Leo Profile and Personality

Bright Shining Lights


Like the Sun, the ruler of Leo, Leo women and men are bright shining lights who want the attention of the world around them. With their fun-loving nature and love of the limelight, they're happiest when on center stage. But they're also incredibly warm hearted and generous. Yes, Leos are all that and so much more.

Built in Flair for Drama


There's seldom a dull moment when a Leo is around. Leos know how to mingle and work a crowd. They're vivacious, passionate, exuberant, have a built-in flair for drama and see every social interaction as an opportunity to shine.

Creative Flair


Leos are typically creative, so it's not unusual to spot them designing, painting or creating music. Leos need a creative outlet for all their inherent drama. If they don't have one, they may act out by creating a scene.

Love of the Good Life


If a Leo does or wants something it's going to be the biggest and best. Some might think them spoiled, but Leo's self-image depends on having the grandest and glorious of everything life has to offer.

Natural Leaders


Leos are magnetic individuals who are born ready to lead and give advice. Their commanding presence, royal aura, and friendly "I know best" attitude is usually all it takes to inspire others to listen and fall in line.

Busy and Playful Social Life


Leos are always up to something and are often the social directors and party planners of their group. They know where the hot spots and the hotties are, plus they know how to have fun. They also have energy and natural ability to get it all together and make sure everyone is happy.

A Fighting Spirit


Leos are determined and have a fighting spirit. When the chips are down or the going gets tough Leos come roaring back to life. Courage and passion are hallmarks of a Leo.

Protective and Generous


Leos feel they are responsible for others they perceive as being vulnerable. They can't stand to see others suffer, it goes against their grain. They are also quite generous, both with their time and money. In fact, many Leos spend time involved in philanthropic or altruistic pursuits. This is one of their most endearing qualities.

Recognition and Praise


Leos need to be recognized, appreciated, and admired. To receive these accolades, they work hard socially and are usually very popular. As a matter of fact, accolades are a requirement for a Leo and their #1 goal in everything they do is to receive compliments, flattery and praise.

Appearance Is Important


Looking good is a priority for a Leo, particularly when it comes to their hair. Leos invest both time and money to make sure they're always eye-catching and photo-ready.

Big Time Flirts


Leos are big-time flirts. They tend to their many admirers with the same effort and attention as many would put into a job. Leo flirts pride themselves on being able to crack through anyone's reserve. So, to attract a Leo, play hard to get.

Dating a Leo


If you've fallen for a Leo and snagged a date, you're in for an amazing ride! Leos are outgoing, smart, funny, and will take every opportunity to show you a good time. They're never shy about showing you off to their friends. As a matter of fact, you might feel, at times, as if you've been swept up in a social whirlwind.

Leos Live for Love


Leos are warm and expressive. They thrive on romance and aren't shy about showing you how much they care. In fact, Leos live for love, want a storybook romance, and are attentive, passionate, and amazing lovers, who will go to the ends of the earth to please their partners.

Leo's Best Matches


Leo's best astrological matches are the fire and air signs. Fire and air signs both posse a love of adventure, can raise each other's game, have fun, be spontaneous and take risks. These combinations make for lively friendships and passionate relationships.

The Worst Side of Leo


A dark Leo can act like a spoiled child who throws temper tantrums, demands attention, and believes they are the only person in the world that matters. At their worst a Leo can be bombastic, demanding, arrogant, and selfish.

The Best of Leo


Leos are like sunflowers with smiley faces. They garner attention wherever they go and are most admired for their kind, helpful, and optimistic nature. At their best, they're big-hearted individuals who graciously shower love and affection on others and go to great lengths to make sure everyone is happy. Yes, a Leo can be the sweetest person in the world - or your worst nightmare.

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Leo Profile and Personality