Getting to Know the Capricorn Male

Capricorn is steady and determined like the goat.
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Getting to know the Capricorn male can often be a difficult process. Like all Capricorns, men of this sign can sometimes be closed off. They can also be so driven that everything around them looses meaning. While it may be difficult sometimes when trying to get close to him, getting to know the Capricorn male as a part of the zodiac may assist you in that process.

Important Things to Know About Capricorn Men

There are five important factors to keep in mind about Capricorn men if you are looking to date or become romantically involved with them. Capricorn men are:

  • Driven and passionate
  • Loyal
  • Initially stoic
  • Not overly social
  • Cautious

Driven and Passionate

When a Capricorn man has a goal in his head, he is going to achieve it. The Capricorn male is always on a mission to succeed at his goals. Capricorn men will conquer mountains, scale skyscrapers and will shut out the rest of the world to reach a goal. In extreme cases, it can seem like nothing matters to a Capricorn other than what he has on his mind. This is often part of the reason it can seem difficult to get close to a Capricorn: if getting to know you isn't on his mind, he may feel like it is in his way.


Along with being driven, Capricorn men are loyal. If they have a girlfriend or partner, they are not likely to cheat on them. Why is this? Caps are reliable and if they feel someone is worth opening up to, they will believe them to be reliable too. Opening up to another is difficult for Capricorn, and a Cap male may rather be alone than go through the effort of finding someone else.


When you first meet a Capricorn, it might seem like he is stoic. While this isn't the case in most circumstances, Capricorn men are notorious for coming off in one of the following ways: stoic, as a loner, detached or aloof. While they may not be, it is one part a Capricorn's cautious nature and another part the lack of passion for social activities that makes this appearance seem real.

Not Social

Capricorn men are often quiet and relaxed. As a result, many are not drawn to the party scene. While you may not see a Capricorn man hanging from the chandelier, you may still seem him at the party. Capricorn does like to relate to others. However, prolific drinking or dancing with large groups of people are not his comfort zone.


Capricorn men often think before they leap. Being driven, a Capricorn man will often ask himself where a given decision will get him before he proceeds. As a result, Capricorn men are often perfectionists who strive to make the best decision in all circumstances. However, there are advantages to this cautious nature; a Capricorn man thinks hischoices through, so you can rest assured that he means what he says. If he says he loves you, he really does. If he wants you to move in, he is not second guessing himself at all.

Getting to Know the Capricorn Male

If you want to get to know a Capricorn male, there are a few tips that can help you navigate the waters more easily.

  • Capricorn men are drawn to intelligence. They are also drawn to focused partners. If you're a smart cookie on the right career path, don't feel like you're boasting in letting him know. In fact, he is likely to show a great interest in the matter.
  • Be patient and don't second guess yourself. If he doesn't want to jump into something (whether it be a conversation, bed or the alter), don't rush him. The Capricorn man is methodical, and trying to force him into something before he is ready is likely to backfire. Along with this, do not second guess him; he may become annoyed.
  • If you buy him a gift, make sure it is something useful. Cutesy or gag gifts are likely to irritate practical Capricorn. Also, be careful with your complements. Capricorn men don't like to be buttered up. Try to be as focused with your words as Capricorn men are.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem difficult to understand the Capricorn male, the initial investment often proves worth it trifold.

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Getting to Know the Capricorn Male