20 Famous Capricorn Men Throughout Time

Updated December 21, 2021
Muhammad Ali Punching Bag

Capricorn men who make their mark on the world are aspirational, industrious, tough, driven, ambitious, and stronger than any obstacles placed in the way of their success. Most of their lives have been marked by trying childhoods that served to make them stronger and more determined to succeed in life.

Muhammad Ali: Legendary and Poetic Boxer

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr on January 17, 1942. Ali first started to box at 12 and won the Olympics boxing gold medal at 18. He turned professional when he signed with the Louisville Sponsoring Group. Ali's sun in Capricorn shines its light on a powerhouse birth chart. Much has been written about his social activism (Aquarius stellium) and his personal integrity (Capricorn.) He won many awards, including the Presidential Citizens Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mohammad Ali Quote

Ali spoke from his Capricorn sun when he said: "I hated every minute of training, but I said don't quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

Jeff Bezos: Uber-Wealthy Entrepreneur

Capricorn entrepreneur and the wealthiest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, was born on January 12, 1964. His parent divorced a year after he was born, and he has never had contact with his biological father. His mother married a Cuban immigrant, Michael Bezos, who assumed the role of Jeff's father. Bezos's birth chart has all the makings of a born capitalist (Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Midheaven.) Additionally, he is also a natural-born optimist, gambler, and visionary (Sagittarius Moon in his 9th house.)

Jeff Bezos Quote

Bezos spoke from his Capricorn sun and Sagittarius moon when he said: "Work hard, have fun, make history."

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock-and-Roll

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. A twin brother was stillborn. His birth chart reveals that he has the sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn, opposing Pluto. These oppositions gave Elvis a powerful and artistic presence and the ability to spark passions. While his ethereal and gentle Pisces moon allowed him to transmute his emotional energies into his music.

Elvis Presley Quote

Elvis's Capricorn sun spoke when he said: "...the image is one thing, and the human being is another... it's very hard to live up to an image."

LeBron James: Basketball Legend

On December 30, 1984, LeBron James has the sun, Neptune, and Jupiter in Capricorn. As ambitious as any Capricorn, James was also a dreamer (Neptune) and blessed with good luck (Jupiter). His early life was a struggle. When he was 9 years old, his single mother moved him in with a youth football coach, who introduced him to basketball, and the rest is history. LeBron continuously strives for greatness. He was the overall first pick of the 2003 NBA draft and went on that same season to become Rookie of the Year and is now considered one of the best players in NBA history.

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LeBron James Quote

LeBron spoke his Capricorn sun when he said: "Maybe pain was my motivation."

Stephen Hawking: Legendary Physicist

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942. His Capricorn sun is part of a grand earth trine. This gave Hawking more faith, hope, optimism, inner strength, and security than a typical Capricorn. Hawking, who was wheelchair-bound and couldn't speak, became the most recognizable scientist of the modern age. His advanced understanding of space and time helped shape the course of physics. Hawking achieved his extraordinary successes while coping with the severest physical disabilities.

Stephen Hawking Quote

Hawking spoke his Capricorn sun when he said: "Work gives you meaning, and purpose, and life is empty without it."

Eddie Redmayne: Award-Winning English Actor

Eddie Redmayne is an English actor best known for his Academy-Award-winning portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything. As he emulated every little detail about the physicist, Redmayne immortalized Hawking on screen. He also won critical acclaim when he played the role of an individual who undergoes sex reassignment surgery in the film The Danish Girl. Born on January 6, 1982, Eddie Redmayne has the sun and South Node in Capricorn.

Eddie Redmayne Quote

Redmayne spoke his sun/South Node when he said: "I'm by nature someone that quite likes to understand how things are working, likes some sense of structure, and I've fallen into the worst possible trade for that."

J. R. R. Tolkien: Father of Modern Literature

J. R. R. Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892. His father died of rheumatic fever when he was three. Tolkien grew up to become an internationally acclaimed award-winning novelist, most famous for his epic Lord of the Rings series written in bits and pieces for his children. Tolkien's dark fantasy stories made him one of the most eminent and loved writers of all time.

J. R. R. Tolkien Quote

Tolkien spoke his Capricorn sun when he wrote: "You have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have."

Edgar Allan Poe: Author of Mystery and Macabre

Born January 19, 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was famous for his dark, mysterious poems and stories. Poe's birth chart shows a Capricorn sun and a Pisces stellium (moon, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter). Poe became an orphan before he was three years old and had a lonely childhood. He suffered from alcoholism but still created a constant flow of highly musical poems. The finest example is The Raven.

Edgar Allan Poe Quote

Poe spoke of a darker aspect of Capricorn and Pisces with these words: "It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom."

Martin Luther King: Civil Rights Leader

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He has a Capricorn sun with the moon and Venus in Pisces. Raised in the segregated south, Dr. King was an ambitious Capricorn whose strength and will to overcome racial inequities was imbued with a compassionate, peace-loving, non-violent, empathetic, and dreamy Pisces nature.

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Martin Luther King Quote

Dr. King's Capricorn sun and Pisces moon/Venus were speaking when, in his "I Have a Dream" speech, he said: "We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence."

Isaac Asimov: Prolific Sci-Fi Writer

Born January 2, 1920, Isaac Asimov was a biochemist, science columnist, anthropologist, and prolific and renowned sci-fi writer. His birth chart shows a Capricorn Sun opposite Pluto, which speaks of a somewhat compulsive, obsessive personality. Isaac Asimov produced a massive amount of literature in his lifetime. He published over 400 books and sold more than 15 million hardcover or paperback books in the U.S. alone. Asimov, an active member of Mensa, had an IQ so high that no test could measure it. His futuristic "Foundation" and "Galactic Empire" series are regarded as some of the best modern works in sci-fi literature.

Isaac Asimov Quote

Asimov's sun/Pluto opposition spoke when he said: "The only thing about myself that I consider to be severe enough to warrant psychoanalytic treatment is my compulsion to write ... That means that my idea of a pleasant time is to go up to my attic, sit at my electric typewriter (as I am doing right now), and bang away, watching the words take shape like magic before my eyes."

Benjamin Franklin: US Founding Father

Born on January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin had the sun and Venus in Capricorn, with Mercury in Aquarius. Capricorn is usually a melancholy sign. Still, with sun conjunct Venus, Franklin had a cheerfulness and friendliness not usually found in Capricorns. With Mercury in Aquarius, he was a polymath with an open and inventive mind. Franklin led a colorful life and left a scientific, political, and literary legacy. One of his earliest successful literary endeavors was Poor Richard's Almanack, which he printed and published for over 25 years. In Franklin's almanac, there was advice about the influences of planetary aspects, leading many to believe he was also an astrologer. Franklin went from one success to another.

Benjamin Franklin Quote

Franklin spoke from his Capricorn sun when he said: "Lost time is never found again."

Denzel Washington: 21st Century's Greatest Actor

Born December 28, 1954, Denzel Washington has a Capricorn sun conjoined with the North Node and Mercury. Denzel's parents divorced when he was 14. To learn discipline, his single mother sent him to Oakland Military Academy. Determined to succeed in life, Denzel studied journalism before starting a professional acting career. Success after success followed. He was awarded 17 NAACP Image Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards. He was ranked the 21st Century's greatest actor by The New York Times.

Denzel Washington Quote

Denzel Washington spoke his Capricorn sun when he said: "Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do."

Tiger Woods: Golf Phenom

Born December 30, 1975, Tiger Woods is probably the world's most famous professional golfer. He began his golfing career at age 3, under his father's tough and relentless tutelage of his father. Tiger went on to win 82 PGA titles and 15 major championships. After his fall from grace in November 2009, Woods showed his Capricorn grit by climbing back to the top. Woods' epic career seemed to have ended in a February 2021 car crash when doctors reported he had a 50/50 chance of losing his leg. Obviously, golf enthusiasts were excited and amazed when Woods posted a video of swinging a golf club just 271 days after his wreck.

Tiger Woods Quote

Tiger Woods spoke his Capricorn sun when he said: "People don't understand that when I grew up, I was never the most talented. I was never the biggest. I was never the fastest. I certainly was never the strongest. The only thing I had was my work ethic, and that's been what has gotten me this far."

Howard Hughes: Man of Many Talents

December 4, 1905, with a Capricorn sun conjoined with Uranus. Hughes, who was born into a wealthy family, lost his mother in 1922 and his father in 1924. When he was 19, he inherited 75% of the family fortune and took complete control of his legacy. With a Capricorn sun, he wanted to make his mark on the world, and with Uranus conjunct his sun, he was ready and willing to "take the road less traveled." Hughes was a man of many talents and interests. He became a business magnate, filmmaker, aerospace engineer, investor, aviator, and philanthropist. In 1939, he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his achievements in advancing aviation science.

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Howard Hughes Quote

Hughes spoke his Capricorn sun/Uranus when he said: "Do the impossible because almost everyone told me my ideas were merely fantasies."

LL Cool J: Ladies Love Cool James

LL Cool J (James Smith) was born on January 14, 1968, with sun and Mercury in Capricorn. LL Cool J is a rapper hailed as hip hop's first major superstar. Like most Capricorns, he had a difficult childhood. As a child, he saw his father shoot his mother and grandfather. Then at 16, LL Cool J burst into the music scene in his baggy jeans, gold chains, and Kangol hat, a style he picked up from street hustlers. As an actor, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, success after success followed. LL Cool J shed his street hustler image by appearing at benefits such as Farm Aid, recording with the Peace Choir, and launching his Cool School Video Program. LL Cool J is a two-time Grammy winner, and in 2014 he became Harvard University Artist of the Year.

LL Cool J Quote

LL Cool J's Capricorn sun/ Mercury spoke when he said: "You have to always continue to strive no matter how hard things get, no matter how troubled you feel. No matter how tough things get, no matter how many times you lose, you keep trying to win."

Jim Carrey: Comedic Genius

Jim Carrey was born on January 17, 1962. He has his sun, Venus, and Mars in Capricorn and Scorpio rising. His entire natal chart reveals seriousness and subtlety, combined with an ability to communicate with humor, eccentricity, and originality. Carrey is a success-orientated Capricorn and a talented actor, known for his brilliant comic performances. He has played the lead role in some of the most entertaining films of Hollywood, such as Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, and Man On the Moon. He was nominated for the BAFTA award for best actor for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jim Carrey Quote

Jim Carrey's sun, Venus, and Mars in Capricorn spoke when he said: "I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy. Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me."

Johannes Kepler: Astronomer and Mathematician

Born December 27, 1571, Johannes Kepler has sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus in Capricorn. This Capricorn stellium indicates Kepler was a forward-thinking Capricorn who placed great value on his thoughts and ideas. Kepler was physically weak as a child and faced great emotional upheavals during his lifetime. Kepler is best known for formulating the laws vital for moving the center of the universe from the geocentric (Earth-centered) to heliocentric (Sun-centered). Other astronomers viewed Kepler's laws with skepticism. However, several tested his theories after his death and agreed with his findings.

Johannes Kepler Quote

Kepler spoke from his earthy Capricorn stellium when he said: "Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world."

Rudyard Kipling: Short Story Novelist

Born on December 30, 1865, Rudyard Kipling was an English journalist, writer, poet, and short story novelist. Kipling was raised in India, which inspired much of his work. However, he was sent to England to be educated in the British system at age six. Kipling found it challenging to adjust, and he suffered cruelty and neglect from his foster mother. However, he overcame his trying youth and became the first English-language writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Kipling's natal chart shows the sun and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn, with Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Sagittarius. With three Sagittarian planets, he was also a vagabond and wayfarer who traveled the world. In 1889, he used his first royalties to travel through Burma, the Straits, Japan, the Pacific, and across America past landmarks he encountered in his boyhood reading. Kipling was a Capricorn with a broad and unique perspective of the world that contributed to his success.

Rudyard Kipling Quote

Kipling spoke his Capricorn sun when he said: "If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone, and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them: 'Hold on!'"

John Denver: Legendary Singer Composer

Born December 31, 1943, John Denver has his sun and Mercury in Capricorn. Born into a military family, Denver lived in many places growing up. He began his musical career in the late 60s singing with folk music groups. He went on to record about 300 songs, most of which he composed. Many generations have grown up listening to John Denver singing about his joy in nature, love of music, and relationship trials. Denver was an environmentalist and an avid pilot. He died alone at 53 when his experimental plane crashed. The John Denver classic, Rocky Mountain High, is one of Colorado's two official state songs. When the governor of Colorado received news of Denver's death, he ordered all state flags to be lowered to half-mast in his honor.

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John Denver Quote

Ironically, John Denver's sun/Mercury in Capricorn spoke when he said: "Things go up and down. If you can survive the down, it will come back."

Ricky Martin: Uber-Successful Pop Singer

Ricky Martin, born on December 24, 1971, has his Capricorn sun squaring Pluto. Ricky Martin channeled his intensity (sun square Pluto) into the determination and hard work it took to become one of the most successful pop singers of all time. Martin began his career at age 12 when he became a member of the all-boy pop group Menudo. During the 1990s, he released several Spanish-language solo albums. Throughout his career, Martin accumulated numerous platinum records, #1 Billboard albums, number one hit songs, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, World Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Video Awards, and has held concerts across the globe.

Ricky Martin Quotes

Ricky Martin spoke from his Capricorn sun when he said: "Amongst the qualities a hero should have, I would include determination, loyalty, courage, perseverance, patience, focus, intrepidity and selflessness."

Capricorn Men

Success is the name of the game for Capricorn men. Sometimes, against all odds, the 20 Capricorn men listed above have had success after success and have become recognized geniuses in their chosen field.

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