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Interactive I Ching Websites

Image of lucky coins for I Ching

The Internet offers many options for interactive I Ching. With the many online I Ching generators available online, you can get a reading any time you like, anywhere there is Internet access. These sites provide an opportunity to check out this form of divination without having to find someone to do a reading for you. Many sites offer free readings.

Why Use an Interactive I Ching

Whether you believe in divination or not, the experience of generating your own I Ching reading is sure to be interesting. Who knows, you may be surprised at how meaningful it is to you!

Examples of I Ching online

Soul 2 Soul

The Soul 2 Soul web site offers free I Ching readings to Internet users. You are directed to start the process of getting a reading by taking a few moments to clear your mind, breathe deeply a few times, and then type your question into the box on the screen.At the next screen, you are asked to think about your question, and when you feel ready, to click on the coins six times. As you do so, you will see bars appear on the right side of the screen.

You will be asked for your name, date of birth, and e-mail address before continuing. In addition, you need to select a password to access your readings at a later time. After you have filled in this information and pressed "Enter," you can see the results of your I Ching reading. Your reading is presented in paragraph form, in easy-to-understand language. The average person will have little trouble understanding what the reading is trying to tell you.

This site also provides free Tarot readings, a message board and a chat room to talk to other people with similar interests to yours.

The Book of Change

When you visit the Astrology Universe web site, you find out that the I Ching means "I Change." This version of an online I Ching reading asks that the seeker formulate a question by asking "What would be the outcome if…" as opposed to a straight "Yes" or "No" question.

While you are concentrating on your question, you click on the "Toss Coins" button. Once the coins have been tossed, you click on the first line to see your reading. This version of the interactive I Ching is written in a manner that would be more difficult for the average person to understand without having studied the symbolism associated with the I Ching.

Visitors to this site can read their daily horoscope, check out their biorhythm, and get a free numerology reading. In addition, you can get a Tarot reading (three card spread), find out what phase the moon is currently in, or learn what personal characteristics are associated with the various signs of the Zodiac.


Check out the web site to get a free interactive I Ching reading. Start by clicking the word and you will be taken to a screen where you are asked to enter your name, question and whether you want a coin or yarrow reading. (You can choose to stay anonymous and leave the question field blank if you like.)

Click on the "Free Reading" button to get your reading or to see I Ching readings done for a number of celebrities. This is another example of a site where you would probably have a better understanding of your reading if you had studied the I Ching in advance.

While you are on the site, you can also get a free Tarot or runes reading, or check out your biorhythms.

These are only a few examples of web sites featuring I Ching online. For example, you can also get a free I-Ching report from Why don't you visit them to see what your future holds?

Interactive I Ching Websites