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Star Signs

Famous astrologer Linda Goodman wrote about more than just horoscopes when she was alive. Her book Linda Goodman Star Signs takes you on a journey from the astrological through the metaphysical.

Linda Goodman Star Signs

In her third book, Star Signs, Goodman explores a variety of metaphysical themes that are complementary to astrology. She views these themes as universal codes or "star signs," works of ancient wisdom just waiting to be rediscovered. Goodman was fond of repeating the old adage, When a student is ready, a teacher will come. Here, she relates the teachings garnered from several of her personal "gurus".

Topics in Star Signs

Some metaphysical topics covered include:

  • Numerology - The study of numbers and what they mean
  • Lexigrams - Forms of words with spiritual meanings
  • Energy auras - Colorful energetic fields surrounding living beings
  • Immortality - Living on after death

According to Goodman, people could combine use of these arts with the wisdom found in their astrological charts to bring themselves into harmony with the rest of the universal energies.

A Breakdown of the Book

Linda Goodman Star Signs is divided into nine major sections.

Linda Goodman's Star Signs book

Labors of Love and the Money Mystique

Goodman offer insights into which types of jobs are most suitable for cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs, as well as specific career suggestions for each individual sign. The Money Mystique addresses how to attain financial security and freedom. Goodman breaks it down into two simple rules. First, find a career that allows you to do what you love. Second, once your debts are paid, freely give away half of your surplus. The universal flow will reward you with more.

An Apple a Day

Here, Goodman delves into holistic healing, extolling the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine and a vegetarian diet. She also points out that Hippocrates (remember the Hippocratic oath) consulted astrology to guide his medical decisions and practices. Numerology, colors, and nutrition are also covered.

Ghosts, Gurus, and Avatars

This section deals with magnetic power points, astral vibratory frequencies and their connection to the paranormal. Goodman also discusses the extreme importance of the balance between yin and yang energies and other concepts taught to her by various gurus/teachers during her time living in the Colorado mountains.

Deja Vu

If you think you've been there before, you probably have. Goodman explores karma and reincarnation, and how the experiences and wisdom gained in past lives echo in the present. Whether you personally believe in reincarnation or not, it is fascinating reading.

While the Soul Slumbers

Here Goodman offers a more in depth tutorial on the concepts of numerology and the vibrational frequency of individual numbers. She reveals the energies and meaning of each number and relates how they affect the various sun signs.

Forgotten Rainbows

In this section, you'll find a lesson on auras, those mystical rainbows of color energy that surround every person although they are rarely visible to the average person. Goodman even offers plans to use the energy of colors to achieve weight loss or gain as desired.

Forgotten Melodies

Goodman address the connection between universal harmony, sound, the mind, and matter. She believes that if people can comprehend and harness this energy connection, they can create matter by visualizing it and describing it aloud, in essence creating something from what appears to be nothing. If this brings to mind images of wizards and magi, it's no coincidence.

Lexigrams and the Word Druids

Perhaps you're aware of the study of hidden codes diagramed throughout Old Testament, as explored through the Jewish mysticism tradition of the Kabbalah. Similarly, Goodman ventures into the exploration of the deeper meanings of words when they are rearranged to create other words. She also cautions that the words we speak put out certain energies into the universe, and that we should be careful of the energies we create.

Physical Immortality

In this final section, Goodman expresses her belief that each one of us has the innate ability to achieve full physical immortality if only we can overcome our "falsely programmed" belief in death. That appears to be a very tall order that even Goodman herself wasn't able to master, but her ideas on the subject are nevertheless thought provoking.

About Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman was one of the world's most famous astrologers. Her breakthrough book Sun Signs made astrology understandable for the average person. Her witty and engaging prose made that book and its follow up, Love Signs, best sellers and must reads for astrology enthusiasts.

Linda Goodman was also famous for her syndicated daily horoscopes. Her inimitable style made her a top draw in the field until, and well beyond, her death in 1995.

Wisdom Beyond Star Signs

Throughout the book Goodman mixes wisdom from her Catholic upbringing with the teachings of ancient cultures and other world religions. Whether or not you ascribe to all of Goodman's theories, Star Signs is still a very compelling read that is sure to challenge the boundaries of what you think you know.

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Linda Goodman's Star Signs Book Profile