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Leo Traits and Typical Nature

Sally Painter
Famous Leo, actress Halle Berry

Investigating a Leo's personality traits is like reading the credits at the end of a movie. Leo could easily play every role in the film and still fret over the lighting to ensure he's always in the spotlight.

All About Leo's Personality Traits

This captivating fire sign has a wealth of redeeming qualities even though some might say he's a bit conceited or arrogant. While this can be true, a well-developed Leo has learned to temper the "all about me" syndrome.

Leo's Elemental Nature

Leo is a fire sign, and his passion can flare as easily as a fire doused with gasoline. By the same token, his fire can be extinguished if he's robbed of his natural need for freedom and being center stage. The fire stokes Leo's passion and compassion. If the lion senses an injustice, he'll feel outraged and won't rest until justice has been re-established. Leo can be self-absorbed and self-centered, but he can just as easily abandon all thought of himself if he sees someone in trouble. He'll rush in where fools never would, but he will conquer all obstacles and come out victorious.

Sharp, Keen Wit

Leo has a brilliant mind and loves to debate, whether the topic is current politics or esoteric ideology. He seeks an honest, intelligent exchange and is elated when he meets his match. He's interested in everything in life and is genuinely interested in other people. He wants to know what you think and how you formed your opinions.

Warm and Passionate

Leo exudes warmth. While he may be a showman, he's all heart, and that heart is as big as the world. This is one passionate sign, and his passion is contagious. Leo can inspire with an eloquent speech and motivate you to join his latest cause. Just like a king ruling over his kingdom, Leo has a sense of obligation to take care of his subjects. He knows the meaning of life and wants to share what he's learned with everyone. Leo does everything with flair and finesse, just in the way you'd expect from royalty.

Work Life

Leo is driven to excel. He never accepts defeat and will continue fighting until he wins every challenge. Once he's taken on a project, he'll not only achieve his goals, he'll also far exceed any expectations. He makes a great boss since his managerial style is one of being a mentor and teacher. He derives great satisfaction from seeing his teammates excel. It's no wonder that this sign is great in a sales position or any job that requires the art of persuasion.

The Lion's Less Lovable Traits

There are, however, some undesirable characteristics that are associated with this sign.


It's not one of the prettier Leo aspects, but fairly or unfairly, arrogance is often associated with the lion. Leo sees himself as the center of his universe, and isn't afraid to let others know of his importance. Leos are so big-hearted, however, that many within their inner circle tend to overlook this less desirable quality.


Leos like the best of everything. The best cars, the best wines and the best restaurants; this is the Leo personality. That being said, they can sometimes get a little carried away with this concept of "the best" and forget that it's not things that make up a personality, but character.

More Attention Please

The fiery and fixed nature of a Leo often prompts this sign to constantly direct the spotlight onto himself. Though he can be quite the entertainer, his shadowy side reveals an individual who is highly ego-driven and fears irrelevancy. This can be particularly tough for Leo's intimate partners. After all, who can easily trade an audience of hundreds for an audience of one?

Leo in Love

When Leos are in love, their best qualities really shine.

Romantic Expression

When a Leo loves you, you'll be showered with expensive gifts, jetted off to the hottest nightspots, and revel in the romance of champagne and flowers. If your idea of romance is the stuff of romantic movies, a Leo can make that dream come true. You can reciprocate easily in a few simple ways:

  • Praise often and frequently: Let the well-earned compliments flow freely and watch your Leo preen with pleasure.
  • Live life out loud: Be game to try a new restaurant and keep your overnight bag packed for quick jaunts to the countryside; anything's possible with a Leo!
  • Take care not to wound Leo's pride: For all the braggadocio, Leo wounds very easily. Be delicate with any problems or troubles.

A Dedicated Partner

With the exception of Scorpio, the zodiac doesn't hold a more devoted and loyal mate than Leo. This is one sign that knows how to love and be loved. Leo is sexy and very virile. Romantic to the very end, a Leo will wine and dine you better than any lover has. Going deeper, Leo will cherish and protect you and remain loyal throughout your relationship.

The Importance of Acceptance

Leo traits are very much in line with that of this sign's animal symbol, the lion. Rather than trying to tame the lion, accept Leo for who he is and revel at the excitement he brings to the lives of all who know him. Generous, loyal, and fun, Leo's personality complements almost every type of relationship, from friendship to lovers.

Leo Traits and Typical Nature