Characteristics That Attract Capricorns

Characteristics: Attracting Caps

The characteristics that attract Capricorns, in the romantic sense, will vary depending upon how many planets the native actually has in Capricorn.

That's because a sun sign Capricorn with a Venus in Aries may be attracted to a different set of traits than a Venus in Capricorn native.

Nonetheless, the sun sign of Capricorn is often drawn to people that display a core set of personality traits. Very high on that list is the ability to work hard.

Capricorns admire the ability that some have to put in a long, hard day at work.


Capricorns do work hard, and that might help explain why they are often drawn to people that have a great, even an offbeat, sense of humor.

This is a serious sign that can even border on melancholy at times, so Caps often look to others to provide an emotional lift.


Need further proof that Capricorns are much more than the sum of their stable parts? If so, look no further than their voracious sexual appetites.

If you are a highly sensual person and the situation is appropriate, feel free to let Cap know.

More often than not, he or she will find that trait highly attractive.

Material Prestige

While it's true that, like the god Pan, Capricorns love a rousing good time with their romantic partners, this sign is still very much attracted to material wealth and the prestige it might bring.

Career Guy

Men who live for their careers, put in long days at the office and dream about moving up the corporate latter are a perfect match for Capricorn women.

Career Girl

Those same traits hold true for career girls.

Ladies, if you like a Cap, feel free to share your future goals because this sign finds a solid reputation attractive in a mate.

Family Oriented

For all of their material desires, Capricorns still have a soft spot for family and, whether a man or woman, will strive to be a good provider.

In light of this, be sure to show him or her that you also value family.

Love and Understanding

Above all of these traits, it helps if you are naturally loving and understanding.

Capricorn's opposite sign is the homebody sign of Cancer, and the Goat will look for a soft place to land when times are tough.

Interestingly, along with having a set core of traits that Capricorn is attracted to, this sign also has certain physical traits that are unique. You can learn more about Cap's appearance in the Physical Characteristics of Capricorn slideshow.

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Characteristics That Attract Capricorns