The Two Best Daily Chinese Horoscope Sites

Jacqueline Dautaj
Check your Chinese horoscope today!
Check your Chinese horoscope today!

Finding the best Chinese horoscope starts with authority. There are two that really stand apart from the rest. Reading your daily Chinese horoscope can be a fun way to spend your mornings!

The Best Daily Chinese Horoscope Sites

Let's now turn to some of the best daily Chinese horoscope sites. Some of these sites include:

Chinese Tools

Chinese Tools really stands out from other websites because it contains a box with certain characteristics and corresponding stars. So, what you'll see is characteristics like:

  • Will
  • Dynamism
  • Feeling
  • Intellect
  • Mood
  • Luck

You'll also see a certain level of stars attached to each. This tells you, in a quick and easy way, where your strengths and weakness lie for that particular day.

Additionally, the daily scope breaks down the overview of your day into:

Each of these sections then offers a brief explanation on how these specific areas will fair for that day. What is truly different about this site from all others is that besides giving you your lucky number and compatible sign, it also provides your best hour of the day. Truly remarkable!

Finally, there's, one of the most popular online sites for Chinese daily readings. While it isn't as accurate as, it does have its perks.

One such perk is the option of having a free reading done. While you'll have to provide them with your email address, if you do choose to buy a chart in the future, they will send you a discount coupon (the savings is pretty significant, so it may not be such a bad idea).

If you don't already know your Chinese astrological sign, they provide you with a handy calculation tool that will tell you within minutes. After this is done, you'll receive today's reading.

Your best bet is to browse through all of the sites highlighted here, and then select the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle!

Before Getting Started

Before looking at where you can find the best daily Chinese horoscopes, first take a look at some key factors you'll want to keep an eye out for. Some of these factors include:

  • A comprehensive explanation: Try to choose a site that's written in everyday English, rather than one that offers complicated jargon. While it's fine for advanced students of Chinese astrology to choose a more technical site, others with just a smattering of knowledge simply won't have the time to read through some of the in-depth terminology. The site you choose should give you a general understanding, based on your Chinese sign, of the day's events.
  • Highlights the entire zodiac: You may also want to read the day's scopes for your fiends and family members, so a site that offers this option would be ideal.
  • Convenience: Hopefully the site you choose will also give you western astrology's take on the day as well. This can be helpful for comparing and contrasting, or if you just want to have a completed overview of a particular day.
The Two Best Daily Chinese Horoscope Sites