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There is nothing quite as risky or as rewarding in life as an intimate relationship. Everybody wants to love and be loved, whether they are looking for a dating parter, someone to start a family with or simply a close companion. Finding someone who matches you well is the tricky part! That is where astrology comes in.

Sun Sign Compatibility

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The Earth is always found exactly opposite the Sun. The Earth in the chart shows your personal relationship with the planet, your body, sensations, location, environment, and resources. It represents a power you can draw on to balance your Sun sign's particular limitations.

Say you have the Sun in Aries, and you meet someone who has the Sun in Libra. You seem to be opposites, with little in common. Aries people are self-centred types, while Librans care about others' needs above their own. But your Earth is in Libra, and their Earth is in Aries, so you complement one another beautifully. Just by being close, you can help one another to get in touch with your balancing Earth qualities.

More on Astrological Love Compatibility

Dig a little deeper to learn more about how you and your partner will fare in your relationship according to astrology:

Making It Work

Humans are complicated and no two are the same. Every relationship has its challenges, but some connections are easier than others. Understanding the natal chart, especially the Sun and Earth signs' compatibility, can help two people empathize with one another's differences and strengthen what they share in common.

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Free Love Compatibility Horoscope Calculator