Where to Find Free Tarot and Horoscope Readings

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Free tarot and horoscope readings are not only insightful, they're fun and can help provide insights during a trying time. These free services are also great if you're learning tarot or astrology or want a simple reading. There are many sites that provide free tarot and horoscope readings, but the best free readings online can be found at the following websites.


AstrologyLand.com, powered by Matrix software, is a beautiful site that's easy to navigate and has 10 free Oracles, that are easy to use. AstrologyLand not only provides free astrology and tarot oracles, they also have oracles for Runes, the I-Ching, Numerology, and more.


AstrologyLand's astrology oracle asks you to select yesterday, today or tomorrow, enter your birthdate, and then with your question in mind hit "Ask the Oracle." You can also request astrological keys if you're learning astrology or are simply curious. This report is quite detailed and is your astrological transit forecast.


AstrologyLand's tarot oracle is one of the simplest you'll find online. Here you ask your question, select your spread and deck, then click "Ask the Oracle." You'll find the meaning of each card, its placement, and what it might mean to you.


NewAgeStore.com has been around since 1999 "with the simple intent of sharing spiritual knowledge" NewAgeStore is a busy and popular site that has free tarot, astrology, and other divination tools.


The horoscope section of NewAgeStore provides free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. Here you click on your zodiac sign, choose daily weekly or monthly, then choose the overview, love, or career and you'll be given two or three paragraphs of guidance. The NewAgeStore also offers a free natal chart, complete with a "Birth Report" that includes interpretations of the planets and houses in your birth chart.

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The tarot section has nine different tarot layouts, two decks, and two separate interpretations to choose from and does not ask you to write out your question.

  • Angel Reading is a free one card reading that can provide divine guidance for your day that is surprisingly in depth. For an Angel Reading, shuffle the cards, pick one, then click "Reveal the Meaning."
  • Tarot Glance gives you a general overview related to lovers, career, friends, and money. Here you simply click on a card then click again for the text.
  • Celtic Spread is the most popular of NewAgeStores standard tarot readings. This is a full spread reading of 9 cards that gives you a good over view of your current situation and coming opportunities. Simple select nine cars and click "Reveal the Meaning."
  • 12 Month Overview has a card for each month. With this reading you can get a feel for the ups and downs of an entire year, by selecting 12 cards and clicking "Reveal the Meaning."


Tarot.com, with more than 4 million members worldwide, is thought to be the world's leading Tarot and Astrology website. However, to get free tarot readings you'll need to sign up and log in.


In Tarot.com's horoscope section, you simply choose your astrological Sun sign, click on it, and you'll get a reading for "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow". While the site only provides about a paragraph of information, it's rather informative and can clue you into the energy of the day.


Tarot.com offers a free three card daily reading. You're asked to type in a few words (an empty box is provided) about the situation and then select three cards. Then click on "Reveal the meaning"

Café Astrology

CafeAstrology.com does not have tarot readings, but they will give you a free computer generated natal chart reading that is quite comprehensive. At Cafe Astrology you just enter your birth data and select submit and you'll find your personal natal chart information, as well as interpretations of the positions and aspects in your chart.

Lotus Tarot

Lotus Tarot has been on line since 2002. It does not offer horoscope readings but does offer free tarot readings using the Lotus Tarot deck. Here you'll find a six cards spread that uses only the Major Arcana. This "Universal 6 Card Spread" is excellent for getting a snapshot of how things are in the present moment, but it can also be used to answer specific questions. All that's necessary is to select six cards and click "Get your reading."

Eva Tarot

Evatarot.net, authored by tarot reader Eva Delattre and launched in 2019, offers seven types of free tarot readings. It's a beautiful, uncomplicated but unique website that's strictly tarot. Just scroll down the home page, select the reading you want and follow the directions.

How to Improve Your Free Tarot Reading

There are a few things to remember when getting a free online tarot reading that will improve your experience.

  • Before you begin take a deep breath, relax your body, and quiet your mind.
  • Focus for a moment on the question you want to ask, be specific, and don't let your mind wonder.
  • Accept the first reading and translate that message to suit your personal situation.

As informative and fun as a free tarot reading can be, making an important life decision based on a computer-generated reading is not advisable.

Be Realistic

Keep in mind that the information is computer generated and the readings are incredibly generic. This is very different from having a "live" reading with a professional tarot reader or astrologer who through practice has developed their intuition, is able to synthesize and personalize your reading, as well as interpret the bigger picture. That's not to say that a free online reading can't be accurate. The Universe can give you the message you need at any given time and in any format.

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Where to Find Free Tarot and Horoscope Readings