Free Palm Reading Websites

Lines on the hand can yield information.

If you find yourself interested in palm line reading, a free online palm reading may appeal to you. Unlike tarot card reading websites or other divination-type sites, these palm readings often provide a wealth of information, but it will be up to you to do the work of learning all they have to offer. Understandably it is difficult to read palms over the internet, so many of these websites now offer quizzes to help discern the different features of your palm.

Finding a Palm Reading Online

Palm reading websites present some of the information needed for you to be able to read your own (or someone else's) palm. While you can look for a palm reading chart, it's often best to look at a few sites to get a feel for what is out there. A few of the better sites that offer this service for free include:

  • Sailor-Games: This website is great for someone who wants to get started quickly. Rather than having to read a bunch of information before getting started, Sailor-Games presents palm reading in a quiz format. As a result, all you have to do as a reader is look at your hand and answer the questions as best as possible. Select as many answers as seem relevant from multiple choices and your results are shown in a box to the right.
  • Ofesite: Another great site, Ofesite presents the full picture of palmistry. The site offers a quiz feature just like Sailor-Games, but it also has full pages explaining the information surrounding them. You can find specialized pages for the shape of the hand (very important in palm reading) or pages dedicated to each line itself. There are images on all pages of the site to help you figure things out. The site allows you to send a scan of your hand to one of their readers, but be forewarned that many palm lines can be minimized or difficult to see in scan form. You can also take a multiple choice quiz and get your results emailed to you for free.
  • Find Your Fate: Find Your Fate is another option for palm readings. Their eight-question palm line quiz is a quick and fun way to get a reading. Answer the multiple choice questions and get a detailed analysis at the end. This is a simple option for a quick reading without too much supporting information or detail.
  • Hand Analysis: If you want to learn more about palm readings, Hand Analysis lets you browse information on all parts of hand reading. The site presents these sections as specific questions you can answer with palmistry, such as "Am I A Natural Born Leader?" Click on the question you want to answer, then use the illustrations and supporting text to find the answers by reading your own palm.
  • True Tarot: True Tarot offers a free animated palm reading quiz. It begins by looking at the shape of your hand and fingers, then looks at the lines on your hand. Questions and answers are done in multiple choice format, and each question includes a brief summary of the attributes that are ascribed to the lines and parts of your hand being examined. At the end, hover your cursor over each of the attributes you examined to get your results.
  • Astroyogi: Astroyogi examines your entire hand from it's shape and feeling through the lines on your palm to give you a free reading. Select your answers from the pictures provided; you must register for a free account to get your final reading. Keep in mind that the site's terms include their right to send you email on behalf of themselves and their advertisers.
  • Mystic Scripts: Mystic Scripts offers free palm reading, as well as the ability to put the palm reading script on your personal website. To get started, type in your name and select, "male or female" from the options. The questions and answers follow in multiple choice format with pictures you can select from. Note that the readings are free, but if you wish to download the app for your own site, this will cost $15.

Visit a Pro for In-Depth Readings

Whether you're doing it for insight or just for fun, consider getting your palm read for free at any of these sites. For a more in-depth and personalized reading, it's best to visit a professional palm reader.

Free Palm Reading Websites