Places to Find Free Fortune and Tarot Readings Online

Tarot cards and runes used for a reading

In recent years, there has been a rise in free fortune and tarot readings on the Internet. This phenomenon has risen in part because of the high interest of astrology, and other divination tools. Keep reading to find out some of the best places to find free readings on the Web!

Types of Fortune Readings

There are many types of 'fortune' or 'oracle' readings that one can find. Some of these include:


Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards that can be laid out in different spreads and patterns to give a perspective on the past, present and/or future of one's life. Common spreads include the Celtic Cross, the Mirror Spread and the Past, Present, Future Spread. Each looks at a particular life area or areas in a certain way. The position of each card represents something different for each spread. Tarot is generally accepted as one of the most complete forms of divination since people can target their reading about any area of their life with great accuracy.

Places you can find free tarot readings online:


In the modern world, runes are symbolic symbols written on ceramic tiles. There are typically 24 or 26 tiles, and each one corresponds to a different meaning. Common methods of reading runes include putting all 26 stones in one bag and pulling one to answer a particular question, laying out 3 runes (one representing the past, one representing the present and the last representing the future), and the Roman method.

Places you can find free runes readings online:


Palm readings are individual to the person being read and are based on the unique shapes and patterns of the lines on the palms of our hands. The shape of the palm itself, the length of the fingers, and other similar concerns are factored into this fortune reading. For the most part, palm readings can tell an individual all about their own personal life and personality, but they cannot answer many specific questions.

Places you can find free palm readings online:


In I-Ching, there are 64 hexagrams that can be created. Each consists of six lines and has a different interpretation. Some of the lines are broken, and some of them are complete. The lines in the hexagrams are created by tossing I-Ching coins. For each line, one will toss three coins. The way in which the coins land will tell you how to draw the line. For example, three coins facing heads will give you a solid line, while two coins facing tail and one facing heads will give a broken line.

Places you can find free I-Ching readings online:


Numerology is based on the idea that one can find out deeper meanings in their life by figuring out their relationship to the numbers in their life (such as their birth date or the numerical value of the numbers in ones name). Numerology can also give a greater idea of one's personality and offer assistance on important steps to take in one's life.

Places you can find free numerology readings online:

Crystal Balls

This form of divination involves looking into a ball to see the answer to your question. Much comical use has been made of this in movies and media, but the form itself still exists as a legitimate divination form.

Places you can find free crystal ball readings online:


Also often called bibliomancy, the idea here is that any question can be answered with the passage of a book. One can ask the universe a question, lift up a book and point to a passage for guidance.

Places you can find free stichomancy readings online:

Free Fortune and Tarot Readings

Below are some sites where you can find many of these different types of free fortune and tarot readings. Many of them even provide detailed horoscope and paid astrological readings.

  • This site provides tarot, runes, biorhtyhms, stichomancy, numerology, coin flip and I-ching readings; all for free!
  • features free tarot, astrology, iching, runes, biorythms and numerology. Their motto is that "the future is free".
  • features many numerology, tarot, horoscope, iching and runes readings for free. Beware, some of their astrology and tarot reports are only samples.
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Places to Find Free Fortune and Tarot Readings Online