Where to Get Free Internet Tarot Card Readings

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You won't have any trouble finding free Internet tarot card readings. However, the trick is finding readings that are not only free and accurate, but will also not result in undesirable consequences such as unsolicited e-mails, adware and spyware.

Find Free Tarot Card Readings

Plenty of websites offer entertaining tarot card readings online at no charge. Here is a brief listing of some websites you may want to try:


Tarot.com is perhaps the most all-inclusive site for your free online tarot card reading. However, it's worth noting that in order to utilize the site's services, you'll need to register and set up an account.

Once that's done, you'll have access to:

  • Information about how to read tarot cards
  • Where to buy a tarot deck
  • A variety of reading options
  • Tarot Card of the Day and its meaning
  • A chance to have a reading with the tarot deck of the day


Facade.com has a lot of different options for tarot card readings. Here you can:

  • Choose from 20 tarot decks and 11 spreads for your automated reading
  • Have the deck and spread chosen for you if you prefer
  • Ask a specific question and choose whether or not to learn about reversals
  • Select a significator
  • Check out celebrity readings from Adam Sandler to Bill Gates to P. Diddy and more


At Tarotsmith.com you'll be able to choose from several decks, including:

  • Surrealist tarot
  • Diary of a Broken Soul tarot
  • Langustl tarot
  • Rider Waite Smith tarot

From there, select your spread, provide your name, and if you'd like, your email address. Note that you do not need to give your email address in order to access your reading.


Destiny's website offers individuals a chance to learn the answers to their questions through the use of the most popular tarot deck, the Rider Waite deck. The site offers readings with the following spreads:

  • Love Spread
  • Zodiac Spread
  • Celtic Spread
  • Money Spread
  • Past/Present/Future
  • Triangle Spread
  • Yes/No Answer
  • Monthly Spread


Llewellyn is a new age publishing company founded in the early twentieth century. Its tarot card reading service offers the choice of 12 decks and seven spreads including:

  • Past/Present/Future
  • Celtic Cross
  • Finding Animal Helpers
  • Hexefus
  • Planetary
  • Ten Card Spread

You can find Llewellyn automated reading services on a variety of websites, including Llewellyn.com.

Useful Trivia

At Useful Trivia, you are given a spread of three cards to choose from and 10 "clicks" upon the cards. Each selection gives you a separate answer:

  1. This first selection tells of your present situation.
  2. An immediate influence.
  3. The short-term outlook.
  4. This one is slightly more intriguing. It represents the "distant past foundation" and shows you what the distant past was founded upon.
  5. Recent past events.
  6. Here, one sees a future influence.
  7. Represents you, the questioner.
  8. "Outside forces" are represented by this card.
  9. Represents your inner emotions.
  10. Here, the final outcome to your question is revealed.

The New Age Store

The New Age Store gives several spreads to choose from. Some of these include:

  • 1 Card Reading: This reading is ideal for those who want a concise answer to their situation.
  • 3 Card Reading: The 3 Card Reading serves, in the site's words, as a "mini" reading.
  • 12 Month Tarot Reading: This is a pretty exciting reading. Once you click on the icon, roll your mouse over the deck that is already shuffled and spread out. Think of your question. Once you are ready, begin selecting cards from within the deck. As you do so, the cards will begin filling in the months of the year. After all of the cards have been selected, you'll be taken to a page with the card, a brief description of that card, and an in-depth discussion of that card's meaning.
  • Lovers Tarot: This spread is specifically for romantic questions, and it's very detailed shedding light on such diverse topics as Nature of Issues to Your Lover's World to the final outcome of the relationship.
  • Tarot-Who Are You: This tells you which tarot card is associated with your birth date or name; you get to choose.

There are many advantages to this site, namely the visual beauty of the cards and the many creative and different spreads that are available.

Reliability of Online Readings

Most websites that offer free tarot readings utilize automated tarot readings. In other words, a computer program randomly places cards within a configuration and then translates the findings without an actual person inputting expertise. These sites are not required to have any certification or expertise in tarot readings. Most tarot readers will agree that there is definite merit to having a human tarot reader, but if you're looking for a reading that does not cost any money, you'll more than likely wind up with a computer-generated reading. These sites offer their readings as entertainment, so if you're looking for a real, in-depth, personalized service, it's best to seek out a professional.

More About Computer Readings

Computer-generated tarot readings usually give you the option to choose different types of readings. Common questions the website will ask prior to the reading include:

  • What question would you like addressed with the reading?
  • Which card configuration/spread would you prefer?
  • Which tarot deck would you like for the reading?

Different sites offer different types of readings. Some free readings are instantaneous while other sites require an e-mail address and send the readings after the fact. If you are looking for a quick reading, you can certainly find one that doesn't even require an e-mail address. If you really want to use a service that requires an e-mail address but are concerned about spam, set up a free address with Hotmail or Gmail just for your readings.

Use Caution

Before registering for any tarot reading website, make sure you aren't signing yourself up for recurring fees or a ton of e-mails. One way to tell if a website is out to get money from you is if the registration process involves inputting a credit card number. Even if the website promises not to charge anything to your credit card, you need to remember this: Anyone can create a website, so you really don't know who is getting access to your credit card number. Use caution and stick with websites that offer truly free tarot readings.

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