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Chinese Astrology Romantic Potential by Sign

Summer romance

Romance compatibility is an important topic in Chinese astrology and can be used when you're contemplating your love life. Whether you want to find out if a current relationship has potential or you want to hedge your bets by looking in the right direction, understanding which signs are compatible with your own is bound to help.

Sign by Sign Romance Compatibility

You can see which signs are traditionally most and least compatible with each other. Also keep in mind that although opposites often attract, these can be the most difficult pairings to maintain in the long run. Begin by finding out your astrological sign then seeing what others are most compatible with yours.


Rats cherish nothing more than having a solid romantic relationship and a stable home life. In fact, they don't feel complete without these things and seldom waste time on empty flirtations. Rats make very physical lovers who also appreciate the deeper emotional connections that make a relationship multi-dimensional.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Monkey and Dragon
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Rabbit and Rooster
  • Opposite attraction: Horse


The Ox may be less demonstrative in public, but people born under this sign make congenial lovers. An Ox in love is in the relationship for the long haul. This steadiness is both a virtue and a hindrance, because the Ox may keep plugging away at a relationship that simply doesn't work.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Snake and Rooster
  • Least obvious romantic potential: Dog and Dragon
  • Opposite attraction: Sheep


Passionate and primed for conquest, Tigers can be tempestuous lovers. They have a need to be in charge, and can easily become bored with their partners without spicing things up once in a while. Tigers are also a bit of a romantic paradox; they can be quite possessive yet have a strong need for personal space. Life with a Tiger is never boring!

  • Highest soul mate potential: Dog and Horse
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Snake and Pig
  • Opposite attraction: Monkey


Rabbits are gentle and sensitive lovers when they feel secure in a relationship. On the flip side, Rabbits can become quite aloof when the course of true love doesn't run smoothly. They can be very idealistic, and don't take disappointment well.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Pig and Sheep
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Rat and Horse
  • Opposite attraction: Rooster


To put it simply, Dragons love to be admired, so they are not usually in a hurry to settle down with a long-term partner and may put off a permanent commitment for years. That understood, a Dragon lover is enthusiastic and adventurous as long as the mood lasts.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Rat and Monkey
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Sheep and Ox
  • Opposite attraction: Dog


Snakes make extremely sensuous lovers, but watch out; they can wrap around their partners and become quite possessive. Snakes want to be fully meshed with their lovers in all aspects of life, but they are very nurturing in return. Snakes are slow to jump into a relationship, but they give it their all when they give their heart away.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Rooster and Ox
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Tiger and Monkey
  • Opposite attraction: Pig


Horses make entertaining mates, as long as you respect their need for freedom. They find jealousy difficult to tolerate, but are capable of total commitment when they find the right partner. Horses tend to fall in love quickly and easily, and adore big, passionate romantic relationships the best.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Tiger and Dog
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Rooster and Rabbit
  • Opposite attraction: Rat
Winter romance


Sheep can be hopeless romantics who appreciate all the pretty trimmings that go along with a love relationship. They prefer to be taken care of by their partners, and will likely take a little more than they give in their relationships. That said, sheep are easy-going and love to be courted.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Pig and Rabbit
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Dragon and Dog
  • Opposite attraction: Ox


Charming and perennially youthful in attitude, Monkeys make passionate, albeit restless lovers. They crave adventure, and this can make it difficult to sustain a serious relationship unless their partners are especially devoted. However, the Monkey's sense of humor smooths over many a romantic mishap.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Dragon and Rat
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Pig and Snake
  • Opposite attraction: Tiger


Flirty, confident and sometimes emotional, Roosters make challenging yet exciting partners for those who are strong enough to match their verve. Roosters love to be complimented; they want to be assured you think as highly of them as they think of themselves! It can be difficult for people of this sign to fully express their affection, but the gestures are there if you watch closely enough.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Snake and Ox
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Rat and Horse
  • Opposite attraction: Rabbit


Dogs are the soul of devotion to their partners. They take love very seriously, and will work hard to make a relationship work. Dogs require tenderness, understanding and, above all, loyalty.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Horse and Tiger
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Ox and Sheep
  • Opposite attraction: Dragon


Pigs have the unique ability to overlook their partners' short comings and concentrate on the rosier side of love. When they vow "for better or worse", they truly mean it. They thrive on kisses, embrace and other declarations of love.

  • Highest soul mate potential: Rabbit and Sheep
  • Least obvious romantic compatibility: Monkey and Tiger
  • Opposite attraction: Snake

Satisfying Relationships

There are certain sign combinations that offer greater potential than others for a truly satisfying romantic relationship. When it comes to romance compatibility in Chinese astrology, you can never predict how things will turn out. A truly satisfying relationship is one where both you and your partner are willing to give and take while keeping your love alive no matter what your zodiac signs may be.

Chinese Astrology Romantic Potential by Sign