Chinese Lucky Numbers

6, 8 and 9 are the most auspicious Chinese numbers.

It's no accident that when China hosted the Olympics the starting date was 8/8/08 and the starting time was 8:08:08 P.M. These examples demonstrate what the Chinese lucky numbers are and how the numbers were determined.

Yin and Yang Numbers

In the Chinese culture, it is accepted that chi, the life force energy, governs all things. The chi energy is composed of male (yang) and female (yin) energy. This energy is also found in the vibration patterns of numbers.

Even and Odd Numbers

Even numbers are considered to draw and harbor yang (male) energy that's active. Odd numbers draw yin (female) energy. and it's considered a passive or the opposite of yang. The two energies come together to complete chi energy.

Determining Chinese Lucky Numbers

The way lucky and unlucky numbers were determined in the Chinese culture is based on what the numbers sounded like. Three of the most auspicious Chinese numbers are six, eight and nine (even though nine is an odd number).

Gift Giving

Even numbers are traditionally luckier than odd numbers and when it comes to gifting, the Chinese bestow even numbered gifts.

Number Two: Lucky in Love

Two is the number of the union of yin and yang energies. When these two opposite energies are balanced, harmony is achieved. So the number two means a union that creates harmony. In keeping with this philosophy, the Chinese decorate for a wedding by pairing objects such as decorations, candles, pillows, rings, gifts and others items. This pairing signifies good luck.

In feng shui practices, placing pairs of objects or paintings reinforces the good fortune that the number two can bring to you. To ensure a happy marriage, couples are encouraged to place a pair of mandarin ducks in the master bedroom. For a couple trying to have children, the number two plays an important role in feng shui applications. A pair of pictures of pomegranates, which are considered a lucky fruit, will bring luck to the couple trying to conceive. Another lucky object when paired is the dragon. It's advised to placed statues or hang two paintings of dragons on the man's side of the bed to activate the Descendant's Luck.

Number Four: Unlucky Number of Death

In Chinese culture, even numbers are typically considered auspicious except for the number four. There are many reasons behind designating numbers as lucky or unlucky, and in the case of number four, the word four in the Chinese language sounds like the Chinese word for death. Therefore, the number four is considered to have the same energy and properties as the word for death. In feng shui practices, whenever a house number has a four in it, the Chinese resident will place a circle around the house number so it is transformed by the circle.

Number Six

The number six is considered a number that will assist you in having smooth sailing through life and any obstacles. You can use six objects in a group to ensure your success in navigating troubling waters. Six Chinese coins are often tied together with red ribbon and placed in wealth sections of a home or carried inside purses to ensure that money flows to you.

Number Eight

You may know the number eight symbolizes infinity and is considered a number of fortune. Many people use the number eight in many ways to bring luck. Some draw a number eight and carry it in their purses or wallets to draw money to them.

Odd Numbers Can Be Lucky

While odd numbers aren't considered lucky, that doesn't mean all odd numbers are always unlucky. Certain negative emotions are tied to odd numbers.


  • For instance, seven is a number associated with abandonment and anger; it can also reflect the opposite of being together. It depends how and where it's used.


  • Nine is an odd number that often has a very positive side. The number nine can also correlate to eternity and a long life. It depends on how you use it and in what context you're applying this number. In ancient China, the number nine was associated with the emperor. You can find in the Imperial Palace the Nine Dragon Walls. Inside the Imperial Palace in Beijing, you'll discover 999 rooms.

Modern Chinese Still Use Lucky Numbers

Chinese lucky numbers have many reasons behind the ascribed designations.

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