Leo Profile and Personality

Spot the Leo Profile

The Leo profile is a dynamic one. Leos are known for their love of the limelight and their fun-loving natures, but did you also know that Leos can be incredibly warm hearted and generous? Well, Leos are all that and much more.

To that end, Leos like to be the leader of the pack. They make great leaders because their ruler, the Sun, naturally imbues them with leadership qualities.

A Leo feels most comfortable when others are listening to him or her.

Positive Leo Traits: Creative

Leos are typically creative, so it's not unusual to spot them designing, painting or creating music.

People of this sun sign need a creative outlet for their inherent drama. If they don't have one, they may act out by creating a scene.

Generous and Giving

Leos may love being the center of attention, but they are also quite generous, both with their time and money.

In fact, many Leo men and women spend their time pursuing philanthropic or altruistic pursuits.

Determined to Succeed

Another admirable Leo quality is Leo's determined and fighting spirit.

Leos, like any other sign, can have an off day when they are feeling low, but their determination to succeed, particularly when the chips are down, often comes roaring back to life.

On the Negative Side…

Lesser evolved Leos are easy to spot because they can be drama kings and queens.

This trait usually surfaces when the Lion is feeling particularly low. Luckily, because of this sign's naturally optimistic nature, this side doesn't usually last long.

Temper, Temper!

Leos do have a temper, but the good news is that after a bit of sulking (and they love to sulk), they usually let go of their grievance.

The best thing you can do when a Leo is angry is to stroke the cat's ego. This will have your Leo purring again in no time.

Arrogant and Flashy

Leos truly believe that they deserve the best life has to offer, but that line of thinking often leads to others seeing them as arrogant and even, at times, bombastic.


No matter which quality Leos happen to display when you first meet them, one thing is certain; they will appear dignified and queen or king-like. That trait alone will let you know that you are dealing with the stately lion.

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Leo Profile and Personality