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Compatible Star Signs With Leo

Sally Painter
Will Leo share the spotlight with you?
Attracting a Leo

Compatible star signs with Leo may just surprise you. If all powerful Leo hasn't scared you off so far, you might be the perfect match for this demanding King or Queen.

Star Signs Are Sun Signs

Don't get confused over terminology. Star sign is another term for sun sign because our sun is a star.

Leo: A Royal Star

Gregarious and regal, Leo is happy to be the life of the party, always at home in the spotlight. When it comes to careers, Leos are drawn to the stage. Acting, politics, teaching, ministry and any other career that gives Leo center stage appeals to this sign.

Virile and sexy accurately describe a Leo. This star sign is all about love, sex and romance - usually in that order. Deprive a Leo of these three life essentials, and you'll see how a cuddly kitten transforms into the beast of the jungle.

Not extremely demonstrative of his/her affections in public, Leo prefers to reserve all that passion and intimate touches for when the two of you are alone. If you can't handle being dominated, this sign is not a match for you.

Leo's Erogenous Zones

There's definitely a thorn in Leo's paw that you can massage to make your beast roar. The mane is the first of Leo's splendors. Adore it. Praise it. Run your fingers through those shiny locks. Being the proud one, Leo enjoys touches to the chest, back and down the spine. Don't forget to cradle the back of Leo's head.

Compatible Star Signs With Leo

Leo is a fire sign and sometimes fighting fire with fire will literally extinguish the flame. Still, if you're a fire sign, you owe it to yourself to see just how much of an inferno the two of you can create. The other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius can make good matches for Leo if you know how to keep things from sparking off into out-of-control wildfires.

Leo and Leo Lovers

Since both of you are a tad self-centered, this will be the biggest issue you face together. You both can't be the only one on stage, you'll have to learn to share that spotlight. Learning to compromise is the karma of a Leo and Leo relationship. If you can master this lesson, you'll live in an amazing, happily-ever-after fairy tale. If you can't find a way to put your mate first, your relationship will become a fire storm on the rampage.

Leo and Aries

You are a match for devotion to career and personal interests. Both of you are creative and neither of you will be possessive. Socially, both of you have excellent skills. Leo is always on stage and very concerned how others will receive the performance while Aries doesn't care. Rams will do what they want regardless of who approves or disapproves and that includes Leo. This can be a powerful combination. The two of you respect each other's space and don't tend to criticize each other. The only real issue will be pride and who will apologize first. Passion and love will be hot and constant.

Leo and Sagittarius

This is the attraction that vibrates across a room and everyone notices how the two of you are drawn to each other. Both of you are at home in any social circle and understand decorum of high-profile situations. You're a great match when it comes to personalities and mental acumen. Both of you are warm virile people who have a positive outlook on life. You make a dynamic couple.

Sags love to have fun and Leo will eagerly join the adventure. Sex is electric between you, and there's enough mental stimulation to keep life very interesting.

Up In the Air

Air and fire can make great zodiac matches, and Leo certainly has a choice when it comes to these star signs.

Leo and Aquarius

This can be a good combination of air and fire. As long as Leo doesn't suck the very life out this airy sign, you'll both have a great time.

Leo tends to take life too seriously, and very personally, when compared to Aquarius. Leo is a warm and loving partner, and this attracts Aquarius. Both of you have a lot of friends; social activity is vital to your existence, but for different reasons. Aquarius needs the stimulation of a wide range of eclectic friends while Leo enjoys admiration from friends and enjoys having an audience. If Leo is willing, Aquarius can help him/her learn to take life less seriously and accept that all of life might not be a stage after all.

Leo and Gemini

This relationship will never be dull. Gemini's dual personality will entertain and excite Leo. If it's mental stimulation Leo wants, Gem's more than capable of meeting that challenge. Fun-loving and vibrant, Gems know how to fan those regal flames without setting the forest on fire, although they'll be tempted to see how far the wildfire will go. Geminis need to be careful about doing what comes naturally - flirting. Leo will have little patience for game-playing. That angry roar should be enough to clip Gemini's wings, at least momentarily.

Leo and Libra

Isn't it romantic? There will be extravagant gifts, dancing, flowers, wine and good food when these signs get together. Leo appreciates Libra's brand of sensuality and admires this sign's beauty. Libra should be sure to return that adoration.

While Libras sometimes lack direction in life, Leo knows exactly where the path is and will set their feet solidly on terra firma. Since Libras have such a well-balanced outlook on life, they won't mind letting Leo reign as long as they are treated fairly.

What About the Other Signs?

While the other zodiac signs belonging to water and earth elements may show varying degrees of being compatible star signs with Leo, these six are the best matches.

Compatible Star Signs With Leo