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Understanding Free Vedic Astrology Charts and Where to Find Them

Patricia Lantz C.Ht.
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Vedic (Jyotish) astrology is thousands of years old. Its traditions and applications are steeped in a long history and based largely on spirituality. While the free Vedic astrology birth charts with interpretations found online can be an entertaining, the information given is often limited. Even so, it can be informative and give you a short introduction to a vast area of spiritual knowledge.

Free Online Vedic Horoscopes

Though seemingly few and far between, there are some good places online that provide free Vedic charts with limited interpretations and predictions. Additionally, both the iTunes store and Google Play have free Vedic astrology apps you can download.

Internet Sources for Vedic Astrology

Free Vedic horoscopes online include:

  • At the top of the list is Online Jyotish where you'll find everything from planetary positions, lucky things, to predictions and much more. No need to register or share your email, just enter your full birth data, submit, scroll down, and explore.
  • Planetary Positions does not require you to register or share your email. Herem you just enter your birth data on the form provided, click enter, and you'll be taken to your Vedic astrology chart and a brief paragraph that describes a bit about your character.
  • At Indian Astrology 2000, once you register and enter your email address and birth data, your first horoscope analysis is free. You'll be emailed a link to your free horoscope analysis that contains your Vedic chart along with a short paragraph about different parts of yourself and information about the people in your life. It also gives you a sample of a more detailed horoscope reading that can be purchased.
  • At Indastro, your first horoscope analysis is free, but you must become a member and give your email address and birth data. You'll then be emailed a code that you enter to complete the registration process. This will give you access to your one free horoscope analysis, that covers who you are and how you think, along with an interpretation of all the planets.
  • Ask Ganesha's free report is another site that does not require registration. Just enter your birth data, and you'll be given an explanation of different planetary positions in conjunction with various houses.

Free Vedic Astrology Apps

Free Vedic astrology apps include the following:

  • JyotishApp gives concise information, has a simple layout and is easy to use. However, there is no prediction. This app is most useful for those who have some astrological knowledge. It has a Google Play rating of 4.4
  • With the Yodha My Astrology and Horoscope app, you just fill in your birth details, ask a question, and an astrologer will create a birth chart and make a prediction based on Vedic astrology methods. However, only your first query is free, but it does offer in-app purchases should you want to go further. It has a Google Play rating of 4.7.
  • Daily Horoscope by Clickastro gives guidance on your day-to-day activities, information about birth details, favorable periods, remedies, and transit predictions. You can also generate marriage matching reports. It contains ads and also offers in-app purchases. Its Google Play rating is 4.5.
  • AstroSage Kundli provides daily, monthly and annual predictions, as well as personal horoscopes, horoscope matching, and remedies. It has a customer rating of 4.5.

Get a Feel for Vedic Astrology

One of the biggest problem for western readers who are not familiar with Vedic astrology is that all the Vedic terms they won't understand. Still, these free horoscope services are a great way to get a feel for Vedic astrology. Just keep in mind that anything you learn will be limited and neither the free report nor the apps below can ever replace sitting with a practiced and knowledgeable Vedic astrologer.

Understand Vedic Astrology

Vedic (Jyotish) astrology, is a highly sophisticated astrological discipline that originated in the Vedic traditions of ancient India. It's based on karma, free will, and fate. Vedic birth charts are considered maps of your destiny that show a schedule of events that will unfold throughout your life.

Practical Remedies

Vedic astrologers place great emphasis on practical remedies, such as meditation, gemstones, mantras, and other lifestyle regimens. Remedies such as these are said to solve problems caused by past karma and help the person build a better future.

Karmic Status at the Moment of Birth

Though Vedic astrology is often considered predictive, the roles of karma, free will, and fate are crucial and indelibly intertwined in Vedic astrology. The horoscope reveals your karmic status up to the moment of your birth. From birth, your attitudes, behaviors, and choices modify your karma and fate, for better or worse. Vedic astrology only predicts what might happen if you don't act consciously to modify your fate.

Vedic Astrology Versus Western Astrology

Although there are many differences, the Vedic and Western traditions have existed for thousands of years, each deals with the relationship between the celestial bodies and human beings, and each represents an entirely valid system of astrology.

Astronomical Differences

Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the sidereal zodiac changes each year slightly. Currently, the difference between the two is about 24 degrees. Thus, all the planets in a Vedic horoscope are presently about 24 zodiacal degrees earlier than they would be in a Western horoscope.

  • The signs of the tropical zodiac are each 30 degrees of arc along the ecliptic and are defined by the changing of Earth's seasons.
  • The sidereal (star) zodiac begins when the sun enters the constellation of Aries. Then, like the tropical zodiac divides the ecliptic into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees each.

Chart Differences

The Western and Vedic charts look very different. The Western chart has a round shape, and the Vedic chart is square. Western astrologers use all the major planets including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Vedic astrologers, on the other hand, stick to the visible planets, i.e., Mercury through Saturn. There are also other differences between the charts of modern Western astrology and Vedic astrology.

Vedic chart

Interpretive Differences

The astrology practiced by most modern Western astrologers emphasizes the psychological nature of the individual and the developmental stages of life and is not as specific about predictions. Vedic astrology is more focused on a person's karmic tendencies, when these tendencies are likely to manifest, predicting the exact time that events are most likely to take place, and with prescribing remedial actions the client can take to have the best outcome.

Vedic or Western Astrology?

Dennis Harness PhD is one of the world's best astrologers. He has studied both Eastern and Western astrology and is a pioneer in the resurgence and dissemination of Vedic astrology in the west. Harness says, "...Eastern (Jyotish) astrology reflects our soul nature while Western astrology is effective for understanding our personality, behavioral patterns, and the ego."

Understanding Free Vedic Astrology Charts and Where to Find Them