Where to Find a Free Natal Astrology Chart and How to Interpret It

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A free natal astrology chart offers a wealth of information that can help you better utilize your skills and talents while minimizing the more destructive aspects of your personality.

Find a Free Natal Astrology Chart

Before you do any interpreting of your free natal astrology chart, you need to know where to find one. Two of the best sites for doing just that are:

At both sites, the process is the same. You'll need to enter:

  • Your birth date
  • Time of birth (If you don't know your time of birth, you can still obtain the chart by clicking "time unknown.").
  • Birth place

Interpreting the Chart

Now that you have a copy of your free natal astrology chart, it's time to take a look at the signs of each planet, as well as the signs on your house cusps.

The Planets

Each planet in astrology plays a different role in your development and rules a different aspect of your life:

  • The Sun: This is who you are at heart; your core.
  • The Moon: This rules your feelings and the way in which you feel most nurtured.
  • Mercury: This planet governs thought process and travel.
  • Venus: This planet governs the role of love and money in your life.
  • Mars: This planet governs energy and drive; your sexuality
  • Jupiter: This planet influences luck and ethics.
  • Saturn: This planet affects rules and limitations; where you feel restricted in some way.
  • Uranus: This planet rules youth and things that are unexpected; your area of genius.
  • Neptune: This planet rules spirituality, poetry; where you may delude yourself
  • Pluto: This is your seat of power and how you use that power.
  • The Nodes: These indicate lessons you bring into this life and what you need to embrace in this incarnation.

When you want to interpret a planet in your chart, understand the role of the planet and then look at the sign of that planet. For example, if your sun sign is in Taurus, you will have a deep love of art, beauty, and music, and will examine your world through perceived gains and losses.

The Houses

The houses in a horoscope wheel are quite similar to the face of a clock, with the exception that the "10" of the clock is always at the very top, while the bottom of the horoscope of the clock is always set at "4".

  • The first house: This rules your appearance, general health and the way you view the world.
  • The second house: This governs money you earn, how you value your time, and your self-esteem.
  • The third house: This rules lower level thinking, siblings, neighbors and your neighborhood. It also rules the way you write.
  • The fourth house: This houses your psychological foundation, family and the mother.
  • The fifth house: This is the house of fun and games, speculation, pregnancy and romance.
  • The sixth house: This governs your health, exercise methods and job. It also rules small pets.
  • The seventh house: This governs all contracts, including marriage, and it's also the house of open enemies.
  • The eighth house: This is the house of death, birth, taxes and sex. It rules how you exchange energy with others.
  • The ninth house: This rules higher learning, extended family members and long distance travel all fall under this houses's ridership.
  • The tenth house: The sign of this house speaks to your reputation; this is what you are known for, and well as your career (not your job- that's a sixth house matter). This is also the house of the father.
  • The eleventh house: This represents your hopes, wishes and dreams. It also rules groups and organizations you may belong to and is also the house of friends.
  • The twelfth house: This is the house of the unconscious and your deepest fears; it's also the house of "undoing" behaviors. In other words, destructive tendencies are seen in this house. Secret enemies are also shown here.

The Aspects

The major aspects of a chart will include:

  • Conjunctions: Conjunctions mean that two separate planets have fused and now act as one entity.
  • Sextiles: These are gifts you can call upon when you need them.
  • Squares: These bring tension, but this tension can help you see things that you may otherwise not.
  • Trines: These are pure gifts and talents, but you must actively use them, otherwise they will be lost; do not take trines for granted.
  • Oppositions: Oppositions force you to consider the "other" in different situations. As can be expected, a fair amount of tension can accompany this aspect, but the solution can be found in the opposite sign. For example, if the opposition falls in Aries, the solution to your problem lies in Libra.

Understanding Timing in a Natal Chart

Just a cursory glance at a birth chart tells you that astrology is not an easy subject; there are layers upon layers of myth, archetype and aspects that need to be understood, and even then astrology continues to surprise.

In light of this, the easiest way for you to understand when things will happen is to take a look at the degrees that accompany your chart; that is your flashing neon light to immediately know when something is going to happen and in which area.

Any time a planet crosses over a degree in your chart, you can bet your bottom dollar that something significant will take place. To understand which area will be affected, check the house where the degrees are being crossed.

Astrology can be complicated, but it's not impossible to understand. The first step in your astrological journey is to obtain your chart. From there, careful analysis will yield the secrets embedded in your star map.

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