What Free Astrological Birth Charts Reveal

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Free astrology is more accessible than ever before. There are loads of places online that will generate your birth chart for free, and some provide useful basic information about what everything in your chart says. Free astrology reports are a good place to begin finding out about yourself, but don't be surprised if they whet your appetite to know more.

What They Reveal

All astrologers begin with learning astrology's basics, usually using their own birth chart, and that's exactly what a free computer-generated chart and report will tell you.

It will provide the basic astrological meaning of:

  • The astrological signs of the Sun, Moon, and planets in your birth chart.
  • Signs on the cusp of each house in your birth chart
  • The Sun, Moon, and planets in the houses of your birth chart
  • The aspects the planets make to one another in your birth chart

Free computer-generated birth chart interpretations are often written by some of the world's finest astrologers, and they are an excellent way to begin understanding yourself. However, they have both strengths and limitations.


They can excel at giving detailed information about specific astrological combinations. These may include the meaning of a planet in a sign or house, or how two planets interact with each other.

This is valuable information and forms the foundation of any meaningful interpretation. If you're new to astrology, this alone can provide many helpful insights and leave you wanting to know more.


A horoscope is like a jigsaw puzzle. Even the best computer generated astrology report, free or not, can't combine the many factors in a horoscope into a comprehensively integrated interpretation that tells a story. At their best, they can fit two or three pieces together.

It takes a thinking, feeling, intuitive live person who has studied astrology to pull a birth chart together into a meaningful whole. The energies in a birth chart have a broad range of expression, and this is where computer reports are the most limited.

A good way to understand this is that a computer generated report lists all the ingredients that make up "you," but they say nothing about how the finished product has turned out.

What They Can't Reveal

Any number of differences can affect how the energy described in a birth chart will play out in a person's life, and they all have bearing in a professional astrological consultation. There is no way a free birth chart or report can reveal any of this.

Imagine two infants born in the same big city hospital at the same time.

  • They have two different moms and dads and go home to two separate families, cultures, and economic conditions.
  • Perhaps one is the last child in a large family and the other a first and only child.

They can't reveal whether:

  • You're Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc.
  • You're male or female
  • You're married or single
  • You're gay, straight, etc.


  • The level of your intelligence
  • If you have children
  • If you're happy or sad
  • What you do for a living
  • Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and more
  • Why you're seeking this information

A professional astrologer not only synthesizes the basics you'll read in a computer report, but they also converse with the client. In the back and forth dialogue between astrologer and client, both you and the astrologer ask questions, and the astrologer listens to the bits and pieces of your life's story and then superimposes that narrative over the chart of your birth, in essence personalizing everything a computerized report might generate.

Getting Started

Certificate of Birth

Even with their inherent limitations, free astrology computer reports based on the date, time, and location of your birth will allow you to view the actual birth chart an astrologer uses, and the report can offer many valuable insights. However, before you begin, find your birth certificate because here's the information you're going to need:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Time of birth

You can do this without a time of birth, but then you won't be able to find out your rising sign or which house your Sun, Moon, and planets occupy. Nonetheless, you will still get some useful information.

You can find some of the best free astrology below:

  • StormCestavan has one of the best online. Storm has also created a tutorial that gives easy step-by-step directions on how to navigate your free astrological chart and report.
  • Celeste is an app that was designed by Astrolabe, a long-time maker of software for professional astrologers. It allows you to calculate a natal chart and then gives you an interpretation of what everything means.

Free Astrology

Free astrology computer reports and charts are certainly a good way to get started, and you can benefit from them. On the other hand, there are things a personal consultation with a professional astrologer can do that no free astrology could ever aspire to accomplish.

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What Free Astrological Birth Charts Reveal