Where to Find Free Tarot and Horoscope Readings

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Fun, free tarot and free horoscopes!
Fun, free tarot and free horoscopes!

Free tarot and horoscope readings can help provide insights during a trying time.

About Free Tarot Readings and Horoscopes

Free tarot and horoscope readings are not only insightful, they're fun! Employing some of these guidelines can help make the experience even more enjoyable:

  • Approach with a grain of salt: No matter the reading you receive; you should always approach the information with a grain of salt. Try to keep in mind that much of the information is computer generated. This is very different than having a "live" reading because during these readings, your subconscious thoughts "affect" the cards drawn. However, that is not to say that this can't happen during an online reading, but its still something to consider.
  • Concentrate: Before clicking the "read" or "shuffle" function on the site, it helps to "center" yourself. In other words, try to concentrate on the question at hand, while blocking out all other distracting thoughts.
  • Ask the right question: Asking the right question means avoiding yes or no questions, time questions and questions involving others. For example, if you're wondering whether so-and-so likes you, it's better to ask "How can I present myself in such a way that it will make it easy for Raul to like me?", instead of "Does Raul like me?" The first question puts the "power" back in the reader's hands while the latter question strips the reader of that power, leaving it up to the universe instead.

Great Sites For Readings

Some of the best free tarot and horoscope readings can be found at the following websites.

New Age Store

  • Tarot Readings

In the tarot section of the New Age Store, you'll find a heavy influence of "spirit"; the site really conveys a sense of appealing the "higher angels" than anything else, and if you're new to tarot, this can be quite comforting.

There are a few different ways you can experience tarot here. The first is under the "Daily Angel Guidance". This free reading provides divine guidance for your day and surprisingly, it's a fairly in-depth reading. Other readings, like the Free Single Card, Horseshoe and Celtic readings, can be found under "Top Rated Tools".

  • Horoscopes Readings

The horoscope readings on this site are of the daily, weekly and monthly variety. Standout aspects in these horoscopes include a fairly in depth reading, a mention of the pivotal aspects (for example, Mars opposition Pluto) and key dates.

Mystic Games

  • Tarot Readings

In order to access the tarot readings on MysticGames.com, you'll need to register. This can be a bit of an annoyance, especially when you consider that there are plenty of free tarot sites, like the one listed above, where registering on the site is unnecessary.

  • Horoscope Readings

Luckily, it's far easier to access the horoscopes on this site! Unfortunately, those horoscopes are confined to "Yesterday", "Today" and "Tomorrow", so if you enjoy planning for the future, visiting another site might prove more helpful.


  • Tarot Readings

Tarot.com offers a free three card daily reading, and what's interesting about their approach is that there are several different categories you can click on, including:

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Personal Situation
  • Peace and Harmony

From there, you're asked to type in a few words (an empty box is provided) about the situation. Clicking "go" then brings up a page where the visitor can choose the said three cards. From there, shuffle, choose the cards, click on each card and receive the reading.

  • Horoscope Readings

In the horoscope section, expect to find a general reading for the day. Even though the site only provides about a paragraph of information, it's rather informative with moon times, planetary aspects and a general theme for the day. There is then another button that allows you to personalize the horoscopes for your particular sign.

Putting It All Together

There are online sites that provide informative free tarot and horoscope readings; you just have to know where to search for them. If you're exploring beyond the sites listed above, try to keep a discerning eye out for fraudulent websites. A good tip off that a site is fraudulent is the site asks for money for a service that is supposed to be for free.

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Where to Find Free Tarot and Horoscope Readings