Water can in turn drown fire, leaving only a vaporous trail of smoke in its wake.

Air and Earth Sun Sign Obstacles

While it may seem like a natural combination of air and earth, these two have the potential for high conflict. Air can't be contained or tied down, which earth definitely wants to do. Earth signs have deep root systems and can't relate to an air sign that has no root systems. Air likes to move about freely wherever, and whenever, it desires, while earth prefers to find a place, set down roots and grow. The constant movement of air can create dust bowls, dirt devils, wind storms and tornadoes. Earth gets all stirred up while air simply enjoys spinning over the earth creating chaos. When you place these two elements together in a relationship, it will be tumultuous at best. Earth's need to hold on to air and bring air's feet back to the ground can often be the breaking point in a relationship.

Water and Air Sun Sign Needs

Water can run deep; when it does, air takes drastic measures to make it move. This can be in the form of a water spout or a hurricane. The water has no choice but to move, but itwill leave a path of destruction in its wake. This combination, like air and earth, is charged with all kinds of issues. Air will dance over the water and leave waves and choppy waters behind as it moves to more exciting places. Water will be relieved when the air stops churning the waters and allows it to go back to its natural state. In a relationship, air may grow frustrated over water's lack of movement and progress. Water, on the other hand, will resent air trying to force it into a form it doesn't wish to take.

Other Ways to Explore Sign Compatibility

While comparing sign elements is just one step in exploring the love compatibility for two sun signs, it's a great starting point. Make sure you have a complete natal chart comparison if you want to get the full picture of how your two sun signs go together.

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Love Compatibility for Two Sun Signs