Types of Free Fortune Telling Oracles

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Free fortune telling oracles can be found online in a variety of formats. You can find oracles for astrology, tarot readings, numerology, I Ching, runes and several other forms of divination.

Basic Fortune Telling Oracles

There are basically two types of fortune telling oracles. One is a yes or no reply oracle, and the other is an information oracle. Each type of divination oracle can assist you in gaining clarification of various issues.

Yes or No Oracle

This type of oracle allows you to submit your question or simply think of your question then click a submit button and await either a yes or no response. Sometimes this type of oracle may also have additional responses such as maybe, not now, don't know, try again and so on.

The philosophy behind this type of online fortune telling is that distance has no effect on the accuracy of such online oracles. The essence of divination can transcend distance and electronics. Whether or not you agree with this belief is purely a personal evaluation each person must make.

Information Oracle

This kind of oracle gives information in an attempt to answer your question. This can be on any topic for any circumstance. Unlike the yes or no oracle, this type of oracle gives specific information that is directed toward your question or problem. Some people report uncanny accuracy when using this type of online divination. Again, you must be the judge for yourself.

Examples of Fortune Telling Oracles

Card Oracles

The most common medium/tool used for an information oracle is a deck of cards. This can either be a simple playing deck or a tarot deck. The tarot deck will obviously give specific tarot-guided responses, while the deck of cards follows another divination of playing card symbolism and meanings.

To use this oracle, you'll either enter your question into a designated text box and then submit it, or you'll be asked to concentrate on your question while the cards are being electronically shuffled.

Tarot Card Spreads

Many card oracles offer various card spreads specific to set situations. When using a tarot oracle, the various spreads you'll find online include such things as the Three Card, Five Card, Celtic Cross, Relationship Spread and many others.

A card spread addresses a significant situation and an assigned position that relates to the meaning for each position of the cards within the spread. For example, some spreads designate a card position that will represent your past, present and future within a certain situation or in reference to a specific question, such as, "Show me my career situation".

In this kind of reading, the tarot cards reveal your career in the past, your current career situation and what your career will be like in the future. This is the same kind of card spread you'd receive with an in-person reading; the missing element is, of course, the tarot reader who might be able to answer further questions you have about the reading while giving you valuable insight. An online tarot oracle might be a good place to begin, and then you can research other possible meanings behind the cards revealed.


Astrology oracles give you pieces of information that can be helpful. These are automated calculations that reveal which signs your planets are in, your best love matches, your rising sign and so on. You need to know where you were born and the time of your birth; the same as you would if you were having a natal chart drawn.

I Ching

This Chinese method of divination uses either coins or yarrow sticks that are translated into hexagrams. There are over 64 combinations of hexagrams, each with individual meanings. You'll need to select six sticks or toss three coins six times in order to create a hexagram. Don't worry about keeping it straight, each oracle is different and has instructions on how to use it online.

Feng Shui

You can even find feng shui oracles online that can help you find your Kua number. Your Kua number is important to know so you can ascertain your best and worst directions for sleeping, eating, working, studying, beneficial to health, wealth and more.


The stones for a rune reading are often presented two ways. The first requires you to click a submit button followed by the runes being shown to you. The second method reveals all of the runes face down and you get to pick each rune for your reading. You'll then receive an interpretation of the runes.

Fortune Cookie

There are a few fortune cookie oracles online. Some only cite various sayings or philosophies instead of actual fortunes. That doesn't mean these are the only types of fortune cookie online oracles, just be aware that some aren't actually fortune predictions.


You'll find some numerology oracles that give you lucky number information. Most of the time, you'll enter your birth date or name. Some oracles require you to enter both your name and birth date in order to receive your power or lucky number.

Free Fortune Telling Oracles to Try

Word of Caution

You may find some online oracles that walk you through a process, but at the end require you to enter your email address in order to receive the final results or report. Some people resent this type of process and feel as though the results are being held hostage with this type of "free" oracle reading. There are plenty of genuine free fortune telling oracles online that don't require that you give an email address in order to use them, and they can be fun to use.

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