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Compatible Sign for a Taurus

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Taurus couple happy at home.
Learn how to seduce a Taurus...

A compatible sign for a Taurus might be different from what you'd expect for an earth sign. After all, the bull is not your typical, run-of-the-mill earth sign.

Taurus Traits and Qualities

Each element has certain qualities that it brings to the signs. Earth signs are all about containing and forming. Earth signs like to be needed and feel as though they are in charge of their part of the world. A Taurus can be stubborn like the proverbial mountain that doesn't yeild to man; you can rarely budge Taurus once that person's mind is made up, so don't even try.

Find a Compatible Sign for a Taurus

Water and Earth Signs

Earth helps water find purpose and gives water form. Without earth's confinement or containment, water would run over everything and everywhere. Water, on the other hand, nurtures earth and helps it grow.These two signs will appreciate and support each other.

Pisces and Taurus

Pisces will be very nurturing to Taurus and will find security in the structured stable life Taurus offers. The only warning with this combination is that dreamy Pisces may be too emotional for Taurus who can become impatient.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer will love creating a home with Taurus who will give Cancer loyalty and appreciation. Cancer will have all the creature comforts in the home, and Taurus will have a supportive and loyal mate. This is a good combination.

Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio is passionate, and Taurus is sensual. This duo will have a stormy relationship, but it works for them as long as they remember to make up. Life will be interesting for this couple as they make a comfortable, cozy home together.

Fire and Earth Signs

Fire and earth can work, but it will be a struggle of wills. The natural tendency for earth is to smother fire or at the least attempt to contain it somewhat unsuccessfully. Fire wants freedom, not containment. Fire will leap over earth's embankment and create a wildfire. Earth can also fuel fire out of control, and fire can scorch the earth.

Aries and Taurus

Aries rams through life with gusto and intent. Taurus is slow-acting and methodical. It's difficult for these two to see eye-to-eye on most issues. Aries wants to rush right in while Taurus needs to develop a plan of action and gather information before taking action. Aries won't have much patience with Taurus's way of doing things.

Leo and Taurus

Leo is always in the spotligh,t and Taurus hates being upstaged. There will be a constant power struggle between these two. On a scale for stubbornness ranking one to ten, both of these signs are a ten. Both will vehemently believe he or she is right and expect the other to compromise.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius loves life and people, while Taurus prefers taking life and people in small doses. Sagittarius wants to throw a part and invite all their friends and family over, but Taurus wants only a handful of guests and an early night at that. Sagittarius wants to travel, but Taurus prefers to spend vacation money on home improvements. As you can see, this couple won't agree on lifestyle.

Air and Earth Signs

Dust storm best describes this combination. Earth won't budge, and air will simply dance circles all around earth. If earth tries to hold on to air and confine air, earth will be disappointed. Air will simply whirl out of earth's grasp and fly away.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius confounds Taurus. Aquarius will rebel against Taurus's attempt to ground the water bearer. Taurus is loyal and in this earth sign, it creates a kind of possessiveness and even jealousy. Freedom loving Aquarius won't tolerate this kind of behavior in a relationship and needs to be able to come and go without accountability. Taurus will expect and demand to know Aquarius's whereabouts at all times.

Gemini and Taurus

Gemini is like twin tornadoes that Taurus tries to catch and harness. Gemini excites Taurus, but simply can't hold on to the perpetual motion that embodies this sign. Action and change drive the twins while stability, and putting down roots is what Taurus needs. Gemini considers roots as nothing more than tethers that prevent free movement. It won't take Gemini long to sever those bindings and flitter away to a new adventure.

Libra and Taurus

Libra appreciates the finer things in life just like Taurus, but Libra needs a very active social life, something Taurus finds tiresome. Libra also enjoys the art of flirting, and Taurus will view this as a betrayal. Libra can be wishy-washy at times which will try Taurus's patience. Taurus is capable of making choices and decisions and won't understand Libra's ability to see all sides of all issues. This skill makes it difficult for Libra to choose sides when Taurus views such issues as very black and white.

Earth and Earth Signs

Earth with earth creates more of the same. Two earth signs can become as formidable as a mountain. Equally stubborn, there could be rocky roads ahead. Compromise is the only way two earth signs can work together and stay together.

Taurus and Taurus

Taurus is a mirror image of self in this relationship. Too much of the same may create insurmountable obstacles. This relationship will present some unique obstacles, mainly self.

Virgo and Taurus

Virgo appeals to Taurus' practical side. Both are loyal, and both appreciate the perfection of beautiful things. This makes both signs very critical of life as they constantly assess and evaluate. When they turn this on each other, it can be painful and destroy the relationship.

Capricorn and Taurus

Capricorn is Taurus's best earth match. Both love creating a home and enjoy the stability that hard work and saving money gives them. This couple finds comfort and security in material possessions, so they'll have a very nice home and enjoy spending time there.

Final Note

When it comes to finding a compatible sign for a Taurus, it always pays to go the extra mile and have a compatibility chart drawn for the two love birds. This is the only way to truly determine which areas will work in the relationship and which areas will need extra attention.

Compatible Sign for a Taurus