Libra Women Traits

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Libra women are some of the most coquettish, charming and vacillating of the zodiac!

The Two Sides of Libra Women

The scales are the symbol for Libran women, so it's only fitting that these charming ladies of the zodiac have two distinct sides to their personality. In fact, both can show up in a flash, and, in true Libran fashion, it's usually at the same time! It can be a constant struggle to maintain balance.

The Debutant

One side of the Libran woman is the debutant. Venus bestows the gift of charm, tact and flirtatiousness to Libra in spades, and Libra knows how to wield these gifts to her greatest advantage. Don't know which outfit to wear on a date? Libra can tactfully suggest a better color for you, one that makes your eyes shine just so. Embroiled in a heated conflict? Let Libra smooth the situation with her trademark diplomacy. Few can resist the charms of this Venus-ruled lady.

The General

Once Libra has reeled you in (and you will be reeled in!), the General shows up. The sign of Libra does in fact rule army Generals! Even so, it can come as a big surprise when Libra begins dictating the correct way to hang a painting, how to go about negotiating a contract, and tells you, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thinks about your friends! Why does she get away with this? Mostly it's because of her good heart and sincere desire to help.


Some of greatest attributes of Libra women include:

  • Charm: This cannot be overstated; it is central to the Libran personality and the Libran way of getting things done.
  • Intelligent: All Librans have clever, lawyer-like minds that will trap you into an argument faster than you can cry "Uncle!"
  • Beautiful: There's a saying in astrology that Librans are just a little bit more attractive than the rest of the zodiac. Even if the eyes are a bit too large, or the face slightly irregular, these ladies have a certain glow that others find attractive.

Now it's time to explore some of the Libran woman's most unattractive qualities….


  • Vanity: Yes, these Venusian beauties can be vain! The more tactful of the bunch will feign modesty, but deep down they secretly believe that they are beautiful. As you can imagine, this can be a rather annoying trait for Libra's loved ones!
  • Vacillating: It can be maddening to watch a Libra try to decide between two options, and then immediately question her decision once she's finally made it! These needn't be gut-wrenching decisions here either, like whether or not to open up diplomatic talks with North Korea. They can be simple issues like choosing between sunny side up eggs or waffles for breakfast or choosing between shades of fabric for the curtains.
  • Stubborn: Never try to make decisions for Libra women. Never. If you even attempt to, they will immediately argue the opposing option and make you feel like the biggest louse this side of the Atlantic. Just leave them be, and let the entire decision making process work itself out.

Stages of Libra

  • The Child: A parent can feel truly blessed with a Libra child. These children are beautiful, playful, neat and sociable. They tend to do very well in school and are usually well liked by their teachers. They are also very popular.
  • Teen: As a teen, Libra women like to try out their charms on the opposite sex as early as possible. This means having a lot of callers and suitors fairly early in life. With a little guidance, this shouldn't be a problem.
  • Young Women: As a young woman, Librans can be completely occupied finding a mate and marrying. Remember, Libra rules the seventh house of partnerships.
  • Once Married...: Once married, the General really shows up! Libra will expect you to be as well-mannered as she is, so take note.
  • Later Years: Librans make stylish, culturally-oriented grandmothers who will, with great delight, shepherd their grandchildren to art openings and Broadway shows.

Pet Peeves

Not much gets a Libra down, but whenever the following traits show up, she can lose her cool:

  • Ill Manners: Libra loathes the uncouth and the just plain rude.
  • Injustice: Nothing prompts Libra to phone her local Congress person faster than a report of some kind of injustice.
  • Unethical Behavior: Along with injustice, unethical behavior, such as lying or stealing, will rile Libra's delicate sensibilities.

Famous Libras

For inspiration, check out the styles of these famous Libra women:

  • Gwen Stefani
  • Susan Sarandon
  • Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Alicia Silverstone
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Libra Women Traits