Compatible Signs for Capricorns

Making a home can be important to Carpicorns.
Making a home can be important to Carpicorns.

Compatible signs for Capricorns begin with similar elements - earth signs.

Earth Signs

If you're a Capricorn, you share similar qualities and characteristics with the other two earth signs, Virgo and Taurus. Earth signs are grounded in home life and community. It's through these areas of your life that you find fulfillment and meaning. You enjoy watching things grow whether they're money, family, wildlife or plant life. All things that create stability and tradition give you comfort and a feeling of security.

Making Connections

You're rooted in certain belief systems that aren't very flexible. A family gives you the sense of creation and that you belong. In all likelihood, you have a vegetable garden to provide food for your family. You're thrifty. Building up your assets and bank account gives you a feeling of security.

Capricorn and Capricorn: Like Attracts Like

This may seem like the most obvious compatible match for a Capricorn, but it could become too much of a good thing. Another Capricorn will share your interests, but the two of you may become too complacent in your relationship. Routine is a dangerous threat to this relationship. Neither of you will be motivated to bring new and exciting things to spark the romance after those first flames begin to die. Both of you put all of your energy into your home and careers while neglecting each other's emotional and sexual needs. Unless your charts have other elements to compensate for this tendency, this might not be your best match.

Capricorn and Taurus: Bountiful Love

This can be a great match if both of you understand and respect each other's personality, and most likely you will. You have several mutual goals, and your ideology is nearly identical. There's a healthy work ethic and respect for money. However, Taurus is prone to spend money, and this upsets you. You aren't extravagant and can keep a tight rein on Taurus's expenditures. Taurus is a bit more earthy than you are. You often build an emotional wall of ice around your heart, but Taurus knows how to melt it. Once you trust Taurus, you'll discover a wellspring of romanticism waiting inside to be released. Together, you can build a kingdom as long as you respect each other and nourish your relationship.

Capricorn and Virgo: Steady Love

You'll be drawn to Virgo's conservative nature, need for order and penchant for cleanliness. Both of you are disciplined and hard workers. You know how a household and marriage should be run. Dividing chores happens without discussion as you fall in with what needs to be done. Romance and sex may suffer from time to time because neither of you likes to discuss intimate matters. Just remember to infuse your relationship with romance, and you'll have a happy long-life together.

Other Possible Compatible Signs for Capricorns

The other elements of fire, air and water have varying degrees of compatibility, but water is the next element that best blends with earth.

Earth and Water Signs Together

Earth signs give water signs form. Otherwise, water springs from the ground and runs over it in a rush or flash flood. Earth creates banks around water and forms pools, lakes and ponds. Water might overflow the banks occasionally, but overall, water appreciates the structure earth creates. Water nurtures earth and helps it grow and reproduce.

Capricorn and Pisces: Dreamy Love

At first this may seem like a mismatch because Pisces is a dreamy, emotional creature, and you're all about the basics in life. Once you begin to understand the complexity of Pisces's needs, you'll know how to tap into that affectionate nature and provide Pisces a safe environment to express those deep emotions. In return, Pisces will adore you and that's something you crave from your mate. This is one union that truly complements and fulfills, each providing balance to the other.

Capricorn and Cancer: Rocky Road

This combination of earth and water goes from tranquil to stormy. While you're the first one to admit that you can be restraining, you see your discipline as a positive while Cancer might interpret it as confining and controlling. This will be your biggest contention because Cancer can become bored when natural tendencies toward extravagance are thwarted. To Cancer, spending money on luxury items is a reward for hard work, but you'd rather save for a rainy day. Sexually, the two of you have a powerful connection and will be the glue that holds a marriage between you together.

Capricorn and Scorpio: Electrifying

The first thing you discover is your sexual compatibility. You will find Scorpio quite imaginative in the bedroom, and you're an equal match. The two of you make a great team because of your organizational skills and Scorpio's shrewd business sense. Be prepared - Scorpios have a tendency to dominate and become possessive of their mates as a genuine love expression.

Air and Fire: Not Good Matches

The remaining zodiac signs are in the elements of air and fire. Traditionally, according to sun sign compatibility, these don't make good mates for Capricorn.

Air Signs

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are too flighty for earthbound Capricorn. You won't appreciate the itchy feet these signs have. You're a homebody and the air signs are always off on the next great adventure with little thought or preparation for the future.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius might infatuate you with their virile power at first, but these fire signs will simply scorch earth signs. There might be excitement in the first spark that becomes a wildfire, but as a mainstay way of life, you'll quickly regret the union. You might even be able to smother some of those flames of aggressive energy and tendency toward risk-taking, but it's only temporary. Fire is impossible to control or keep in one spot.

Capricorn's Best Love Matches

Compatible signs for Capricorns are earth and water sun signs.

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Compatible Signs for Capricorns