Libra Body Characteristics

Cherubic Libra

Libra body characteristics can be seen in a cherub's face, and it's possible that this is the case because Cupid, in mythology, is Venus's hand servant.

Studying the cherub's face, you can see several physical characteristics, including:

  • A soft, pleasing demeanor
  • A gentle, heart-shaped face
  • Lips that are full with a top lip that slightly curves
  • Almond shaped eyes
  • Full cheeks

The following images will clearly demonstrate how cupid's features plays out in real life…

Libra Body Characteristics:Skin

Libra's ruler, Venus, actually rules the skin in astrology, so Librans typically have skin that seems to glow from the inside out, and some natives might even have skin that appears slightly translucent.

This will especially be the case if the moon is in a prominent placement in their chart.

Heavenly Hair

Librans usually have hair that's thick with a slight wave to the strands.

Even if other astrological factors indicate wispy hair, such as a cardinal sign at 13°, there will still be a slight curl.

Eyes that Shine

Along with wavy hair, you can also expect eyes that are almond shaped, but not in the extreme.

The middle portion of the eye is usually a bit rounded, but the eye will then taper into the almond shape.

Note that a heavy emphasis of Pisces in the chart will give the native large, round eyes.

Lush Lips

Lucky Libra often has a full bottom lip that's paired with a slightly thinner upper lip.

The upper lip is often bow shaped - either an extreme bow shape or gently curved.

Voluptuous Beauty

Most Libran women have a sweet tooth, so it's not usual to see them carrying a couple of extra pounds.

Even so, Librans do like to work out as long as the workout is fun and social.

Keeping Fit

Libra men take a lot of pride in their appearance, and that includes working out when necessary.

Anything that helps them ensure that they always look their best is basically welcomed.

Dimpled Delight

Whether prominently placed or a little less noticeable, almost all Librans have dimples.

That Smile!

Finally, a Libra's smile can literally light up an entire room.

Whether a male or a female, Libra's charm is evident for all to see. Once you see a Libra smile, it's very difficult not to smile back.

Libra may seem to be all sweetness and light, but like all signs, there is a shadow side. Explore Libra's shades of grey in the Libra dark side astrology slideshow.

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Libra Body Characteristics