The I Ching Experience

The yin and yang of the I Ching.

Using the I Ching online is a convenient way to find the answers you seek if you want a great experience with this ancient divination form.

About the I Ching

On the chance that you're not familiar with the I Ching (pronounced E Ching), it's a traditional Chinese form of divination that has existed for centuries. The name literally translates to the "book of changes", and indeed it is. The I Ching contains over 64 hexagrams, symbols that represent an answer to every conceivable type of question you may have. Each hexagram contains six lines that are either broken or solid, and it is the varying combinations of lines that make each hexagram distinct.

When using the I Ching in the traditional way, a seeker concentrates on a single question and casts yarrow sticks or a set of coins. According to the book's text, the way the objects land determines whether the seeker records a broken or unbroken line. The seeker casts a total of six times and records the lines building the hexagram from the bottom up. Once the hexagram is complete, the seeker consults the I Ching to find the hexagram's meaning, and then contemplates how it relates to the question asked.

Just as with tarot, the meanings of the I Ching hexagrams are open to basic interpretation. It takes practice and concentration to become comfortable and confident in divining your answers.

The I Ching Online Experience

As you can see, it's possible to pull together your I Ching forecast for yourself, but it can be time consuming, especially if you want to ask more than one question at a time. Luckily in this day of the information super highway, there's an easier way to go about it.

Accessing the I Ching online is as easy as a simple Internet search. You'll turn up a number of websites that offer an automated version of this traditional art. Some are more involved, others less, but each one will give you a better idea of the challenges and good fortune coming your way.

The Basics

Although each website offering I Ching online is a bit different, they all operate in essentially the same way.

  • First, you must clear your mind, allow yourself to relax, and then concentrate on the question you seek to have answered.
  • When you feel completely ready, click on the link to "cast".
  • Most sites are designed so that you only need to cast once, but follow the individual directions.
  • Once you've received your hexagram, you can read the accompanying verse that goes with it.
  • Now, take time and let your mind digest the answer and think about how it applies to your original question. You should begin to receive a general sense of your answer. With practice, this process becomes easier as you become more familiar with the language of the I Ching.

Some sites are more explanatory than others, and have added features to help you delve deeper into the answers you receive.

Different Kinds of Questions

The main thing you need to understand before asking a question of the I Ching is that there are no hexagrams for "yes" and "no". However, you can divine this type of answer from many of the hexagrams you'll encounter.

In general it might be easier to begin with broader questions like "What should I know about today?", or "What kind of challenges should I look out for?"

Keeping a Diary

Although you can certainly use the I Ching on a question by question basis, you will likely find that keeping a diary of the questions and answers you receive provides even more insight. You can keep track of the information you've received as well as pick out patterns that help you weave your answers into a bigger picture of your life and the direction you're currently headed. It's like taking the time you've already spent and making a bigger investment in your future.

I Ching Websites

You can find online I Ching at the following websites. Give them a try and you'll likely find that one feels more comfortable to you than the others.

The I Ching Experience