Compare Calendar Birthdate for Compatibility

Numerology is reason to celebrate!
Numerology is reason to celebrate!

People can use the calendar date of their birth and compare their compatibility with their partners. Free birthdate numerology compatibility takes into account two separate birth dates, and based on numerology, tries to ascertain their compatibility.

About Free Birthdate Numerology Compatibility

Unfortunately, there are almost no free birthdate numerology compatibility websites available on the Internet; most sites prefer to have their visitors pay for this service. However, there is one site you can try: Friends and Beyond this, you'll have to compare the numbers of the days of your births and draw your own conclusions about your compatibility.

Calendar Date Personality

Compare your personality by calendar date and find out if you are compatible.


This number leads, wants recognition and is filled with ambition. Independent and a pioneer, a person with this number dislikes restrictions.


Twos are sensitive, diplomatic and intuitive. The downside of the two is the tendency to lack confidence and fall victim to depression.


Full of quick wit, charm and friendliness, threes are inspiring and charming.


Four is the number of hard work; it represents a disciplined and highly principled individual. The foundations of life, career, home and family will be very important.


Fives love change, adventures and travel. A need for excitement is ever present with this number.


Sixes tend to balance with the focus being on relationships. There is also a deep appreciation of music, beauty and art.


Seven represents a high level of intuition and spirituality. Those with this number tend to be philosophical and analytical.


Eights are very good with money and can have a real talent for business. Eights are also ambitious and enjoy a good challenge.


Nine is a very compassionate number that cares for all of humanity. Education is important; so is creativity.


Routine activities do not gel well for persons with this number. These folks are leaders that strive for success.


Elevens are sensitive and intuitive; the business world may not be the best arena for them. In fact, business can prove detrimental to their high level of sensitivity.


This number represents great artistic talent and one that is highly imaginative and visual.


A love of family and tradition is present with this number. Even though many people turn to you, you may feel as if you are still searching for something you truly love.


This is a social number that loves change and excitement. Even though this number appears calm, underneath is a boiling cauldron of emotion.


Sensitive, generous and understanding, this number is highly creative and artistic.


Psychology, metaphysics, and philosophy may all be subjects that interest the person with this birth number. A strong psychic sensitivity may also be present.


Great business and financial instincts reign for this number. Seventeen is full of self confidence and has high expectations.


Those with this number relate to people from all walks of life, are service oriented and tend to love education.


Nineteen is a determined, insightful number that needs to develop a wider perspective in general; the risk is being narrow minded and self-sacrificing.


Impressionable and sensitive, try to develop a strong "center". This will make life much less overwhelming and more manageable.


Creativity rules for this number, as does the drive to be successful. Those with this number tend to be very sensitive.


The challenge of this number is to take small, practical steps in order to achieve a larger goal. The potential to be a great leader is shown here.


Affectionate and sensitive, this number cannot sit still for very long. Change and excitement are needed to feel fully alive.


A gift for healing is present with this number, but the tendency to be overly dramatic or emotional is also seen here.


This is a rational number with a very sound, logical mind. The challenge is to analyze life without neglecting the matters of the heart.


Those with this number are very proud of what they "possess", but they may sometimes come off as being a bit "bossy". There's a good talent for business as well.


Strong organizational skills are prevalent with this number, and this person will be attracted to the arts.


Even though these folks have a gift for leadership, it's best channeled though cooperative efforts. This number can be stubborn and even a bit rigid.


This number feels as if it is "one" with the universe, and tends to relate information in the form of pictures and images. These folks make great counselors and healers.


Excelling in writing and the performing arts is not uncommon for those with this number. Even so, there is a tendency to socialize too much; try to stay focused and disciplined.


This is a practical number that loves everything that is "concrete" There is also usually a true love of nature. Try to make the most of what you have, instead of always seeking greener pastures.

Romantic Compatibility

When dealing with the romantic realm, take a look at your birthdate, and then the partner's birthdate. Try to understand the vibration of each number separately and then put the two together. For example, say you are born on the 28th and your partner on the 1st. Even though 28 has a great gift for leadership, these people can also be a bit stubborn. Ones also like to go it alone.

Already, from these numbers, it's easy to see how conflict may arise. However, realizing that a 28 person demonstrates her leadership abilities best when in a cooperative endeavor will help to navigate some of this conflict. The same can be true for any number of the birth date combinations.

Putting It All Together

Free birthdate numerology compatibility may not be readily available online, but that doesn't mean that you can't do the work yourself. Don't let this stop you. Instead, consider buying a few books (or visiting your local library); so that you can read up on the subject yourself. This way, you won't have to rely on any one site.

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Compare Calendar Birthdate for Compatibility