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Linda Goodman's Sun Signs Book Review

How much do you know about sun signs?

The book Linda Goodman Sun Signs revolutionized the art of astrology, popularizing it in modern mainstream society. Learn why this book had such an impact and what you can learn from it to improve the relationships in your life.

The Mysterious Linda Goodman

For a woman who seemed to know so much about people, the world knows surprisingly little about Linda Goodman. However, is that really so unusual? After all, Goodman's stock and trade was delving deeply into people's astrological charts to reveal what really makes them tick, and her horoscopes drew international attention. It seems Goodman was determined to keep a degree of anonymity to her own persona rather than be dissected by whatever her personal birth chart might have revealed.

From one angle, this might seem a bit selfish. However, withholding her own birth date and background from the public may have been Goodman's way of not clouding the message delivered by the messenger. Whatever her chart might have contained, it's clear that this woman had a great mastery of astrology and a unique talent for making it accessible and understandable to all people.

A Review of Linda Goodman Sun Signs

A Breakthrough

Sun Signs was Linda Goodman's first major work, and for many it became an introduction to the zodiac. Goodman began by defining how sun signs are assigned to people at their moment of birth according to which traditional astrological sign the sun was occupying at that exact moment in time.

She also went beyond the simplified explanation of zodiac dates to reveal that astrological signs do not switch over neatly at midnight like many people less knowledgeable about the subject might have assumed. Goodman was one of the first well known astrologers who reminded everyone that the signs can change over at various times throughout the designated cusp day, so it was essential that everyone knew their time of birth to make sure they knew their correct sun sign.

How Important Are Sun Signs?

Although Goodman's book focuses on sun signs, she did address the fact that a sun sign doesn't fully account for all the nuances of an individual's personality. Astrological birth charts are filled with layers of information that combine to form unique individuals. That's why two people born to the same sign can behave so differently from each other. Depending on where the position of the moon was at the moment of your birth, as well as which astrological houses your planets occupied at that time, you can carry personality traits from many zodiac signs.

For example, if you don't find you fit the typically extroverted personality of Sagittarius, even though it's your sun sign, you might find that your moon sign is actually in Capricorn, and this could account for a quieter nature. Goodman made it clear that birth charts were filled with such combinations.

In the larger perspective, Goodman felt that sun signs account for 80% of an individual's personality traits. She maintained that even if other aspects of the birth chart seemed to over shadow the sun sign, it was still possible to ascertain a person's sun sign by recognizing a few key traits. Of course, it would take a lot of indepth study of the sun signs to learn to pick out these key traits, but that is where the rest of Goodman's book comes in.

Sign by Sign Profiles

Prague astro clock

The rest of Linda Goodman Sun Signs is devoted to a character profile of the twelve zodiac signs. Each analysis begins with a "How to Recognize..." section that enlightens readers about the basic characteristics associated with each sign. Once the traits had been established, Goodman went on to view each sign through various prisms.

Traits are viewed from both the man and woman's perspective. After all, it's generally acknowledged that men and women have significantly different ways of interpreting and interacting with the world around them, and this would surely affect the way a single sun sign would be expressed in either sex. Goodman went on to expand on each sign as it pertained to children, and finally gave an interpretation of each sign from the employer/employee perspectives.

All of this info could have been extremely dry, but the true value of Goodman's book lies in her talent for narrative. All of her interpretations were delivered in a lively and entertaining manner. She gave hypothetical and sometimes comical examples of the behaviors you could expect from Aries through Pisces. Her engaging style brought each sun sign to life, and doubtless her readers were pegging people they knew into various signs before the final page was turned.

Applying the Fruits of Goodman's Labor

Linda Goodman Sun Signs is still as relevant today as it was when it was first written. By understanding each zodiac sign, people can better comprehend what drives others to behave the way they do. This accomplished, hopefully it becomes easier to tolerate differences, understand what people really need and learn how to make relationships work. If you're truly a student of astrology, this book is a must read.

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs Book Review