Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Dog

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The dog is the eleventh sign in the Chinese zodiac. The dog symbolizes the epitome of loyalty. The other traits associated with this Chinese zodiac sign include honesty, faithfulness and dependability. Dogs are hard workers. They learn very early about the value of earning money and how to spend it.

Profile of the Chinese Zodiac Dog

While they typically make more than enough money to have a good life, their focus isn't on material gains, but rather the wealth of solid happy friendships, a rewarding marriage and the joy of children. If they sow their oats early in life, they'll be ready to settle down and live the idealistic life they envision of hearth and home.

Negative Aspects

On the negative side, Dogs can tell a few white lies and justify doing so without blinking an eye. The canine of the zodiac won't view it as lying, but more as modifying a response to spare others pain or unnecessary upset. Dogs like to please others, and they don't like it when they displease those around them.

An immature dog might be prone to various mood swings. He may react to situations emotionally instead of trying to respond in an objective manner. He may be high-strung and could benefit by learning various relaxation techniques.

Forever the Student

Dogs have an insatiable thirst of knowledge and will investigate new ideas and topics until they feel they've thoroughly exhausted the subject matter before tackling the next exciting idea.

Friendships and Relationships

Dogs don't jump into romantic relationships until they're certain they can trust the person. They may be more promiscuous in their youth, but once they mature, they realize the value of a strong monogamous relationship. When they befriend someone, they consider themselves to be friends for life. Dogs are very protective of their relationships and work to maintain them. They understand that life has its ups and downs, yet they define themselves by the relationships they accumulate over a lifetime.

Work and Career

Dogs have a strong work ethic and believe in fair treatment. They tend to work long hours and believe it's their duty to put in extra time and effort. They expect their employer to be grateful and loyal in return. If they don't feel that they're appreciated, they'll leave in search of a better job and more appreciative employer. Dogs are best suited for a position that requires them to work with people on a daily basis. They fill an authoritative role easily and almost never abuse the power given to them over others. They thrive in jobs that require them to do research and come up with solutions. Their strong sense of justice often leads them into various legal fields ranging from lawyer to police.

Five Elements and the Zodiac Dog

Here is how each of the five basic elements affects the sign of the dog.

  • Water: The water element makes a dog feel insecure and prefer to be a team player instead of a team leader. A water dog is the most affectionate and calmest one in the pack. He feel things deeper than the other dogs.
  • Wood: Wood dogs start out life as timid puppies, but they grow in self-confidence as they discover how they connect with others. Once they find their niche in life, they assume their role with heart-felt determination and enjoyment.
  • Fire: A fire dog is born to lead the pack. He's the alpha male and has the charisma and charm to back him up. He's attractive to the opposite sex and knows how to live the good life. His passionate nature can get him in trouble if he doesn't keep it under control. He shouldn't let it cloud his judgment.
  • Metal: A metal dog has a strong will and determination to do whatever he sets out to accomplish. He's relentless when it comes to achieving his goals. He demands exceptional things of himself and tends to have the same expectation of others, especially fellow workers.
  • Earth: This is the most loyal dog of the pack. He has his feet planted on solid ground. He understands the rules of the game and, unlike his fire element brother, he has control over his passions. He makes a better leader and can encourage and inspire others to follow him.

Find Your Element

Learn which element each dog is according to his year of birth.

  • Metal Dog: February 10, 1910 to January 21, 1911 or February 6, 1970 to January 26, 1971
  • Water Dog: January 28, 1922 to February 24, 1923 or January 25, 1982 to February 12, 1983
  • Wood Dog: February 14, 1934 to January 25, 1935 or February 10, 1994 to January 30, 1995
  • Fire Dog: February 2, 1946 to January 21, 1947 or January 29, 2006 to February 17, 2007
  • Earth Dog: February 17, 1958 to February 8, 1959 or February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019

By learning more about the traits of the dog, you can gain greater insight about what motivates people of this sign and how they can develop their natural talents.

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Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Dog