Linda Goodman’s Love Signs Review

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A Review of Linda Goodman Love Signs

Love Sign Combinations

Love Signs explores how love is distinctly translated through each of the twelve zodiac signs. Goodman works her way through each sign methodically, providing the male and female perspective in each possible pairing. From another author, this could have turned out to be quite tedious, but reading a book written by Goodman is more like having a conversation with an old friend. She's witty as well as wise, and she brings each pairing to life.

As with her book Sun Signs, Linda mainly concentrates on the basic characteristics of each sign, but cautions to bear in mind that everyone has layers that determine individual personalities. The placement of the moon in your astrological chart, as well as where the planets fall in other signs and houses also contributes an influence on your ultimate personality. For example, you might technically be a Sagittarian, but if your moon lies in Capricorn, you might actually be more grounded and organized than the classic Sag. To sum it up, Goodman may have spoken in generalities, but she wanted people to leave room for personal interpretation in her horoscopes.

The Twelve Mysteries of Love

In her book, Goodman expands on her belief that all souls are on a journey of enlightenment and that they have lessons to learn about love as they pass through each of twelve zodiac signs. She referred to these as initiations. This is a very important component of the book, but it's far too detailed to fully explore in the confines of this article.

Here are the essential points learned from the first six sun signs:

Love Signs
  • Aries is the newborn of the zodiac that teaches love is innocence and trust.
  • Taurus is the baby that teaches love is filled with patience and forgiveness.
  • Gemini teaches that love is about awareness and feeling.
  • Cancer is the adolescent that teaches love requires devotion and freedom.
  • Leo is the teenager that teaches love can be filled with ecstasy, but it also requires humility.
  • Virgo teaches that pure love can bring fulfillment.

Love wisdom gathered from the next six sun signs focus on various concepts.

  • Libra deals with the issue of marriage, and how the beauty found in love can lead to harmony.
  • Scorpio offers a lesson on sex, and how love is expressed through both passion and surrender.
  • Sagittarius deals with knowledge and the importance of honesty and loyalty in love.
  • Capricorn is all about the experience of love and how it is wise and unselfish.
  • Aquarius is about idealism and teaches the key to "oneness" is tolerance.
  • Pisces deals with submission and teaches that love requires compassion to become all-encompassing.

When combined, the twelve mysteries lead to the greater understanding that love has an eternal nature.

The Final Analysis

It seems the one message Goodman wanted people to take with them from her book was to realize the enormous human potential for love. Sure, it's easier to love some people than others. Birth charts predispose people in just such a way. However, Goodman wanted people to know that it is possible to carry on a loving relationship between people of any sign, and not to pass on the chance for love just because two sun signs are less than compatible on paper. Once you understand how each needs to be loved, you can better understand how to deliver that love. Linda Goodman Love Signs can help you learn how to do just that.

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Linda Goodman’s Love Signs Review